Netflix is coming to the third Turkish series! Here is the theme of Love 101 and the cast


Netflix is coming to the third Turkish series! Here is the theme of Love 101 and the cast

Netflix is the third new Turkish series. Hakan Muhafız and Atiye, the third after the name of the new Turkish series Love 101. The new series Love 101’in the cast of the series was determined to start shooting next week. While Netflix was wondering about every new series, especially the third Turkish series Love 101 came to the staff and the subject was quite curious. So, what is the theme and cast of Love 101?

Netflix is adding a new Turkish series. Hakan Muhafız and Atiye’s third Turkish series, Love 101, will start shooting next week. Turkey’s pretty exciting, especially for the younger set of players selected from the cast. In the series of pits Celasun character will give life to Aka’nın Kubilay learned. Other prominent players are Alina Boz and Mert Yazıcıoğlu. Players started to share set images with their followers on their social media accounts.Love 101

Love 101 dizi ile ilgili görsel sonucu


The Love 101 series, which continues in Istanbul, tells a story that took place in the 1990s. The story of five high school youngsters struggling to hold on to life will meet series lovers. Love 101 series to be published in more than 130 countries, Ahmet Katıksız sits in the directing chair. Meriç Acemi’s pen will start broadcasting on Netflix series continues shooting.

Netflix is coming to the third Turkish series! Here is the theme of Love 101 and the cast


KUBİLAY AKA ile ilgili görsel sonucu


Born in Istanbul on May 5, 1995, Kubilay Aka, 24, graduated from Eskişehir Anadolu University Airport Management. Discovered at the airport, Aka first began to take part in the series ” You’re My Father ”. Aka, who played two seasons in the series Vatanım Sensin, plays the character of Celasun in the series Çukur.

Love 101 dizi ile ilgili görsel sonucu

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Mert Yazıcıoğlu was born in Istanbul on May 10, 1993. He has an older brother. After graduating from a high school, he continues his education in the Faculty of Business Administration at Istanbul Aydın University. He had to freeze the school in 2nd grade.

When he went to the set of a friend, he got into a stage fire and first met Cast 33 owned by Sumru Onat and then Ümit Çırak, and started to take acting lessons from 3 Mota Training workshops. After a few test shots, he appeared as a guest in the film “My Grandfather’s People” and the “Lost City” series.
In 2013, Fox TV broadcasting and starring Ece Uslu, Mesut Akusta, Ozcan Deniz, Yavuz Bingol, Ozlem Conker, Hilal Altinbilek and Serif Sezer’in “Karagül” starred series.

ALİNA BOZ ile ilgili görsel sonucu


Alina Boz was born on 14 June 1998 in Moscow, Russia. Alina Boz’s mother is Russian Olga Boz and her father is a Turkish immigrant from Bulgaria. After being born in Moscow, he lived in Russia until the age of 7. They came to Istanbul in 2005 because of his father’s work. He started primary school in Istanbul. He learned Turkish after his arrival.

She began to dance and theater after moving to Turkey. At the age of nine, he began studying theater. Then he entered the agency. Alina Boz, who first appeared as Canan in the Brave Nurse series, became a sought-after figure in the world of television despite her young age. Ata Demirer and Avea commercials, Alina Boz has also appeared in many commercials. Alina Boz, who was reported to be related to Murat Boz because of her surname, became the cover face of Heygırl magazine in 2010 with Murat Boz. Alina Boz, who is 1.72 in height, weighs 50 kilos.


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Pınar Deniz was born in Istanbul on November 10, 1994. The young actor draws attention with his success and beauty.

Pınar Deniz graduated from Istanbul University, Department of Public Relations and Advertising. Pınar Deniz, who has dreamed of being an actress since her childhood, also studied acting.

He played Evrim in his first acting experience, Sil Baştan (2014).

The singer Murat Dalkılıç’ın Yani has played in the video clip. He played the star of the high-rise star in the series called Vatanım Sensin, a record-breaking series.

KAAN URGANCIOĞLU ile ilgili görsel sonucu


Kaan Urgancıoğlu was born on May 8, 1981 in Izmir as the son of a well-known family. After graduating from the Private Turkish College, he received his high school diploma. Afterwards, he came to Istanbul in 2000 and studied Marmara University Capital Market and Stock Exchange. When he started working in cinema, he left his university education unfinished. He graduated in 2007.
Producer Abdullah Oguz was preparing to adapt Suat Yalaz’s comic book to television in 2002. For the role of Karaoglan, he was looking for a handsome, horse-riding and unrecognizable face with acting skills. In 2002, when she was a sophomore, she was selected for this series called “Karaoğlan” on the occasion of Demet Akbag’s family friends.
In 2006, Kaan Urgancıoğlu directed ç Azap Yolu diz with Tunç Başaran, Temel Gürsu and Orhan Oğuz; Kadir İnanır, Engin Şenkan, Melisa Sözen and Ebru Akel.

In 2008, she studied at the acting school at Stella Adler Studio of Acting in New York for 4 months.

Kaan Urgancıoğlu had a relationship with Derin Mermerci in 2012.

In June 2015, Türkan Şoray will direct the film Arama Search in the Far Ment, which they started shooting in Menteşe, Muğla, written by Onur Ünlü and produced by Yağmur Ünal. Yağmur Ünal will also act for the first time in this film, in which he will portray a prostitute. The actors of the film were Sevda Erginci, Doga Konakoglu, Esref Kolcak, Tanem Sivar, Firat Tanis, Kaan Urgancioglu, Suna Selen, Elif Atakan, Ekin Turkmen, Pinar Goktas, Sercan Badur and Mehtap Bayri.

Love 101 dizi ile ilgili görsel sonucu

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