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Movies That Almost Destroyed Actors Careers


Movies and New Careers That Nearly Destroyed Actor’s Careers

Hollywood produces an average of six hundred films a year. Billions of dollars are being diverted from various industries, including investors abroad, to finance these projects. These investors provide gold fodder to feed the world’s largest entertainment industry. An industry run by the most handsome actors and actresses we’ve ever seen, all embodying our perception of the phrase “living the dream.” Hollywood is under pressure to make more movies every year, at least the ones that actually sell. This is a money making machine.

Hollywood life is lucrative but unstable. Grabbing a coveted role in a movie can lead to pitfalls and career stalemates. Many veteran actors found their livelihoods in jeopardy after playing roles that the audience hated. Read on to learn about actors whose careers were disrupted, nearly destroyed, or completely destroyed by the films they worked on.What movies messed up actors?,Are 90% of actors unemployed?,
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Hayden Christensen’s “Whispering” Character in Star Wars

We all try to value everything that surrounds us more, making an effort to focus on positive and good energy. Hayden Christensen’s grouchy character in Star Wars reminds us of what we try to avoid every day in workplaces, organizations and clubs.

It reminds us of the negative people we try to ignore, the overly honest ones, a voice that becomes frustrating to hear after even bothering you for just a few minutes. This jarring characterization came about despite Christensen’s impressive acting experience before getting Star Wars. Even the director’s career stalled after that. Christensen’s portrayal of Anakin Skywalker is something casting directors, movie fans, and even himself will want to forget.

Dwayne Johnson as Tooth Fairy

To be fair, moving Dwayne Johnson from the world of professional wrestling to Hollywood movies requires a different skill set, a completely different resume, but he succeeded. Although his first few attempts were ridiculous.
How bad was it? With all his passion, The Rock plays the big, lovable role of a giant in “Tooth Fairy.” He looked so helpless that the lines in the movie weren’t funny at all, the story was silly and cheesy. It was difficult for The Rock to take on another major role after “Tooth Fairy,” but we all know that he persevered, only The Rock knows that.

Kevin Costner and The Postman

Kevin Costner seems to have developed a habit of taking on films like this, with roles that could never be ranked among those nominated for an award nomination. But life wasn’t always like this for him. In fact, he was a fan favorite during the heyday of his career.
Without his big name and charm, Costner wouldn’t have been among the A-list actors after his role in “Waterworld.” A movie that turned out to be an ocean of bullshit. She followed up that wet flop with “The Postman” and hammered the final nail in the coffin of her lead actress status. Even though her former celebrity status has been lost, some projects do manage to grab it from time to time.

Son of the Mask Didn’t Work in Jamie Kennedy’s Favor

Jamie Kennedy knew he had big shoes to fill when he was contracted to work on the sequel to Jim Carrey’s “The Mask”, “The Son of the Mask.” After all, Carrey’s acting style apparently just doesn’t work for any actor. But Kennedy was believed to have something special that everyone involved in the project relied on.
He acted in three Scream movies, “Malibu’s Most Wanted” and “Harold And Kumar Go to White Castle”. But all that experience wasn’t enough for Carrey to keep up with his work; especially when working with less-than-stellar visual effects (okay, let’s face it, they were horrible) and a script worth embarrassing. This greatly impacted her career, although she clinched a recurring role on “The Horse Whisperer” and later got a voiceover role on “The Cleveland Show.”

Ben Affleck Alongside Jennifer Lopez in Gigli

Ben Affleck performed less than stellar in the movies “Pearl Harbor” and “Daredevil”, but he was still doing well behind the popular movies “Good Will Hunting” and “Armageddon.” In fact, he had won an Oscar before the age of 25, which is no easy feat. It had to be the sauce from there… but then he decided to work with Jennifer Lopez on “Gigli.” It was the subject of anger and burning criticism from the audience.
Despite the nosedive, Affleck has managed to keep his career out of danger. He achieved great success by directing and acting in the movie “Argo”, which he managed to win three Oscars in 2012. The strange but fascinating film “Lost Girl” also received positive reviews.

Rebecca Gayheart in Jawbreaker

Rebecca Gayheart starred in thriller-thriller movies in the 90s. It was a solid hit back in the day, popular with teenagers who loved it in “Urban Legends” and “Scream II”.
When it came time to expand her fan base, she starred in “Beverly Hills 90210” and gained the most attention on television. He made a new venture into the film industry and fell prey to the black comedy “Jawbreaker”. While the movie had cult classic status, Gayheart paid dearly for it. He hasn’t had a chance to rise to the top since then, and his career ended before he actually started.

Will Smith in After Earth

Thanks to Will Smith for guiding his son Jaden and showing him the ropes in acting, which is a hot story in itself. The father-son duo has shown some glimmers of success in the past, but “After Earth” has been a huge failure.
Perhaps it was a sacrifice Will Smith was willing to take, as he often took a backseat to pave the way for Jaden’s role to come to light. The futuristic theme of the film did not take hold. It was just a forgettable movie, and it took another two years for Will Smith to return with a notable movie called “Concussion.”

Fran Drescher in The Beautician and the Beast

Fran Drescher has been building her career through television for years. Who can forget her iconic role in “The Nanny”? This made him widely popular, and casting directors felt he was ready, and he was ready for the bigger challenges.
She finally got her first lead role on the big screen with “The Beautician and the Ugly”. The title itself sounds vulgar, but that’s nothing compared to the movie itself. Drescher couldn’t connect with his audience. The movie was terribly written and no one cut it. This was the last of Drescher’s attempts to play the lead lady.

John Travolta Took a Big Hit After Scientology-Inspired Film

John Travolta has been known for years; His career was bolstered by box office successes, “Saturday Night Live”, “Grease” and “Pulp Fiction”. With his name so beautifully set, there seemed to be nothing Travolta could do wrong. That is, until the Scientology-inspired movie “Battlefield Earth” came out in 2000.What movies messed up actors?,Are 90% of actors unemployed?,
What roles did actors regret doing?,What actors took their roles too far?,actors whose careers were ruined by one role,the biggest movie flops that ruined careers,actors who ruined movies,worst acting career decisions,game of thrones traumatized actors,failed actor,
roles that changed actors,actors with ptsd,
This box office failure not only lowered Travolta’s career, it also drove the production company into bankruptcy with him. Travolta floundered for years after the movie was adapted from Ron Hubbard’s novel of the same name. He kept himself relevant and kept his head above water by appearing in a series of forgettable movies, until he finally played the role of Robert Shapiro in the 2015 TV series “American Crime Story.”

Eddie Murphy in Imagine That

There was a stage in Eddie Murphy’s career where he could turn almost any action-comedy movie into gold; big blockbuster movies. The guy was loved all over the world, he was considered the funniest comedian alive. He received major awards for the Beverly Hills Cop and Doctor Dolittle series. Then, all of a sudden, it wasn’t so funny anymore.

His role in the movie “Imagine That” was met with hatred by the critics. Even his most ardent fans would have none of this and it’s hilarious that he never regained his former form.

Charlie Hunnam in The Stone

Classic tales like King Arthur’s, if retold to suit the times, shouldn’t stray too far from their original stories. That, or perhaps Charlie Hunnam’s ability to lead such an important role is questionable.

The movie “King Arthur: Legend Of the Sword” could turn into Hunnam’s demise as it fails to win the favor of moviegoers. This is despite efforts to improve its effects and Hunnam’s great success in “Sons of Anarchy.” Could this mean that his career is on a downward slope? The remake of “Papillon” received a mere 63% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, raising doubts about his acting skills.

Taylor Kitsch Almost Threw It All Away

Taylor Kitsch is the kind of guy who doesn’t just go away without really trying out his luck. In a series of struggles, Kitsch first exhausted all his energy trying to make it in professional hockey. After finally deciding the hard-and-fast sport wasn’t for him after all, he did all he could to start out an acting career.



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