Who is Hercules in history? What is the subject of Hercules?  details?


Who is Hercules in history? What is the subject of Hercules?  details?

There are several films about Hercules which has an important place in mythology. Hercules is one of the Hercules: The Legend Begins movie, the audience is curious about many details. Hercules: Who plays in The Legend Begins and who is Hercules in history? Here are the details…

Hercules, one of the most important names in Greek mythology, tells the story of Hercules: The Legend Begins.


Kellan Lutz
Role: Hercules

Scott Adkins
Role: King Amphitryon

Liam McIntyre
Role: Sotiris

Liam Garrigan
Role: Iphicles

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In 1200 BC, we are in one of the ancient Greek cities. One of the world’s queens is attracted to Zeus and has a child. In the fate of this prince, whom they call the name Hercules, the cruel king will end his dynasty and bring order to the city.

Years pass by, Hercules does not know who he is and where he originally came from, but all he wants is for the love of the Cretan Princess; however, the beautiful princess had promised her brother before. Hercules confronts his true identity and fate. There are two ways ahead. Hercules has to choose to escape from the city with his beautiful princess, or to follow his destiny and become a hero. The path to heroism is full of unpredictable traps of foreigners and the wrath of the gods.
Although the source is based on mythological stories and legends, Renny Harlin, the director of Die Hard 2, is the director of the production.

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In Greek mythology, Heracles was the son of Hercules in Roman mythology, Alkmene, daughter of Zeus and Mycenaean king. Zeus, who falls in love with the woman, approaches her as her husband. Hera, who understood that Heracles was the child of Zeus, first tricked Zeus into swearing that he would be the first ruler of the people of Perseus, then gave birth to her cousin Eurystheus before he was born. caused. Herakles has had a divine force since the day it was born. When she kills two poisonous snakes sent by Hera, she’s only a few days old.

Herakles has received superior training in every respect. His best work is shooting arrows, riding and wrestling. At the age of 18, he killed the famous monster in the forests of Kitharion. He was rewarded with Megara, daughter of Thebai king. This girl had three sons. Hera got involved, driving Herakles crazy, and Heracles killed his own wife and children. In order to get rid of his crimes, he had to enter the service of Eurystheus, the Mycenaean king, and do whatever he wanted. In the mythology, the 12 tasks that the King made Heracles are called Heracles’ 12 tasks or works. Also known as a very strong character. Heracles is said to have been the father of some 70 children during his lifetime. It is said that the descendants of Heracids were ruling dynasties for a period in Lydia. He also rescued Prometheus, who was chained in the Caucasus mountains, from torture and killed Kyknos and Antaios.

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