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Which planet rules your horoscope? How does it manage?


Which planet rules your horoscope? How does it manage?

Did you know that the horoscopes have “ruling” planets? Connected to your horoscope, these planets provide valuable information about your personality and the way you experience life. Read on to explore your ruling planet!

Each sign is under the control of a planet and thus determines one’s dominant character traits. Of course, not everyone’s personality will be the same with the influence of planets.

Be careful, we are not talking about a “dominant planet an based on an in-depth analysis of the star map! This is the dominant planet paradise that keeps your Sun sign under control.

Effects of planets on horoscope: Which is your ruling planet?

– Are you Aries? Mars, your ruling planet!

Planet Mars lives in the moment! Very experimental. He loves to face the world. They usually hit the wall in their attempts; movements are fast and sudden. They talk straight, they can’t hold their mouths. They know what they want, they act quickly and if you confront them, they may experience a huge outburst!

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– Are you a Taurus or Libra? Your ruling planet Venus!

Venus is capable of relationships. He likes to make people happy, he can be described as an ideal partner. He would be happy when he knows he is loved, but if he is excluded, then disasters begin! Their reaction is always emotional. Always pursues beauty and harmony.

– Are you a Gemini or Virgo? Your ruling planet, Mercury!

Mercury is mind-oriented. He analyzes situations and approaches his avoided feelings and intuitions from a distance. But they love making jokes and they’re pretty good at it. Even when they are the most shy, they try to make contact with people. They are quite curious, and often talented. Even if they need to change their attitude, they know how to forgive themselves.

– Are you a Cancer? Your ruling planet Moon!

Moon is the celestial body representing kindness and femininity. They like to be a mother to others, to be protective. But it is also associated with “mood ve and therefore leads to caprice like a child who never grows. Did someone say contradiction? It is an extremely sensitive character that is effective on emotions, far from being cool.

– Are you a Leo? Your ruling planet is the Sun!

It is impossible not to notice the sun. He’il do anything to get attention. He speaks loudly, uses gestures and mimics and wants to shine in the environment. If he cares so much about his appearance and controls every word, it’s not because of pure smugness. He is very sensitive to what people actually think and always tries to gain the appreciation of those around him.

– Are you a Scorpio? Your ruling planets are Mars and Pluto!

Pluto is charismatic. It represents a complex and intelligent personality structure. However, there is often a self-destructive aspect. He is not afraid of differences or taboos. He knows how to infiltrate and influence people’s souls. It has a spiritual and humorous side. They are all or nothing, they have more expectations from life.

– Are you a Sagittarius? Your ruling planet Jupiter!

Jupiter is capable of working within the group. Dominate human behavior, establish groups and role distribution. He has good practical intelligence and knows how to get his share of everything. It is often described as opportunistic, but actually enjoys being productive. He looks at life on the positive side in a positive way!

– Are you a Capricorn? Your ruling planet Saturn!

Saturn is very meticulous, leaving nothing to chance. He is courageous and does his job diligently. Although not enclosed, it nurtures a serious mistrust of people from within and prefers to be alone to regain consciousness. He is honest and hates the so-called seviy I love you ”because he feels special. For him, words have intense meanings; therefore he uses them internally and carefully.

– Are you a Aquarius? Uranus, your ruling planet!

He has a perfect command of his field and is a pioneer who can offer great innovations to the world. In any case, they want progress and progress. He can’t stand people who are fond of their individuality and make him lose time.

– Are you a Pisces? Your ruling planet, Neptune!

Having a harmonious structure, Neptune changes and develops and is open to collective innovations. His ideas and imagination are his greatest qualities. Feels free from material or mental concerns. He trusts his intuition more than his right sense. In pursuit of intense ties in relationships

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