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5 Magic Ritual You Can Do on Full Moon Night


5 Magic Ritual You Can Do on Full Moon Night

After seeing the effect of the moon on the movement of the seas, how can we doubt its impact on humans? The Full Moon is a very important phase of the Moon and is known to emit a great mystical energy around it. Our astrologers share their best rituals with us to beautify our lives. Do not read!

Full Moon: 5 Rituals That Really Work

1. Remove negative energy

Put a small bowl of sea salt somewhere near the gate entrance. This stone will absorb negative energy waves on Full Moon nights. Then remove the salt, then wrap it in an aluminum foil that you will use to heat and leave it away from the negative effects.

2. Make your relationship sound and balanced

Put a picture of your partner and yourself in a plastic bag wrapped in red cloth. Keep the bag tightly closed during sunrise and sunset and keep it in the refrigerator for ten days.

fullmoon ile ilgili görsel sonucu

3. Take advantage of the moon’s protective power

It is famous for its jade preservative properties in Asia. Our astrologers recommend placing a jade bracelet on the windowsill during the dawn and sunset of the full moon. Then you will need to wear this wristband all the time, which will increase with the effect of the moon.

4. Protect your home

Take two red apples and cut the seeds horizontally to form a pentagonal star. Place a bay leaf on each half of an apple and tie them with the most natural string you can find, such as horsehair, and place them all around your house. This ritual will protect your home from the dangers when you feel the need. Repeat the process every three months for every full moon.

5. Protect yourself

Dry a pinch of sage, laurel, mint and red rose petal, elderberry flower, rosemary, oak leaf, mistletoe and lavender before the full moon. Take a small blue fabric cut into a circle on a full moon night. Wrap the plants in the fabric and place them on a half moon made of coins or silver. Attach the fabric with a white or silver wire. Our astrologers recommend that you carry this charm in your purse or pocket. In this way, you will be protected from all evil.

As you can see, they require very simple rituals and few materials. But in order to achieve results, you have to perform each one in a faithful way as if you were praying. Many other rituals linked to the full moon can be found in esoteric sources. Keep in mind that the full moon is a decisive period for getting what we really need and your faith in it.

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