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Ritual of Asking for Angels? How to Ask for Help


Ritual of Asking for Angels? How to Ask for Help

Maybe I want to share with you a method that you have never tried .. sometimes it becomes so difficult to cope with our problems that when we are in the middle of the events, we feel that we are being thrown; place, we can not determine the direction. At this point, we would say sa even though it is a magic wand değil, right?

Angels are creatures of mana, created far beyond our perception. They act with unconditional love. They always expect us to ask for help. As long as we feel that they can exist and be aware that we can get help at any time nasıl So how can angels be asked for help? The following method works for anyone who sincerely applies this method. Try it, you will see.

Calm your mind .. You can listen to healing music about 10 minutes before you start. Close your eyes. Breathe deeply and say: “My dear angels, please help me. What should I do for my work with the permission of the Almighty Wound? ”Or lütfen please make sure that my work is healed and solved.” and express your intention in clear sentences and then say im thank you, thank you ”. Repeat this process for 1 week at any time during the day as you think.

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If your wish is auspicious or you can ask for the right channel, you will receive some signs from the angels. Praise them as you notice them. What could be these signs? For example, you see consecutive numbers (such as 111, 555,222). You can see them all at once on a car license plate, on a television or on a sign. When you look at the sky for a moment you can see a cloud and see it as an angel. Feather is the most prominent angel sign. A feather may catch your eye as if you left the doors and windows in a closed room. Seeing them means the angels are working for your wish. Be thankful every time and make this ritual a part of your life with all your heart. So you wish, miracles ring your door.

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