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Do you have a wish? Let your wishes come true with the water ritual!


Do you have a wish? Let your wishes come true with the water ritual!

Our source of life is water; purity, cleanliness and innocence. Purifies, revitalizes and gives life. Seeking healing with water, prayer readings in water took place in our traditions. It is recommended that we even read our dreams into the water. It is a known fact that water is the memory. So the words said to the water changes the structure of water, converts, creates a fresh frequency in the water and begins to emit a new vibration. So I would like to offer you a recipe for water ritual that works very well.

1. Above all, intent is important. At the beginning of each job you should pay attention to intention.

2. Simplify your thoughts. What are your expectations? Express your wishes simply and clearly in a single sentence. For example: orum I intend that my job be solved ”, niyet I intend that this person will call me, niyet I intend that my application will be concluded positively”, niyet I intend that my family will be healthy and peaceful …

3. Take the bottle of water, say your intention into it, and for a few sips of this water. Always focus on your wishes. Imagine, what would you feel if that wish came true? Always stay in that peace. In short, think and feel as if your wish has been fulfilled.

4. Repeat this exercise for 21 days, every time you think of it.

Let’s say you prepared a bottle of water, you took your hand and read your intention. Hours later, you rejuvenated your intention, drank the water and closed the lid. As the water runs out, you need to fill in a new one and continue working. Generally, I have witnessed a lot of development before the end of 10 days. So did my own wishes.

Now it’s your turn! Let’s see who will wish first? I am sending my energy with all my heart to those who will make this application. Already get healing …

yours affectionately

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