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How Is My Money Fertilized? Methods to Increase Fertility in Our Home!


How Is My Money Fertilized? Methods to Increase Fertility in Our Home!

First of all, I greet you all with love.

In this article, I will explain to you a few methods that I have applied for many years. With these methods, you can increase your household’s fertility by controlling the energy flows in your home.

How is my money blessed?
Here are a few ways to make your money more fertile:

1. Identify areas of energy flow
The first thing you need to do is to identify areas of energy flow in your home. For example, in my house there was always interesting water problems. The faucets and siphon were broken, I was having strange problems like constant water leakage and valve burst. When I realized that the money I earned had no blessings, I became very upset and started to investigate. I found several methods at the end of this research. First I had to figure out what I was doing wrong. In my house, my toilet and bathroom doors were always open and there was a constant sound of water from the faucets that were broken. This unintentionally caused me the wrong coding.

The first thing you need to do to increase the fertility of your home is to repair faucets and valves and never leave the bathroom doors open. If a house has water problems, that house is not blessed!

2. Use mirror to balance energy flow
Secondly, you need to attach a mirror in one piece to the bathroom and toilet doors. But watch out! You should stick the mirrors on the outside, not on the inside of the toilet and bathroom. The purpose of this is not to send the good energy inside the house directly to the channels that are ejected. Good energy needs to stay inside.

3. Keep kitchen and bathroom doors closed at all times
Later, I discovered that the kitchen door should always be closed, and if it was open, my subconscious told me to eat constantly. The kitchen and bathroom doors at home should always be closed!

astrology money ile ilgili görsel sonucu

4. Put different plants in your home
It’s not over! You must have a plant area in your living room but in a sun-shining area. Plants increase good energy and are rich in energy. So it is very important that you decorate your living room or living room with a few green plants.

4. Stick coins to the forehead of the door
We have come to the most important part: the entrance door of your house, the door to the forehead of a coin and a coin must be put in two coins. Believe me, it has yielded a tremendous increase in earnings and fertility. All my friends and clients who have suggested this method say the same thing!

5. Rinse with vinegar water
There is another thing to be aware of. Vinegar is one-on-one in the purification and replenishment of bad energies. Therefore, while bathing necessarily, but necessarily rinse water to drip vinegar and bad electricity need to be free.

6. A mixture of sage and chickpeas
Finally, always have sage and chickpea grains in a vase in your home. This mixture will give you peace of mind.

*** Remember, apart from these, it is important to read the prayer of blessings frequently!

What I wrote might sound ridiculous. But we don’t lose anything by trying, do we? I started by saying “Let me give it a try ve and became addicted. For now, I’ve counted a few methods, and I’ll wait if you’re curious and want to know more.

Do you have a wish? Let your wishes come true with the water ritual!

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