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Why am I falling in love with men who don’t like me?


Why am I falling in love with men who don’t like me?

Why am I falling in love with men who don’t like me?
As well as our emotional relationships, our relationships with friends are often the result of our childhood and our relationship with our parents.

Why am I falling in love with men who don’t like me?
Love stories are often considered mysterious, but one’s choice is far less mysterious than the other.

Unconscious Love Choice

Our personal history and the choices we make unconsciously affect the decisions of the night unconsciously with the effect of what we experience in childhood. It is precisely this unconsciousness that conditioned us on these repetitions and we continue to make these choices for years, unless we realize it.

Loving and conscious parents raise their children in a free and understanding environment where differences are not judged.

Of course, we can imagine that children are suspicious of their image and think they need to be secured at a certain time in their lives.

It is possible that there are big differences between the relationships between a woman who has been supported by her family in all her projects since she was a child, raised in great love and who grew up in a cooler family and had little taste of family support.

Importance of father / daughter relationship
In addition, there are subtleties that resemble the Oedipus relationship within the family, which causes the child to come closer to one of his parents during certain periods.

The father / daughter relationship is the result of the girl’s desire to be recognized by her father and her father’s role as a father. A girl should receive endless love and attention from her father as well as her mother. The expectations and possible problems of the girl are at the heart of this relationship between father and daughter. A girl loved and valued by her father will multiply this love pattern with the men she meets. Unlike a girl who is rejected or abandoned by her father, she chooses men who will not love her and give her the place she deserves.

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A girl who is not loved or rejected by her father is likely to attract men who do not treat her well in the future.

Respecting Yourself: To be loved by others, we must love ourselves first
Self-esteem and self-confidence is a permanent structure from childhood. A woman who does not find herself worthy of being loved, who is afraid of not being loved and who is not free, has difficulty in choosing her partner. Instead of being with someone he deserves for not deserving better; he prefers to be with an ordinary man.

Therefore, you should focus on your individual story rather than focusing on men who don’t love you and don’t give you enough money for your love. We have to think about why we’re with people who always behave in the same way, repeating certain events.

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