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Who is Madonna? Madonna How old is she? Madonna’s life?

TOKYO, JAPAN - FEBRUARY 15: Madonna attends the promotional event for "MDNA SKIN" on February 15, 2016 in Tokyo, Japan. (Photo by Jun Sato/WireImage)

Who is Madonna? Madonna How old is she? Madonna’s life?

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Name: Madonna (Madonna)
Real Name: Louise Veronica Ciccone
Birthday: August 16, 1958 (61 years old)
Birthplace: Bay City, Michigan, USA
Height: 158 cm Weight: 54 kg
Zodiac sign: Leo (characteristic)
East horoscope: Dog
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Childhood and family
First steps to success
Worldwide success
Queen of Outrageous
Pop queen of the world
Fashion Designer and Entrepreneur
Madonna’s personal life
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Madonna is the queen of pop music, writer, director, producer, fashion designer … in short, a multifaceted and creative personality. Her life story is the embodiment of the American dream, she proves that with tremendous industriousness it is possible to carry out a rapid take-off from the bottom to the very top. But most importantly, Madonna has become a symbol of the sexual revolution of the 20th century.

Кто такая мадонна ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Today Madonna Louise Ciccone is one of the richest and most influential women in the world of show business. In 2018, her fortune was estimated at $ 580 million.Who is Madonna? Madonna How old is she? Madonna’s life?


Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone was born on August 16, 1958 in Bay City, Michigan. The mother of the celebrity, Madonna Louise Fortin, came from a kind of Canadian French, worked as an X-ray technician. Father, Italian American Silvio “Toni” Ciccone, was a design engineer at the Chrysler automobile factory.

Madonna became the third child and first daughter in the family, where two more sons and daughter were subsequently born. As the first daughter, in accordance with Italian traditions, she received the name of her mother.

madonna ile ilgili görsel sonucu

When Madonna Jr turned 5, mom died of breast cancer. A 30-year-old woman had a sixth child, and chemotherapy meant an inevitable miscarriage. Being a religious woman, she could not go for it. The baby was born, and after a few months the mother died. Father re-married the family maid, Joan Gustafson. So the girl appeared stepbrother Mario and sister Jennifer.

Madonna grew up in a pious Catholic family in a suburb of Detroit. As the singer admits, she was not a universal favorite in childhood, everyone considered her a girl “with greetings.”Who is Madonna? Madonna How old is she? Madonna’s life?

Madonna was an exemplary pupil, for which classmates did not like her, but she was adored by teachers. She did not shave her hair under her armpits and did not dye herself; she took piano lessons and jazz choreography.

madonna ile ilgili görsel sonucu

But at the age of 14, the reputation of a pay girl was destroyed: she came to a school talent competition in a bikini, and her body was painted with fluorescent paints. After the cheeky dance under The Who’s Baba O’Riely group, her father became furious and put Madonna under house arrest, and the school reminded her of this performance for a long time, calling her a “whore”. The girl herself, being on stage, finally felt like who she is. And the concept of “virgin / whore” has since been leitmotifed through her work.

Mom of the future celebrity loved to dance. The daughter followed in her footsteps and convinced her father to enroll her in ballet lessons. Later, in high school, she performed in a cheerleader team. After leaving school as an external student, Madonna received a choreographic education at the University of Michigan. One of the teachers convinced her not to waste time studying, but to build a career as a dancer. So in 1958, Madonna dropped out of college and moved to New York with a couple of tens of dollars in her pocket.Who is Madonna? Madonna How old is she? Madonna’s life?

madonna ile ilgili görsel sonucu
She barely made ends meet, lived in poverty, worked for Dunkin ’Donuts, and collaborated with a number of dance groups. Now Madonna recalls that period of her life as the most desperate:


In 1979, Madonna danced with the French disco artist Patrick Hronandez during his world tour and went crazy with musician Dan Gilroy. With the latter, a little later, the pop diva created her first rock band called Breakfast Club. Madonna played drums and guitar, and also sang.

In the same year, she starred in the film “The Specific Victim” for a fee of one hundred dollars, playing a sex slave. Years later, Madonna tried to redeem the rights to the film in order to destroy all reminders of this shame, but she did not succeed.Who is Madonna? Madonna How old is she? Madonna’s life?

In 1981, Madonna broke up with Gilroy and began singing in the band Emmy along with drummer and Stephen Bray. At the same time, the girl signed a contract with Gotham Records, but the collaboration was short-lived – the manager of the aspiring singer did not share her views on creativity. Soon, with the support of Bray, she recorded a demo cassette of four “street” tunes (“Ain’t No Big Deal”, “Stay”, “Burning Up” and “Everybody”), which she distributed on her own.Who is Madonna? Madonna How old is she? Madonna’s life?

Madonna’s demo recording impressed DJ and producer Mark Kamins, who played at Danceteria, where Madonna often visited. Kamins introduced the rising star to Sire Records founder Seymour Stein. The result was a contract for the release of the debut single “Everybody”. Kamins and Bray began to fight for the right to be called Madonna’s agent, both of whom were her lovers. The choice was not easy, but in the end the singer settled on Mark.

madonna ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Due to the timbre of voice and manner of performance, after the release of the single “Everybody”, the audience decided that Madonna is a dark-skinned singer. They were convinced of this by the clip that followed, for which the label allocated only $ 1,500.Who is Madonna? Madonna How old is she? Madonna’s life?

Before recording and releasing their debut album, the producers of Madonna decided to probe the soil and understand whether the success of the singer is accidental or not. For this, a second maxi-single was written. If it becomes a hit, then they will give the green light to recording the album, the producers said. In place of Cumings, a more experienced producer, Reggie Lucas, was selected. In collaboration with him, Madonna recorded the single “Burning Up” with the song “Physical Attraction” on side B. A clip was released for the first song, which got into the MTV rotation.

Madonna’s first music video was just a production number on the dance floor. But “Burning Up”, replete with inviting angles of a relaxed blonde, wriggling in languid ecstasy, was a real breakthrough in the music industry. Before Madonna, none of the singers dared to openly exploit the sexual theme in the videos. Today it is an absolute norm in the pop industry.Who is Madonna? Madonna How old is she? Madonna’s life?

Madonna’s debut album was called “Madonna” and hit the shelves of music stores in July 1983. It included 8 tracks in the genre of synthetic disco. The album started on the Billboard 200 chart from its 190th position. The record took a year to get to the eighth line. The reviews from the critics were mixed. Many music experts accused Madonna of excessive sexuality and deliberate “girlhood” and gave her “minute of glory” from the force for six months. But Ciccone only laughed, declaring that she knows very well what kind of image has developed in her work, but this does not mean that this is the only thing she can offer: “I keep everything under control and wait for it to be understood and confused.”

madonna ile ilgili görsel sonucu


Madonna’s second album “Like a Virgin” (“Like a Virgin”), dedicated, according to the insert on the cover, to all the virgins of the planet, was released in 1984. The producer was Knight Rogers, who had previously worked with David Bowie (the album “Let’s Dance”), which attracted Ciccone.

Madonna performed the main single “Like a Virgin” at the very first ceremony of the MTV Video Music Awards. The singer entered the stage in a wedding dress and belt with the inscription “Boy Toy”, and during the performance she rolled on the floor, showing the audience stockings with garters and white panties. For that time, the performance was shockingly sexy. Many years later, eyewitnesses recalled: “This moment was a powerful impetus for the release of female power. This is one of the most significant musical numbers of the XX century. ”

In the wake of her first success in 1985, Madonna starred in two films. The first role she got in the tape “Visual Search”, where Madonna in the episodic role of the singer in the club performed the track “Crazy For You”. Then the singer appears in the film “Desperate Search for Susan”, which introduced the world to “Into The Groove” and revealed Ciccone as an actress. Many film critics believe that Suzanne is the only successful role in the filmography of Madonna.Who is Madonna? Madonna How old is she? Madonna’s life?

In the same year, Madonna went on her first American tour, The Virgin Tour, along with the Beastie Boys. Later, a clip for the song “Material Girl” is recorded, and Madonna begins a relationship with actor Sean Penn. Then the Penthouse and Playboy magazines showed on their pages black-and-white photographs of a nude singer, which were taken back in 1979. Madonna sued the right to ban publication of pictures.

madonna ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Madonna released her third studio album, True Blue, in 1986. He was described by Rolling Stone as “hearty.” On the disc was the ballad “Live to Tell”, which the singer wrote for the tape “Point blank”, where her husband Sean Penn starred. And the name is a direct reference to Penn; Madonna gave him the nickname true blue, which means “devotee”.

The album made Madonna a world star and took the top of the charts in 28 countries. The Guinness Book of Records called this disc absolutely unprecedented. Then the singer took part in the filming of the film “Shanghai Surprise” and played for the first time in the theatrical production of “Goose and Tomt” with Sean Penn.Who is Madonna? Madonna How old is she? Madonna’s life?

QUEEN ESPAGE In 1986, a video was released for the song “Papa Don’t Preach”, in which Madonna touched on teenage pregnancy. Her lyrical minor heroine wants to give birth to a child from a loved one. Suddenly, the song gave rise to a conflict between Catholics and pro-lifers (opponents of abortion). Catholics blamed Madonna for promoting extramarital affairs, pro-lovers saw an abortion message in her song. Madonna herself claimed that this song is about a protest against any patriarchal authoritarianism, be it a father, church or society.

In 1987, Madonna appeared on the set of the film “Who is this girl” and recorded four songs for her soundtrack, including “Causing a Commotion”.

madonna ile ilgili görsel sonucu

At the beginning of 1989, the singer signed a 5 millionth contract with Pepsi, and the new song “Like A Prayer” was presented right at the soda advertising company. The clip for the song, however, like the advertisement itself, provoked indignation among religious viewers: crosses burned in the background. The video shocked the Vatican and called for a Pepsi boycott, and the holding had no choice but to break the sponsorship deal with the pop diva. However, Madonna received her 5 million, and the outbreak of scandal for a long time fueled public interest.Who is Madonna? Madonna How old is she? Madonna’s life?

In 1989, the self-titled scandalous video album was released, which the singer dedicated to the memory of the deceased mother and all members of her family. The lyrics touched on Madonna’s childhood and personality development, the influence of her mother’s death on her worldview, relationships with her father and, of course, female sexuality – this is the song “Express Yourself”, which was directed by David Fincher.Who is Madonna? Madonna How old is she? Madonna’s life?

1990 was marked by the release of a video for the song “Justify My Love”, co-written with Lenny Kravitz. MTV management has banned the release of the video on the channel due to erotic content, references to homosexuality and sadomasochism. The decision was supported by a number of music channels in other countries. Madonna found a way out – she was the first in the music industry to launch a video clip in the format of “single video”.

madonna ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Next year is another scandal. A documentary entitled Truth or Challenge is released during the Blond Ambition World Tour, during which Toronto police intended to arrest Madonna for imitating masturbation on stage.

In 1992, Madonna founded her own company Maverick, which was engaged in entertainment, in particular, the production of films, the release of music CDs and books. First of all, the company released on the shelves Madonna’s book of authorship entitled “Sex” with revelations and sexual fantasies of the singer, appearing in the text under the name Dita. Together with the book, the single “Erotica” was sold, accompanied by a photograph of Madonna holding a whip. Despite the mixed reaction of society, the book has become a bestseller. Over the first week, more than 500 thousand people purchased a copy of Sex, all in all 1.5 million books were sold.Who is Madonna? Madonna How old is she? Madonna’s life?

The book’s release was part of a well-thought-out promotion of the fifth Erotica album, which was all about sex. However, the PR campaign had a flip side: the disk was expected to be commercial success, but the listeners perceived it more as an addition to the book, therefore, Erotica did not break into the first lines of the charts.

In the same year, the album “Bedtime Stories” saw the light, again unfolding the concept of Ciccone’s work in a different direction. The track with the same name was written by Björk. The theme echoed the previous disc, fell a degree by the degree of sexuality, while the lyricism of the texts increased. The single “Secret” was especially liked by the listeners, however, in general, attention to the album was kept at average rates.Who is Madonna? Madonna How old is she? Madonna’s life?

KABBALA HOBBY Around 1997, Madonna hit into the study of Kabbalah and Judaism in general. This led to the appearance of calmer intonations in her work and style. Before that, she studied Buddhism, yoga and the Vedas, but only Kabbalah “put her life upside down”.

madonna ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Shortly before this, Madonna played a major role in the musical “Evita”, dedicated to the biography of the Argentine singer and subsequently the wife of dictator Juan Peron – Eva Duarte. The shooting took place in South America, and the partner of the woman on the set was Antonio Banderas. In preparation for the shooting, Madonna took vocal lessons, which, by the way, is clearly visible in the album “Ray of Light”, which was recognized as the most successful since “Like a Prayer”, released a year later.

The disc symbolized the singer’s spiritual transformation, which was influenced by many factors – from the birth of her daughter (after filming Evita, Madonna became pregnant and soon gave birth to her daughter Lourdes from the dancer Carlos Leon) to the romance with screenwriter Andy Byrd. Madonna’s songs now spoke not about the charms of intimate life, but called to pay attention to the ecological catastrophe, told about the universe and metaphysical categories. The 39-year-old woman abandoned her defiant outfits and started wearing saris and covered her face with a veil.

The audience favorably accepted the new image, and in 1999 Madonna received three Grammys at once. Prior to that, there was only one such figurine in her collection – received in 1991 in the nomination “Best Video Clip”. In general, the album was able to compete even with boy bands that filled the music market and young singers like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera.Who is Madonna? Madonna How old is she? Madonna’s life?

madonna ile ilgili görsel sonucu


“Ray of Light” set the bar high, but released in 2000 and kept in the “American” style, the album with the laconic name “Music” broke the records of its predecessor. The main hits are the songs “Music”, “Don’t Tell Me” and “What It Feels Like for a Girl”, the clip of which was banned on MTV, but not because of nudity, but because of cruel scenes.

However, her attempts to realize herself in big movies failed. In 2000, Ciccone starred in the romantic comedy “Best Friend” along with Rupert Everett. Reviews on her acting work were devastating. A year later, the movie Gone, directed by Guy Ritchie, Madonna’s husband at that time, received five Golden Raspberry awards, including the most annoying nominations for the worst female role, worst film and worst director. Since then, Richie has promised to shoot his wife in his films, and the singer has agreed only to small roles, for example, in “Die, but Not Now” with Pierce Brosnan and Holly Berry.

But 2003 brought Madonna the first setbacks in the musical field. The American Life disc, in which the singer touched on a number of topical political issues and revealed emotional abscesses, no longer wanting to endure her attitude to herself as a “mercantile girl”. The album was not a failure from a commercial point of view, but still inferior to the previous ones.

The tenth studio album Confessions on a Dance Floor (2005) rehabilitated Madonna in her own eyes. It is worth noting that the first song “Hung Up” became the main hit of Madonna for the whole time of her career.Who is Madonna? Madonna How old is she? Madonna’s life?

madonna ile ilgili görsel sonucu

March 26, 2012 released the twelfth album of Madonna – MDNA. This album on the first day topped the heights of all the charts of Great Britain and the USA. But, everything was not so rosy. Critics called the album very grim, linking it with the painful separation of the singer from Jesus Luz. The clip for the second album, the single Girl Gone Wild, is censored due to explicit scenes. The album, deprived of a promotion tour in support, becomes the worst-selling singer in her career, breaking the 2003 American Life record.

The singer goes to the MDNA Tour, which starts on May 31 and becomes the most successful tour of 2012. Concerts resonate in the US due to the use of imitation weapons on stage. Billboard calls Madonna the record holder for music industry revenue – $ 34.6 million per year. In 2013, Madonna received 3 Billboard Music Awards. In August 2013, Forbes magazine called the singer the leader of the year by celebrity income with a salary of $ 125 million.Who is Madonna? Madonna How old is she? Madonna’s life?

In December 2014, 13 demo versions of the songs that were recorded while working on Madonna’s thirteenth studio album leaked to the Internet. Enraged by what happened, the artist recorded several formidable messages addressed to the pirates. A few days after the leak, December 20, Madonna officially announced the thirteenth album, called Rebel Heart. The album was released on March 10, 2015.

madonna ile ilgili görsel sonucu


2010, Madonna takes part in the reklanovom company fashion house Dolce & Gabbana, who wanted to get a singer. Together with her daughter Lourdes, the singer made her own line of youth clothing “Material Girl”. The self-titled album of live recordings was released in the same year, and a little later a collection of the best songs “Celebration” appeared. In the same year, Madonna became the screenwriter and director of the tape “W.E.”, Which is scheduled to be shown in the summer of 2011.

Among other things, Madonna opened a network of fitness clubs called “Hard Candy” – in honor of her 11th album.


About Madonna’s love affairs you can write a separate book, so below we will only talk about the most sensational and serious relationship of the singer.

The first serious Madonna novel, ending in marriage, is associated with the name of actor Sean Penn. At the time of their acquaintance in 1985, the singer met the Prince, but easily left the young man for the sake of the young (Sean was 2 years younger) cinema genius with a rebel reputation. They met on the set of the Material Girl video. Very soon, the lovers announced their engagement and on August 16, 1985, they married.Who is Madonna? Madonna How old is she? Madonna’s life?

Very soon, married life disappointed Ciccone. It turned out that both spouses have a violent temperament and an innate tendency to constant rivalry. The situation was aggravated by Penn’s drunkenness. By 1988, their marriage had almost broken up. In 1989, the artist demanded a divorce.

madonna ile ilgili görsel sonucu

One night, Penn burst into her house, tied to a chair and beat him for several hours. By cunning, the girl got out of the house and reached the police station. Penn denied everything, although the cops, horrified by the bruised and bruised pop idol, had no doubt. However, the matter did not reach the trial – Madonna asked not to open a criminal case against her ex-spouse. “He always had problems controlling his anger,” she later said.

The next few months, Madonna was recovering from psychological trauma. In 1990, the singer began an affair with Warren Beatty, whom she met on the set of “Dick Tracy”, and in 1991 she remembered her short affair with model Tony Ward, who starred in her candid clip “Justify My Love”.Who is Madonna? Madonna How old is she? Madonna’s life?

In 1992, she met with rapper Vanilla Ice. After their break in the men’s career, a recession occurred, and the press revealed a pattern that every man who met Madonna suffered a professional collapse or personal tragedy after breaking up with her. This is true for rapper Tupac Shakur and basketball player Dennis Rodman, with whom Madonna had novels in 1994.

Then the singer was carried away by her personal trainer Carlos Leon, from whom in 1997 gave birth to a daughter, Lourdes.

madonna ile ilgili görsel sonucu

A friend of Madonna, actress Elizabeth Taylor, urged her to marry Carlos so that the girl had a father. However, this time Carlos himself began to lose interest in the relationship. Being a proud man with a passionate temperament, he was enraged by the lover’s publicity. All attention was focused on her, while he remained in the shadow with the prefix “Mr. Madonna.”Who is Madonna? Madonna How old is she? Madonna’s life?

When Lourdes was one year old, the paparazzi caught Carlos in the company of another woman. As a real man, he did not begin to talk about the details of the gap and rejected all the multimillion-dollar offers of journalists who poked the ins and outs of their novel. He did not disappear from the life of Madonna and Lourdes, and always tried to spend free time with his daughter.

Then the singer had a short relationship with screenwriter Andy Bird, which ended in 1998 after his careless phrase thrown to reporters: “Well, we have a passionate relationship, but we need to work on it.” After the break, she realized that she was pregnant. The woman immediately refused an abortion. There was a dilemma: tell Bird about pregnancy or not. But fate decided it herself – there was a miscarriage.

madonna ile ilgili görsel sonucu

In the same year, at a party at Sting, Madonna met with British director Guy Ritchie. In a matter of days they became close. The director was 10 years younger than the artist and just brilliantly presented to the public the debut film “Cards, money, two trunks.” As it turned out later, Richie was aware that Madonna would be at the party, and went there with one purpose – to get to know her.Who is Madonna? Madonna How old is she? Madonna’s life?

Moreover, he always regarded the singer not as a star, but as an ordinary person. “He called me Madge and made me wash his car,” she recalled. Their romance developed rapidly. In 1999, Richie, by chance meeting in the park of the ex-lover of Madonna, Byrd, with all his strength hit him in the face.

In 2000, Madonna and Guy Ritchie got married, she soon gave birth to her son Rocco. In 2005, they adopted a black boy from Malawi, who was given the name David Banda Malawe and the double surname Ciccone Richey. Later, already divorced, she adopted three more girls: first the baby Chifundo in 2006, then, in 2012, the twins Stella and Esther.

madonna ile ilgili görsel sonucu

The reason for their disagreement is not exactly known, but fans of the singer are inclined to the version that Richie was fed up with Madonna’s passion for Kabbalah. In 2008, the singer publicly announced a divorce.Who is Madonna? Madonna How old is she? Madonna’s life?

After this, Madonna drew attention to the 22-year-old Brazilian Jesus Lus. Their romance lasted a whole year, after which they parted, “not converging in character.” Or, as evil tongues spoke, a young man was simply tired of being a toy in the hands of pop divas.

Then, for more than three years, the singer met with breakdancer Brahim Zeba, and in 2014 she was caught in a relationship with dancer Timor Steffens. In 2017, the singer had a romantic relationship with 32-year-old Portuguese fashion model Kevin Sampaio. In the summer of 2018, rumors circulated about their upcoming wedding.

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