Who is India Reynolds? How Old is India Reynolds? Where is India Reynolds from? India Reynolds Life?


Who is India Reynolds? How Old is India Reynolds? Where is India Reynolds from? India Reynolds Life?

Full name: India Reynolds
Date of Birth: 1991
From: Reading
Occupation: Model

Horoscope: Sagittarius
Instagram: lovefromreyn

Who is India Reynolds? Get to know the Love Island finalist

Ovie merged with Soko.

He only entered the Love Island villas that had to go for a few weeks, but India Reynolds was quick to make an impact and merged with the cool friend Ovie Soko. While the basketball player was literally loved by the whole nation, India remained in the final with his man, with many fans guessing he could win the show.

But what is his Instagram? What was his profession before the island of love? Is he still dating Ovie? Here are the answers to your most important questions.

Find out everything you need to know about Model India Reynolds …

Where did India Reynolds finish at Love Island in 2019?
India was third in Love Island 2019 with Ovie Soko.

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Who is India Reynolds?

India is a 28-year-old model from Reading who joined the Love Island villa with Harley Brash and Greg O’Shea on Monday (July 15th).

Speaking before the entrance, India said, “My best qualities are that I am polite, caring and talkative. The worst is that I am always late … but I am worth waiting for.” Said.

Is there a relationship between India and Ovie?
Although the pair is ‘out’, they are not 100% official yet … we doubt it will take long! Things that aren’t always happy double sailing, India has recently been accused of cheating with the super-sized basketball player with Arsenal player Kieran Gibbs. He rejected the rumors telling MailOnline about the “night of the week.”

How Old is India Reynolds?
India is 28 years old.

Where is India Reynolds from?
Model Reading.

What does India Reynolds do?

Not surprisingly, India is a model! She worked as a page 3 girl and worked with fashion brands to promote her clothes on instagram.

How long has India Reynolds been single?
India has officially told Love Island bosses that she has been single for a year. His only spell is officially broken, and now he’s dating Ovie Soko.

Who’s the famous tune of India Reynolds?
India called the American rapper Dave East ‘appropriate’.

How can I follow India Reynolds on Instagram?
Follow India on Instagram @lovefromreyn.

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