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What are the Most Common Psychological Disorders and Symptoms?


What are the Most Common Psychological Disorders and Symptoms?

What are psychological disorders? How to troubleshoot?

Behavioral and emotional illness symptoms are called psychological illnesses. It is a state in which a person has problems in his / her thinking, mood or behavior. Psychologists and psychiatrists diagnose by looking at symptoms and emerging functional disorders.

Functional disorders are not able to perform certain routine tasks or basic daily tasks, such as bathing, going to the toilet or going to work. Symptoms are signs that any objective observer may notice. Symptoms are feelings that are perceived or felt by the patient, such as unhappiness or despair.

Let’s take a look at our article about the most common psychological diseases and symptoms in daily life:


It means ‘boredom’. Psychiatry is the general name of a group of diseases.

Symptoms: sweating, chills, palpitations etc. is like physical. She has intellectual symptoms such as thinking that something bad will happen to her, being afraid of being embarrassed or being funny.

Panic attack:

It is the state where emotions such as anxiety or fear emerge as seizures. Although it has a chance to be seen in almost everyone, it has become chronic in some people and requires medication. The main symptoms are fear, heart palpitations, nausea, dizziness. People with panic attacks often want to go to a place where they feel safe. If severe, tremor and fainting may also occur. People who experience frequent panic attacks do not like closed, dark and noisy places, take care not to stay anywhere else in their homes and always want to stay close to the door in closed places.


Panic attacks are also referred to as sibling discomfort. Many people with panic attacks may present with different symptoms. Around the house, apartment and so on. uncomfortable being in open areas where there are no structures, traveling in public transportation such as buses, minibuses, feeling uneasiness in large crowded stores, not being able to travel long distances are some of them.

Social phobias:

It is defined as avoiding entering social environments with the fear that it will be embarrassing or embarrassing among others. The most common social phobia situations are: introducing someone, meeting people who are higher than their position, making calls, accepting guests, watching others while doing something, hanging out with others, eating with others, writing with others, and community is to make speech in front of.

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder:

It is one of the most common psychiatric conditions in the world. After a bad experience (rape, natural disaster, torture, intense emotional violence, assault, traffic accident, etc.). It occurs with the deterioration of the person’s mood and usually with depression. A person cannot sleep, has nightmares and lives very hard in his normal life. This is outlined in post-traumatic mood disorder.

Common Anxiety Disorder:

It has the illusion that if I control everything, I won’t let anything bad happen in my life. They try to calculate all the bad probabilities, and then they are enslaved. They think they can be continuous, they are trapped in the future. If they try to accept the uncontrollable life of their therapies and stay at the moment they live, their anxiety levels decrease.


Depression is a mood disorder that lasts at least 2 weeks. Emotionally collapsed, the patient begins to become pessimistic and mentally engaged (including self-harm) with bad thoughts. As weight and deceleration occur in his body, his behavior changes in the direction of inward closure. Temporary deterioration that comes during the day is not called depression. Symptoms: Past traumas, losses, sadness and difficulties, ongoing problems, newly emerged coercive life events, low education level, and poverty can also cause depression.

Psikolojik Hastalıklar ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Bipolar disorder:

It is defined as mental disorder with symptoms such as increased energy, easy fatigue, excessive cheer or excessive nervousness, distraction, decreased sleep requirement, impaired reasoning ability, and excessive increase in thoughts.

Personality disorders:

Disorders that isolate people from the social environment. In these cases, the patient is withdrawn or in some cases may be aggressive. He doesn’t listen to those who try to help. You should consult a good physician immediately. However, the patient’s efforts to heal are as important as the right physician for full recovery.

Eating disorders:

People with this type of disorder can only feed on foods of certain colors, for example. Only light, skin-colored foods group; French fries, pasta, pizza with cheese. It is the chronicity of the habit of choosing food, which usually starts in childhood, and has a negative effect on physiological and psychological level. If we approach it in a bit of detail, it is possible to notice that there are some types around us that eat nothing but what is new, even if it does not reach the level of eating disorder.


When addiction, both the physical and mental clinical manifestations and the social problems with extensions are considered together, it seems to be the most important health problem of our age. The problem of substance abuse in children, adolescents and young adults is not a new problem in our country and in the world. Substance users and addicts should also be treated and rehabilitated to ensure that they are responsible for their health.

Sexual problems:

While one percent of sexual problems are based on bodily factors, the majority of the remaining and almost all of them are caused by psychological reasons, not physical. Although it is possible to treat sexual problems, most people try to ignore this problem and avoid treatment. Although the reasons are specific to the individual, sexual problems are inevitable in people who are generally brought up under family pressure. Misinformation about sexuality and bad experiences can lead to sexual problems.

Psikolojik Hastalıklar ile ilgili görsel sonucu

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