The Most Promising Potential Treatments For COVID-19 Under Trial


The Most Promising Potential Treatments For COVID-19 Under Trial

There are many drug manufacturers that work day and night to treat COVID-19. Many of these potential treatments are currently in clinical trials.

The new coronavirus continues to make life all over the world more difficult than ever and has no end in sight. Many medical professionals around the world are trying to develop a vaccine for COVID19 coronavirus, but so far they have not found one. This does not mean that no progress has been made. We know much more about the virus than we did when it first appeared. Some researchers have actually managed to find some treatments that require more testing for COVID-19. These treatments are potential and can help us overcome this epidemic.

10. Remdesivir

Remdesivir is being repurposed as a cure for COVID-19. Image credit: www.chemistryworld.com

9. Kaletra

Kaletra is a HIV drug that might be repurposed to fight COVID-19. Image credit: www.thechronicle.com.au

8. Actemra and Kevzara

Actemra and Kevzara are currently in the clinical test stage. Image credit: www.arthriticchick.com

7. Convalescent Plasma

Convalescent plasma trials have shown positive results. Image credit: wired.com

6. Chloroquine

There is so far no clinical evidence that Chloroquine can help against COVID-19. Image credit: www.acc.org

5. Avigan

Avigan helped COVID-19 patients to recover faster and reduced some of their symptoms. Image credit: wired.com

4. TAK-888

The TAK-888 plasma product may be available for all patients by the end of the year. Image credit: www.takeda.com

3. AbCellera Antibody Treatment

Eli Lilly and AbCellera are working together on an antibody treatment. Image credit: www.abcellera.com

2. The Vir Biotechnology Antibody Treatment

Vir Biotechnology's antibody treatment may soon start human trials. Image credit: www.statnews.com

1. Hundreds Of Other Drugs

Experts need to be completely sure that a drug works before giving the OK for widespread use. Photo by Vincent Ghilione on Unsplash

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