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Teamwork Skills on Your Resume: List and Examples


Teamwork Skills on Your Resume: List and Examples

Teamwork skills in the workplace are essential for the vast majority of jobs. Employers expect their employees to be able to work together effectively. Being a “team player” is often seen today in both job postings and resumes.

Employers try to assess the candidate’s collaborative teamwork skills during interviews and when looking at resumes. Group interviews designed to measure an individual’s group work skills are becoming more common.

However, just to reach the crucial interview stage, it is important to convince a recruiter that you have strong teamwork skills and can work in harmony with your future colleagues. However, it is not enough to just add trendy words to your resume, you need to understand how to transfer teamwork to your resume.

Remember, teamwork skills should not be treated differently than the rest of your abilities. Your resume should be designed to meet the needs of the job. Using resume templates is an effective way to do this quickly.


How to Convey Teamwork on a Resume

If you’ve gotten any kind of appreciation for your teamwork skills, it’s worth mentioning it in your resume. You may have a team player award, served as a team leader, coordinated a project, or took a special role that involved connecting team members.

Another effective way to showcase collaboration skills in your resume is to include them in the skills section of your resume. The smartest thing to do is customize this for each job application to clearly show how your skill set fits the job requirements.

The first thing to do is identify the keywords in the job description and write a teamwork skills checklist. Note that employers now use Application Tracking Systems (ATS) to scan resumes, so if your resume doesn’t contain the right keywords, the employer won’t even see it.

At the same time, you need to do more than just use keywords. It is not even believable to say that he is a team player in his resume. It is much more effective to include specific examples of the actions you take as a team and what a successful outcome is.

You can include teamwork examples in other parts of your resume, such as the work experience section.

How To Mention Teamwork And Skills in a Resume

Teamwork Skills Examples

How are these skills mentioned in your resume? Be succinct, use an action verb and, if possible, use a number or statistical evidence to support it. See examples below on how to define teamwork skills.

  • Connection between 3 departments was established to deliver the project ahead of schedule.
  • He led a team of 15 people and increased sales by 15%.
  • He worked with 6 other fundraisers to raise more than $ 800.
  • We have exceeded our annual targets for 3 years in a row.
  • It increased its sales by 42% in the 1-year period.
  • Motivated staff increased 10% bonus and sales grew 16%.
  • It created a monthly route system that distributes work evenly and increases employee satisfaction by 45%.
  • We doubled our annual target each year to achieve gross revenue of $ 340,000 over a 3-year period.
  • 35% more donations are collected each year for the charity chosen by the company.

BEST TIP: Don’t hit the top with these numbers. Keep in mind that not all jobs can be analyzed this way and one or two points with statistics is enough.

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Top 10 Teamwork Skills for Resumes

What teamwork skills are required for the workplace? Here are some of the most important collaboration skills that employers value.

1. Reliability and Punctuality

Completing tasks on time and being punctual are essential skills. Reliable team members earn the trust of their colleagues and bosses and become valuable employees. A good and efficient team trusts these essential skills and it is important to highlight these skills in your resume.

2. Verbal and Written Communication Skills

Being able to clearly communicate your ideas to other people, whether by phone, email, or face-to-face, is an important part of most jobs. Working with people with poor communication skills is difficult and can be a nightmare to manage. This is one of the most important areas employers consider during job interviews.

Most Important Skills for a Resume (Hard & Soft Skills)

3. Listening Skills

Good listening skills are an important part of being an effective team member. It is important to follow instructions, cooperate as a unit, and get along with colleagues and customers. It is difficult to show empathy and understanding without having strong listening skills. This is another key skill that employers test during job interviews.

4. Positivity

Both positivity and negativity are infectious energy forces. Everyone wants to work with colleagues, customers and bosses who have a positive mindset. If you show any negativity on your resume or during the job interview, you probably won’t be hired. Negative people are more likely to complain, cause trouble, and lack motivation.

5. Conflict Management

The job can be tense, stressful and problematic. This can cause friction between team members, and this must be resolved for the team to continue working. The ability to mediate among other people is a valuable skill that employers seek in a range of roles including managers, team leaders, and HR managers.

6. Organizing and Planning

A team player looking out for the rest of the team by planning ahead or helping the group stick to the plan keeps the group organized. Being able to tackle your own business while protecting others shows competence and also helps you prove to your superiors that you can lead a team.

7. Problem-solving

Whether visible or invisible, problems are typical of any workplace or team, and sometimes it’s up to you to solve. Regardless of whether you’ve been given a problem to solve by others on your team, or whether you identify and resolve your own, both of these problem-solving features are valuable in the workplace. If you are someone who enjoys solving problems or staying calm during troubled times, it can be a great asset to your team and be a reliable teammate.

8. Decision-making

Some are difficult, some are easy; making decisions is not for everyone. A team player who does not like to get their feet on the ground should try to contribute to decision-making by participating in group meetings, talking about the topic, and supporting and opposing discussions. After all, part of the decision making is not the decision itself, but how and with whom you make it.

9. Persuasive Skills

Did you agree on a specific issue with your entire team and found it difficult to include the final team member? Sometimes all it takes is a simple conversation that can help that person see your point of view and moreover, understand it. Part of being persuasive is not just about changing people’s minds, it’s about empathizing with others, connecting and understanding each other. This is an unprecedented quality of teamwork and those with this quality can often be team glue.

10. Feedback Skills

Constructive criticism and evaluations have a place when it comes to teamwork, and it is important to make sure that traffic flows in both directions. Feedback should always be welcomed, both among team players and superiors. Giving feedback doesn’t have to be a negative process and it helps everyone work on themselves.

Using an online resume maker is an effective way to quickly create professional looking resumes that you can customize for any application. Read this guide on how to write a resume for more tips.

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