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Chemistry Teacher CV Template + Tips and Download


Chemistry Teacher CV Template + Tips and Download

Tip: Use the Chemistry Teacher CV Template below as an example to help you write your own personal and fully custom CV.

Ethan Martin

57 New Street
Mob: 079 4212 3332       Email: ethan.martin87@cvplaza.com

Personal profile statement

I enjoyed an extensive career teaching Chemistry to secondary school students, which allowed me to gain important knowledge and expertise to educate young adolescents. Not only did I get higher education in the field of Science, my teaching years greatly improved my teaching skills. I also believe that my friendly personality and calm disposition are very compatible with the needs of a good teacher. My communication skills are excellent; So are my interpersonal skills – useful during my interactions with students, parents and school administrators. Considering my teaching background and continuous competent performances; I am sure that I will be a valuable asset to any educational institution.


  • Graduated from Cambridge University with 1: 1 Honors
  • A long-established member of the Royal Society of Chemistry that promotes and supports Science education in the UK



1996-1997 MSc Further Chemistry Cambridge University

Relevant Modules:

  • Inorganic, organic and physical chemistry
  • Chemotherapy Theory and Practice
  • Bioactive Natural Products
  • Modern Methods in Drug Discovery
  • Chemical Process Technology and Design


1993-1996 BSc (Hons) Chemistry Cambridge University Grade achieved: [1:1]


Work experience

2008 – Present Chemistry Teacher           Edgehill Grammar School 11-18

Main duties performed:

  • Teaching Science (Physics, Biology, Chemistry) to students aged 11-16
  • Helping students meet their class goals
  • Work with my colleagues to provide a consistent education for all students
  • Conduct experiments regularly and teach students how to repeat experiments under safe conditions
  • Writing and marking exam papers
  • Marking weekly homework, exams and tests
  • Educating students on health and safety regulations in a laboratory
  • Responsible for creating and designing weekly PowerPoint presentations on different topics for each class
  • Reporting to school administrators about the progress and behavior of all staff in my department
  • Responsible for creating booklets and worksheets for my students to work on
  • Contacting school administrators on issues of concern
  • Contributing to extracurricular activities in the department
  • Helping the functioning of the Science Club
  • Responsible for the expenses of laboratory equipment
  • Organizing and presenting training sessions
  • Report to my superiors and the Head of Science about my concerns with students


Jun 2006 – Dec 2008 Assistant Teacher         Forrest Academy 11-16

Main duties performed:

  • Organizing laboratory inventory regularly and ensuring that nothing is lost or stolen
  • Keeping the lab organized
  • Washing and cleaning all laboratory equipment used in lessons
  • Helping students with questions they have during the lesson
  • Assisting the chemistry teacher with any tutorials and experiments in front of the class
  • Marking students’ assignments
  • Printing all the worksheets and booklets needed for the classroom
  • Working with students, both individually and in groups, in activities and workbooks
  • Monitoring student work performance




  • Initial Teacher Training (ITT) completed
  • Passed Skills Tests for Numeracy, Literacy and Science every year
  • Qualified Teacher Status (QTS)
  • Attended annual workshops organized by the school and was successful

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  • During my long career, my interpersonal and communication skills have greatly improved so that I can interact confidently with students, parents, colleagues and superiors.
  • I am very methodical and have fixed organizational standards – these strict rules ensure that my self-formulated teaching plans and markup programs are often rigorous.
  • My punctuality and attendance rates are ideal for a professional
  • I am a compassionate and compassionate person who always goes beyond the call of duty to ensure my students succeed and develop academically.
  • I can deal with problem students in a calm, professional manner without losing anger


Hobbies and interests

I love spending quality time with my family, especially by visiting museums and art galleries when I spend outside of class. I am also a member of the “Crazy About Science” club, which regularly organizes competitions and exhibitions on a national scale.



Mr Leo Parry
Head Teacher, Edgehill Grammar School
Address: 95 Oak Road, Scarborough, YO25 7DE
Tel: 0223 322 2412
Email: parry-leo1@hotmail.co.uk
Mr Robert Vaughan
Head of Science, Forrest Academy
Address: 9 Fore St, Trench, FY5 2FQ
Tel: 0280 2354 3423
Email: vaughan.r@live.co.uk


Please note: the above CV Example is presented in the UK format and layout.





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COLLECTION: You may also want to browse through our collection of Free CV Templates and download any of the editable CVs (in Microsoft Word format and convertible to PDF) to create your own CV.


    • Length: If you have been working in the field for a long time or have significant work experience to discuss, it’s okay to keep your CV to 3 pages long, but it is generally recommended to limit your CV to 2 A4 pages.
    • Science is science: Although chemistry is a subdivision of science, the truth is that all branches of science are basically the same in principle and methodology. Any previous work experience or even personal interest or hobby in another related field can be a real bonus point on your CV!


Good Luck!

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