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Calming Sitz Bath Recipe with Frankincense and Tea Tree Oils


Calming Sitz Bath Recipe with Frankincense and Tea Tree Oils

You may have known about a sitz shower previously, yet do you know what it is? The name originates from the German word “sitzen,” which signifies “to sit.” During a sitz shower, you sit in a bath or bowl of warm water to give recuperating and help with discomfort.

There are various explanations behind your uneasiness that may warrant a sitz shower, for example, hemorrhoids, a butt-centric gap or a vaginal birth (a baby blues sitz shower formula can be an astounding method to help recuperate from labor while offering unwinding). A sitz shower for bartholin pimples is likewise prescribed by specialists. The rundown goes on!

Utilizing sitz showers help various wellbeing worries by expanding blood stream to kindled zones. This is remedial in light of the fact that the expanded blood stream can give more oxygen, which advances mending.

You can purchase sitz shower arrangements at the store, however it’s so natural to make a natively constructed arrangement. You essentially join a couple of key fixings and add the blend to water.

What Is a Sitz Bath?

A fundamental sitz shower definition: a pool of water that you sit in, with just your hips and base submerged. Regular side effects that might be soothed by this kind of shower incorporate minor torment, aggravation as well as tingling. Sitz showers don’t need to incorporate something besides warm water, yet it is a choice to utilize different fixings, for example, those found right now formula.

Sitz showers can be taken utilizing an uncommonly structured shallow, round bowl that fits over your latrine seat. Searching for another option? It’s likewise flawlessly fine to utilize your bath as long as it’s spotless.

In case you’re looking at a sitz shower versus normal shower, a significant distinction is that sitz shower guidelines will guide you to utilize a shallow bowl loaded up with water or a bath just topped off around four inches high, rather than a standard shower, where your whole body (less your head) is submerged in water.

How does a sitz shower work? Absorbing warm water (that occasionally additionally incorporates useful fixings like Epsom salt) is known to help blood stream while alleviating undesirable side effects like tingling, aggravation and torment. One investigation demonstrated critical mending with the utilization of wet warmth, which is actually what a warm sitz shower is.

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Soothing Sitz Bath Recipe with Frankincense & Tea Tree Oils ile ilgili görsel sonucu

When Do You Use a Sitz Bath?

Basic wellbeing worries that are known to profit include:

Butt-centric crevice (a little tear in the covering of the rear-end)



Looseness of the bowels

Baby blues perineal torment after a vaginal birth


Vaginal yeast contaminations

What arrangement do you use for a sitz shower? That relies on which issue you are attempting to cure, since various fixings are known to be useful for various sicknesses. You can even do a one fixing sitz shower formula, for example, an epsom salt sitz shower or a heating soft drink sitz shower.

What to Put in a Sitz Bath

As should be obvious from this formula, a blend of salts, witch hazel and basic oils make an exceptionally remedial shower that additionally smells charming, on account of the regular fragrance of the oils. Epsom salt and ocean salt are mineral-rich and remedial increases to sitz showers, much the same as they are to normal showers.

What do you put in a sitz shower for hemorrhoids? Epsom salt is an extraordinary element for this regular wellbeing concern. As per the Cleveland Clinic, Epsom salt is useful alongside witch hazel. Witch hazel is truly astounding as an astringent for the skin with its strong mitigating properties.

Fundamental oils are an extraordinary choice as well. The ones utilized right now all normally calming and against bacterial. Tea tree basic oil is a characteristic germ-free with the capacity to help treat wounds and contaminations. Frankincense is particularly notable for its mitigating properties, and lavender oil has likewise been appeared to give torment soothing impacts and amazing cancer prevention agents that can be ingested through the skin.

In case you’re making a shower for a yeast contamination, heating soft drink is a prescribed fixing to give help from vulvar/vaginal consuming, bothering or tingling.

Instructions to Use

Utilizing a sitz shower is actually very simple. While there are some at-home bowl units you can buy, utilizing the bath functions admirably as well and doesn’t require an extra cost.

Before diving directly into the how-to, there are two or three things you have to maintain a strategic distance from while doing sitz showers. Try not to utilize cleansers, since they can dry out the skin and make it considerably increasingly bothered. Try not to surge the procedure. Set up the washroom for solace and protection. On the off chance that you need amusement, music, candles, and so on., set them up so you have all that you have to unwind. On the off chance that you intend to utilize a versatile bowl, try to abstain from packing to help dodge spillage while disposing of it.

Next, fill the bowl or tub with warm water. In case you’re utilizing the tub, fill the water around four inches down or so the water level arrives at your hips. At the point when you have the sitz shower temperature right, include an enormous spoonful of the sitz shower formula. Note: if utilizing a bowl, utilize a large portion of the formula since you have a littler volume of water. Empty the blend into the shower, and whirl it around to ensure it is very much scattered in the water.

Presently you can get into the tub or lower yourself onto the seat if utilizing the versatile methodology. Plan to unwind for around 15–20 minutes and include increasingly boiling water, if necessary, to hold the temperature under wraps. You can clean up a few times each day, varying, until you have recuperated.

When you are done, gradually find a good pace. You may feel somewhat mixed up. This is ordinary, however screen yourself cautiously. On the off chance that you have time, permit the zone to dry. Something else, utilize a delicate, non-grating material to pat the region dry. On the off chance that you are utilizing an uncommon balm or hemorrhoid cream for hemorrhoids, this is the ideal time to utilize it.

Where to Buy

All things considered, your nearby medication store conveys the shallow bowls or sitz showers that can fit over your can bowl. It’s additionally not elusive them online nowadays. There are a wide range of shading choices, and you can even discover ones that are sans bpa.

On the off chance that you don’t have any enthusiasm for a DIY sitz shower formula, it’s likewise not elusive shower arrangements on the web and in stores, as well. Search for ones that contain characteristic fixings that you know about and maintain a strategic distance from any arrangements that contain unfortunate fixings like engineered aromas.


Check with your social insurance supplier to ensure it’s satisfactory for you to utilize something besides warm water.

Continuously ensure your water isn’t excessively hot and that you’re utilizing a clean, purified tub or bowl for the shower.

Sitz showers are normally sheltered by and large, however on the off chance that you experience uncommon uneasiness or disturbance of any kind, stop use and converse with your PCP. You may encounter slight dazedness as you find a workable pace shower since the warm water may make your veins enlarge. This is typical, yet be cautious. Likewise, make a point to remain very much hydrated.

Be particularly cautious washing up baby blues. It’s a smart thought to have somebody close by when you are getting in and out of the tub (or on and off the latrine). Likewise, let your primary care physician know whether perineal agony exacerbates in the wake of washing up or in the event that you experience expanded redness or growing.

Stop use and contact your social insurance supplier if side effects decline.

Calming Sitz Bath Recipe with Frankincense and Tea Tree Oils

Complete Time: 5 minutes

Serves: 1–2 applications


⅓ cup Epsom salt

¼ cup ocean salt

2 tablespoons witch hazel

10 drops tea tree fundamental oil

8 drops frankincense fundamental oil

8 drops lavender fundamental oil


In a little bowl, mix the Epsom salt and ocean salt.

Next, include the rest of the fixings and mix well.

Add to a hot shower (around 4 creeps of water if utilizing tub). Utilize a large portion of the formula if utilizing a bowl pack.

Sit in shower for 15–20 minutes.

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