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8 Immune Booster Recipes to Strengthen and Strengthen Your Body


8 Immune Booster Recipes to Strengthen and Strengthen Your Body

It may be summers, but this is a great season to prepare for winter. Winters are the coldest season and the best season of the year, but what about preparing for this? The best way to avoid colds and redness and bacterial infections is to strengthen your immune system, which can be done by taking a large amount of antioxidants, essential nutrients, vitamins and power-packed beverages that greatly increase your immune system. Gives you the power to fight against the invaders.

Make it a habit to take these drinks every day, around the clock, and you’ll be amazed in a few days.


Rosemary, garlic, thyme, laurel, sage and onion etc. Like this delicious and aromatic combination. It is rich in essential nutrients and healthy amino acids. This delicious soup is the perfect choice for vegans, because they are all herbs and vegetables and are full of delicious health benefits. A lot of us didn’t think of taking pleasure to prepare gravy at home, but we often take them for healthy properties, but this can also be prepared for its delicious taste. These ‘herbaceous plants’ are rich in anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and perspiring effects and are an ideal tonic for rapid support of the immune system. If you still don’t like the taste (which is not possible), consider it a herbal remedy.

All ingredients used in stock are rich in essential nutrients such as:

THYME is rich in antibacterial and immune enhancing properties along with vitamin E

Rosemary is rich in memory-enhancing properties and is a powerful antibiotic, antimicrobial and antispasmodic with a strong aroma.

SACAYI, again surprisingly antiseptic, antimicrobial and pneumonia, perfect for the treatment of tonsils and ideal for sore throat.

Thyme is especially rich in antiseptics and antibacterial properties to combat colds, influenza and breast infections.

ONION is one of the best plants for treating respiratory problems and adds a great aroma to the broth.

GARLIC is an ideal antibacterial herb that fights against garlic, stomach worms, improves cold and flu treatment, chest infection, digestion and sore throat.

BLACK PEPPER is also a great remedy for treating cough, colds, flu and chest infections.


Throat ache? Sneeze? Cold? Cold? Flu? Protection from all this? Answer Pepper juice is tincture. This wonderful, useful and amazing blend is prepared every day with only simple kitchen ingredients and is very easy to make.

Me and my family have been using this tincture for five or six years, and we haven’t seen a doctor in our records, we haven’t gone to the doctor until we have a cold or headache, sore throat, and evening, we stay away from seasonal fever. And they are all tincture of pepper juice. This mixture is nothing miraculous, just healthy, beautiful and all natural ingredients in your kitchen and organic in your garden.

GARLIC has been used for many cold and health benefits for centuries. It is a great antibiotic and used to prevent wounds caused by microbes and infections in times of war. Scientific research has proven that garlic is ideal for strengthening the immune system, lowering blood sugar and blood pressure and has direct antimicrobial effects.

Onions are known for the treatment of many ailments and for the healing of certain wounds. During World War II, onion paste was used to reduce wound pain and infections.

GINGER is one of the best nausea in herb treatment since ages. One of the most used plants in Ayurveda. According to the old Hindu proverb, ginger contained all the good qualities.

HABANERO PEPPER, the warmer the pepper, the better the tincture. So in this case you can use jalapeno, hot pepper or hot pepper you want. Hot peppers contain a special substance called capsaicin, which causes heat to cure a lot of discomfort in the stomach.

WILD radish is one of the most used flavors with a sharp and bitter taste. It is ideal for health and surprisingly antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.


Everyone talks about strengthening the immune system and strengthening the immune system, but do we have any idea how it works?

It is a rather complicated part of the body but very very simple. The immune system works against the diseases of the invaders, bacteria, and infections that attack outside from anything. The stronger the immune system, the better our body fights bacteria. So we all focus on strengthening the immune system.

The drink we will prepare is very rich in antioxidants and amino acids and has a great benefit in daily consumption. This is full of apples and apples, many antioxidants that help your body eliminate free radicals that damage the immune system. Carrot juice and melon are also full of amino acids needed to stimulate T cells in our bodies to destroy invaders.

There are many artificial products that claim to strengthen your immune system, but there is no specific evidence to confirm this demand. However these natural drinks are super amazing and 100% works.


We all love comfort, and that’s why we depend on packaged and processed foods that are extremely unhealthy. But we won’t help us with a bowl of fresh fruits such as fruits, bananas and mangoes, but that’s definitely not true. It is quite easy to get a bowl of cereal or open a chocolate or granola bar loaded with sugar for breakfast. But what we need to learn and remember is that you can put 5-6 ingredients in the food processor or stay healthy with a blender and a delicious glass.

And you know what the best part is, you won’t load your body with too much sugar, unhealthy fat and calories. Instead, you’ll fill your body with plenty of fiber, with vitamin c, potassium, magnesium, and a sudden high energy boost. Processed foods that are claimed to be healthy are not actually healthy, but health is all about natural foods. This is what we need for our bodies to live as long as we want.

All you need is strawberry, banana, coconut milk, grated ginger, lemon juice and a beet. Mix them all with ice and enjoy a super tasty, super healthy breakfast.


This power plant is full of smoothie with all the energy and completely essential nutrients and great flavors. This will give you sudden immune boost energy shock.

I recently made a trip to Europe and learned this recipe. When I tried it myself, I understood why people are super energetic and have a clearer skin. This is because they don’t go to unhealthy things, but they mostly focus on sweets like this. This is the ideal alternative recipe when you need to run out of time and materials, have low energy and have something great. Just go to this green power station.

All you need is green apple, cucumber, lemon and lemon juice. Ginger, cabbage, coconut juice and gelatin, if you like. Blend them all and enjoy being healthy.


This magical immune enhancing smoothie recipe is very tasty, delicious and extremely healthy. This targets the immune system as soon as it enters the body. All ingredients used in this smoothie are delicious and have numerous health benefits. Such as cabbage, mango, yogurt, chia seeds, banana and pineapple. Use to get the best taste of frozen fruits.


Hot teas, coffees and excess vitamin C are the best way to avoid and prevent colds, flu and cough. However, high doses of antioxidants are another best idea that can prevent flushing and pose a major barrier to pathogens and viruses. Although there are many drinks that contain too much nutrients, this is definitely a weapon that strengthens the immune system like an explosion.

The human body does not need any chemicals to combat influenza and cold viruses, but all we need is a healthy and healthy food to support the body’s natural detox and support the entire immune system. High immunity protects the body from many diseases and helps the body to function properly and effectively.

Many antioxidants, vitamins and diets that are rich in minerals are what we need to face the stressful days of life. Yoga to help in this situation, but our main concern should be what we eat and drink. Does this smoothie contain many fruits like orange, mango, countless fruits, lemon juice, turmeric, beet, pepper, mint, honey, chia seeds? And you know that all these components are full of antioxidants, selenium, prebiotics and vitamins and are very rich in minerals. Increase your energy and get a quick and healthy start right after this colorful and tasty smoothie for breakfast


Oranges are rich in vitamin C and are healthy antioxidants in the heart that protect the body against many diseases and strengthen the immune system. This also gives the body the power to fight against external invaders. The second super ingredient is turmeric, which is also a powerful antibiotic and antiseptic spice. Turmeric heals the body both externally and internally and adds flavor to dishes.

This turmeric orange juice is an excellent blend of vitamin A and vitamin C, and both components are known to greatly enhance the immune system.

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