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Wrap a Rubber Band Around Your Fingers to Keep Pain and Stiffness Away


Wrap a Rubber Band Around Your Fingers to Keep Pain and Stiffness Away

This is a very clear statement that our hands do everything for us from small to large jobs and it is difficult to have obvious or unhealthy hand health. No, I’m not saying you can’t do amazing things with great hands like playing the piano or talking to other things, but if you have hands, you can do everything better and that’s really your interest. Therefore, it is important to have flexible, healthy and strong hands.

How is this done? Obviously with exercise

Like all body parts, our hands need to remain active, healthy and strong, and this can be done with exercise. Hand training is really easy, especially if you feel stiffness or suffer from arthritis. These exercises are as easy as they can be done at home right now. Performing these exercises regularly helps to reduce stiffness in the joints and treat inflammation caused by arthritis.

Our hands have a complex structure with numerous joints, small bones, tendons, muscles and ligaments. All of them are tiny and important for strong hands, and they are also constantly moving and there are a few reasons why they are out of shape. Especially when you are doing repetitive jobs, like writing and when we get older, our hands have started to lose strength.

The best thing about it is that you don’t need to go to the gym, or that you don’t need any special equipment so that these exercises don’t cause any discomfort, pain or cramping. You can easily do this while you’re standing in any queue for paying bills or buying things and watching your favorite TV show. However, if you have any medical condition, you should consult your doctor.

Why are you moving your hands?

Hands are one of the most important parts of our body, because they help you do everything, literally everything. As we got older, our hands became stiff and painful, making it difficult to perform regular tasks and causing pain. Keep them moving to stay flexible and strong. Exercise strengthens joints, relieves pain and relaxes muscles.
Some exercises to move your hands:

1. Make Slow Punch

Punching is an easy and quick exercise that we all know how to do. You just need to meet your palms and slowly bend your fingers until the curl is full. The only difference is you have to do it slowly.

Curl your fingers on the palm, then open your hand slowly.

Repeat the movement 10 times with each hand. You will feel instant relaxation of your hand muscles.

2. Tilt Your Fingers

To get started, extend all your fingers and bend each one at a time, slowly moving from the index finger to the fingerprint finger into the palm of your hand.
Keep your fingers pressed for a few seconds and then straighten them again.
Repeat the procedure 5 times with each hand. This exercise will strengthen your finger muscles.

3. Bend Your Thumbs

Hey, don’t forget the finger to watch out for.
Turn your thumb to the palm, like trying to touch the sparrow.
Wait a few seconds, then repeat 5 times

4. Make an “O”

Again a very easy and quick exercise. Place your fingertips at the tip of your thumb to create a circle or shape like O with your hand.
This exercise often relieves pain in your fingers after repeated spelling sessions. It also reduces hardness.
Repeat the exercise several times a day or when you feel pain in your fingers.

5. Make a right-angle bend

This is also very easy and fast. Place your hand at the fingertip of your finger on a flat surface.

Now bend your fingers inward, but this time hold them at right angles and punch.

Make sure your fingers touch the palm rest before releasing. Repeat 4-5 times.

6. Extend Everything

Place your hand on a flat surface with the palm facing down. Now expand your fingers as much as possible by hurting your hand and hold and release for 10-15 seconds in this stretching position.

This is an excellent exercise to deal with hand cramps.

7. Lift your fingers

Place your hand on a flat surface with the palm facing the floor.
Now lift your fingers up one by one and slowly.
Keep them in position for a while and lower them.

8. Make a Paw

Bend the fingers to the top of your palm for 30 seconds to make them look like claws.

9. Don’t forget your wrists

Hold the handle straight and press down with your other hand the extended hand, causing tension on your wrist. Wrists are also an important part of the hand that requires attention and love.

10. Grab a Rubber Band

The only equipment you need for the hand band is a rubber band.

Place all your fingers in and open and close the fingers against the tape. It relaxes the hand muscles and provides the best hand exercise in general.

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