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Why do brown stains occur?


Why do brown stains occur?

Changes in skin structure due to age
Genetic factors
Prolonged sun exposure and no use of protection cream
Changes during pregnancy
Diseases caused by thyroid
Cosmetic products that may damage the skin structure
Hormone disorders
Epilepsy, birth control drugs and so on.

Can Brown Stain Formation Be Prevented?

Before stains occur on the skin, it is actually best to take measures to prevent the formation of blemishes. Everyone knows that skin needs to be protected from the sun, but most people ignore the use of sunscreen or look at the sunscreen only as a holiday product. However, the use of sunscreen should be routinely established.

Care must be taken when choosing cosmetic products. Cosmetic products taken without examining the contents of the skin can cause serious problems.

Although it is difficult to prevent the formation of brown spots due to age; brown spot formation can be delayed or reduced by measures such as proper nutrition, making the necessary nutritional supplements to the skin, and protecting the skin from the sun.

Brown Stains Solution: Avene D-Pigment Legere Creme

Avene D-Pigment Legere Creme helps reduce local or common brown spots and ensures a homogeneous skin tone.

Avene D-Pigment Legere Creme contains scientifically proven ingredients. Retinaldehyde, a derivative of vitamin A; has a brightening feature.
Pre-tocopheryl; is an active antioxidant with protective effect. Avene thermal water does not contain perfume and paraben, with soothing and irritating properties.

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Avene D-Pigment Legere Creme Application

Thoroughly clean your skin with a cleanser suitable for your skin type and then dry. Apply Avene D-Pigment Legere Creme to clean and dry skin-staining areas before going to sleep at night. Avene D-Pigment Legere Creme can also be used for stains on hands and neck. Avoid contact with eyes and rinse with plenty of water.

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