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Why can’t we act like ourselves in our relationships?


Why can’t we act like ourselves in our relationships?


When two people become lovers and love comes into play, most people find it hard to be themselves.

However, being ourselves and staying original and natural is a very important issue. Making false mistakes and telling lies for fear of losing is never a sense of trust in relationships. A relationship without trust is shaken from every angle, and it is very difficult to gather a relationship shaken in this way. Since the fear of losing brings fear together, we move our partner away from us without realizing it, and then we experience very painful regrets.

Therefore, when the relationship ends, we wear ourselves out with the memories left in our memory. Sometimes we shine our eyes for reasons that do not fill the shank core, we are mad, unreasonably jealous and hurt our loved ones. We cannot be aware of this, unfortunately we cannot empathize and we forget that the other side has a life and will outside us.

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Sometimes one side is always alone yalnız One side is always wounded ız We are as much as the other person will understand. If we can take responsibility with mutual good intentions without making too many concessions from ourselves, if there is love in the business, then the two people are beautiful and harmonious.what kind of relationship should we have

However, we should not forget that: We must live without having extreme dreams, without being caught up in fictitious loves and adventures like those clean loves in the movies and the past. We must be aware of ourselves and our realities and live without sacrificing ourselves. While doing this, we should care about the wishes and happiness of the other person and say that my ego is not more valuable than you without being selfish. If not, we should be able to withdraw from the relationship without being too tired.

Don’t forget! We don’t have to prove our love to anyone. We should be able to live in us without shouting or exaggerating our love. Sometimes the truth of love is already in the heart, which is beautiful. First we love ourselves, we value ourselves, then another sonra


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