Lavena Who is Back? Lavena Back How Old? Lavena Back Where? Lavena Back Life?


Lavena Who is Back? Lavena Back How Old? Lavena Back Where? Lavena Back Life?

Full Name: Lavena Back
Date of Birth: December 15, 1995
Place of Birth: England
From: Croydon
Profession: Business Developer
Horoscope: Sagittarius
Instagram: @lavenaback_
Twitter: @LevenaValentino

Lavena Back: Who is the new Love Island 2019 contender, business developer and law graduate?

We’re fine with Love Island 2019, and as this year’s contestants are becoming more comfortable in their new relationship, they’re walking stunned to turn their heads off.

Things will be seriously shaken with new guests this week – and we’re not talking about Casa Amor opening its doors again.

Here are all the details of one of the new gangs set to shuffle the feathers:

Lavena Who is Back?

Who’s that? Lavena is a 22-year-old Croydon business developer.

First, Love Island clothing sponsors will not be pleased with Lavena’s mantra. Inst Nothing you wear is more important than your smile, Inst he published on Instagram. Lavena does nothing, this neon pink two piece faithful to the scenario, at only £ 5.99!

Being part of the second group of contestants means there’s a chance to look at the goods on offer at the villa – and to whom he researched: “If I had a choice, I’d probably go for Michael, but I feel like I understand very well. But Anton looks so funny, so we’ll jump from each other.” Anton This is the third woman she suggested contacting – it will be like Christmas Day for singleton when all the girls finally enter the villa.

Lavena is a new law graduate. This inevitably means that it can certainly hold itself when any discussion begins on the show. This could start if he draws a line for Michael.

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‘Not Friends Island’

Lavena had been single for four years, her last boyfriend needed some time to tackle, but now she’s ready to act, even if she’s played with millions of strange audiences. . He says: “I really don’t care. I’m there to find love. It’s not Friends Island, as everyone says. I’m not afraid to say how. ”

He describes himself as “funny and always ready to laugh gül and says that ğ he is confident and can talk very well iyi.

Im I’m loyal, but if I didn’t feel it, I would. People say that if I get upset, I keep myself too much and I end up shadowing people. But you can’t ghost people on the island. ”

He also investigates the girls in the villa and thinks he shot them with a couple – but he also plans to keep the others a bit away. He says: “I think I’ll go with Molly-Mae. It’s cold and fun. Maybe I can say that Amber is my biggest competition. We have a similar look.”

And we have the first girl to declare she’s a perfect girl. He says: “I am five out of 10 twice two years old.” Beauty and brain

Sevin of the island Lavena by the Premier League footballer ‘cheated’

One of those on Casa Amor Island.
Love Island’s new girl, Lavena Back, hasn’t left her mark in the villa on Love Island, but it seems she has suffered a serious heartache in the past.

Entering the rest of the Casa Amor Islanders last week Lavena, Premier Legaue footballer Wilfried Zaha and reports, the beauty of 23-year-old Croydon ‘cheating’ claimed.

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