Who is Flo guan? Flo guan life? How old is Flo guan? Where is Flo guan from?


Who is Flo guan? Flo guan life? How old is Flo guan? Where is Flo guan from?

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In the event that she needed to wear a shading for her entire life it would be pink; Flo Guan, is a youthful London-based influencer, who love carries on with her existence with positives energies, love and obviously, hues. She speaks increasingly about design, travel and even her concealed enthusiasm.

Where do you like to hang out in London? What’s your preferred location ?

I like to hang out in shoreditch, east London and in focal London around soho! As there is heaps of cool activities around there. There are bunches of acceptable spots to eat, bars, clubs and so on and furthermore shops!! My preferred eatery right currently is dishoom, in the event that you are ever in London please look at it, the nourishment is flavorful! Likewise sketch is the cutest spot EVER!! On the off chance that you need to go out clubbing, cirque le soir is the craziest club just as the case!!

Enlighten us concerning one of your last buy that you’re extremely glad for ?

I bought these neon green Nike flying corps which have sold out wherever now!! I’m so glad I figured out how to get a couple! Also I am junior size so I got it for such an extraordinary cost! I’m fixated on neon green at the present time and the shoes simply coordinate my hair impeccably!

How would you fundamentally picked your outfit the morning ?

I pick my outfit contingent upon mind-set and climate. On the off chance that it’s overly cool like it is currently I will wrap up warm with a major coat and pants, where as in the late spring I wear a great deal of harvest tops and skirts and so on. It can likewise rely upon whether I want to be cutesy, road wear style, y2k, punky and so forth..

Enlighten us regarding an excursion that enlivened you a great deal ? What might be your optimal future goal ? Furthermore, why?

I went to New York which truly motivated me since it’s so quick paced and there’s such a great amount of occurring there constantly! Particularly for design! I just went in September for style week and it was astonishing! It truly opened my eyes to various brands and simply encountering the entire insane week!! Loaded with after gatherings and occasions, it was a lot of fun! My first time going to New York was in reality the previous summer however, I went to understudy at paper magazine for 3 months and it was such a groundbreaking encounter living and working in an absolutely new city. From that point on, I began to look all starry eyed at New York and I am presently making it a yearly thing to go there consistently to visit! I have made such a large number of old buddies in NYC which I never figured I would have!

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What’s more, every time I go I have the best time ever!! My optimal future goal would be Tokyo, and I intend to go there one year from now! As I have for a long while been itching to go there since I was a little child and it looks unfathomable! I love the way of life and the design there as well, I realize that I can go there and dress as extra and insane as I need to and nobody would even flutter an eyelid hahaha.floguan

On the off chance that you need to wear just one shading till a mind-blowing remainder which one you’ll picked ?

I would pick pink since it is such an adorable shading!!

Inform us concerning a brand not very notable with you need to work together with ?

I might want to team up with new stone shoes or demonia shoes on the grounds that their shoes are screwing INSANE!!!

Do you have a shrouded enthusiasm? Something you like to do however don’t really share on the systems?

I love to draw and paint, in going to begin concealing this with the world soon, so stay tuned haha 😉

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