Who is Della Miles? Della Miles How old is she? Where is Della Miles from? Della Miles Life?


Who is Della Miles? Della Miles How old is she? Where is Della Miles from? Della Miles Life?

Jazz star converted to Islam after terrorist attack in New Zealand

Real name: Della Miles
Date of Birth: 1971
Place of Birth: Houston, Texas, United States
Education: Undergraduate
Music company: Coconut Records
Genre: Pop
Albums: Follow Me the D-Tour


Della Miles, a 31-year-old boy from Houston, Texas, was able to watch your life very well in 2008 and beyond. Born in a large family of six brothers and sisters, Della developed music tastes from an early age thanks to her mother, who played the piano and directed the choir in the local church. “It was where I trusted to sing, and then I learned that I had a good voice, hatırlıy she recalls. Della listened to Miles Davis and Ella Fitzgerald’s jazz recordings and said that her father, a successful jazz musician, opened it. At that time, his own tastes included Michael Jackson. At a young age, Della also attended high school, sometimes performing with her sister in Houston clubs.

Della caught the attention of several music industry teams and quickly found herself choosing between deals. Whitney sang vocally on Houston’s Millennium Tour (where I studied “) and made an album with producer Barry Rosenthal. The recording featured selections stolen for Della’s vocal power, but lacked the originality of her own punishments. When Rosenthal died tragically at the end of his play, Della saw his album sucked into the record company limbo and instead went on a prestigious European advertising tour for Mercedes Benz. In this capacity, it caught the attention of Marius Mueller-Westernhagen, who heard her from another room and was impressed by her incredible voice. The two were introduced and instantly liked each other. A well-meaning rock star on his own, Westernhagen remembered Della a few years later and invited him to accompany the tour. Millions of songwriters were so impressed by Miles’s talent in the microphone that after learning, he wrote his own songs and immediately offered to release an album and Della accepted.

della miles ile ilgili görsel sonucu

The album informs the sensual sounds of classical soul music, heartfelt melody and personal lyrics with an interesting variety of styles. The songs on Simple Days were designed over a four-year period in which Della’s solo movement developed. Therefore, the recording reveals a remarkable range of styles, both thematically and musically. From the meticulous hangout of “Speak Up” to the complete shaking of “The Simple Days” and the fragile beauty of “Paradise”, Miles is not afraid to let him show up in many species of homes. Quietly (or not too quiet) to the romantic ballad “In my dreams”, with the optimistic music of “Where U” and an unforgettable cover version of John Lennon’s “Love”.
With Della Miles, the experience is truly worthwhile and invites in a strange way. Perhaps it has something to do with a more powerful voice than is available in pre-produced entertainment tidbits, which have managed to express something about the human condition. Perhaps in the arrangements, it is an effortless combination of lush arrangement and vintage spirit that appeals to listeners, both relaxed and deliberate. Perhaps he is an artist after all, even if he can deny this responsibility.

American singer Della Miles, collaborated with Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston, converted to Islam. A popular jazz performer from the USA traveled to Istanbul, where she came with a concert. Miles studied religion for a year and became a Muslim during her visit to Turkey. The adoption of such a decision was prompted by the tragic events that occurred on March 15, 2019 in New Zealand.

della miles ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Della Miles: “ In many countries, Islamophobia spreads like a plague. An example of this is the terrorist attack in New Zealand. Blood runs cold in my veins, my heart tears to pieces … Such terrible things happen because of a lack of tolerance, a lack of love. Religion Islam is the exact opposite. I am very happy that I finally decided to become a Muslim. This is an invaluable gift from the Almighty . ”

Della Miles said that she really liked Turkey, the architecture of ancient buildings and magnificent mosques. The American even bought a Turkish flag, which is going to hang at home. Miles also noted the friendliness and affability of local Muslims. On Instagram, the singer posted her photo on the hijab and responded to some comments from subscribers. One answered the greeting with the phrase “va aleikum asalam vah rahmatu Allah, brother”, and in another commentary she wrote the words of shahada (monotheism formulas), from which social network users made the final conclusion that Della Miles really made the main choice in life.

The media write that the attack in New Zealand caused a surge in interest in Islam. Some of those who come to the mosque, as well as the famous singer, become Muslims.

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