Which Companies Will Get Government Bailouts Because Of COVID-19?


Which Companies Will Get Government Bailouts Because Of COVID-19?

If airlines hope to pay their long-term debts, they may need to be recovered by the government.

The U.S. government built a $ 1.5 trillion pump on the U.S. stock exchange to help stock markets crash from the coronavirus pandemic. This is such a huge number that we can’t even imagine how much of us really are. The collapse of the stock markets indicates that many large and small businesses will be severely affected by the outbreak. With everyone staying home to slow down and stop the spread of the virus, travel and tourist businesses clearly have some of the most demanding companies in terms of huge revenue loss. Therefore, most of these companies will take government recovery. Saving the state to huge companies can be a controversial issue for many; especially after the housing market collapsed in the USA in 2008 and immediately after the world recession.

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Airlines greatly reduced flights and fired workers. Photographed by Miguel Ángel Sanz UnsplashNot many people travel during the epidemic as there is limited travel in many countries. In fact, eight of the ten aircraft wars will be interrupted by certain US airlines, and according to Dallas Morning News, the passenger rate has dropped 90% overall on flights. However, these airlines will not freely borrow from a pool of only $ 61 billion. There are some rules to follow, such as explaining how to use the loan and making sure they have other loans to pay. While some people believe that they should not receive rescue services, many airlines will still be able to do this.COVID-19 Nedeniyle hükümetten nasıl destek alırım

Cruise Lines

Cruise lines may not recover, as most are not registered in the United States. Unsplash by Alonso Reyes, who took the pictureCruise lines are a luxurious way to travel during a vacation, but fewer and fewer people go on vacation and many cancel holidays booked for fear of virus. Unlike US airlines, cruise lines are likely not getting a rescue. This is because many cruise lines do not pay federal income tax, as many of these cruise lines are not registered in the United States. Therefore, President Trump’s Tweet on this issue is not correct by saying that cruise lines have hired many US employees.COVID-19 Nedeniyle hükümetten nasıl destek alırım

Theme Parks

Large theme parks such as Disney World are closed at least until June, but they do not need rescues to stand.You may be really bored while sitting at home all day, but going to a theme park is one of the worst things to do during a pandemic because of the huge mass of people who can help spread the disease very quickly everywhere. It is unclear whether theme parks will receive rescue services, but some voices claim that only every company should go to its employees. Washington Post said, “After 20 years of uncontrolled consolidation, airlines – along with hotel operators and theme parks – have become disciplined oligopolas, characterized by high prices and profits.” For this reason, many people do not want the government to rescue theme parks.

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