What to expect in 2020! Here are the weekly horoscope reviews for 6-12 January


What to expect in 2020! Here are the weekly horoscope reviews for 6-12 January

Karma Astrologer reviewed your weekly horoscope reviews. ‘What awaits you in the new year, what is recommended to you’ can be found in our content. Here are Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces 6-12 January weekly horoscope comments …


Aries (for 6-12 January )

A week of career and status issues. You can make nice deals. Despite the risk of sudden and impulsive behavior, you will be able to capture the harmony of emotion and logic. You may experience authority issues in marriage and partnerships. You can think differently about your child with your partner.


Taurus (for 6-12 January )

Lucky influences on issues related to abroad, law, education and travel. However, there may be disagreement with your partner. Watch out for the risk of sudden problems with the neck and femur. By dedicating yourself, you can reap the fruits of your labor. Singles can meet someone from friends.


Gemini (for 6-12 January )

You can focus on payments, credit, inheritance or surgery. You can get financial support from a woman you never expected. Your spouse may have problems with their family elders. However, the problem can be overcome by your child. Travel, education, law issues are likely to arise problems.


Cancer (for 6-12 January )

Marriage or partner at the beginning of the week; health, pets, and employees. Problems from the past can be solved by a woman from your circle of friends. Pay attention to the risk of discussion with your partner due to home or real estate problems.


Leo (for 6-12 January )

There may be problems with your teeth or bones in the first half of the week. In the second half of the week; Love, children, hobbies can be in the foreground. Thanks to your partner or partner you can increase your financial earnings. Watch out for the risk of accidents on a long journey. There may be problems in law, education and abroad related works.


Virgo (for 6-12 January )

You can take care of children, love, hobbies. You may disagree with your spouse about a child. Your wife is at risk of having problems with female relatives. In the second half of the week family, home, real estate jobs can take more time. There is an opportunity to solve a problem from the past.


Libra (for 6-12 January )

You can discuss your family, home or real estate issues with your partner. But you can overcome the problem by acting rationally. You may have to pay extra for your child or your lover. In the second half of the week; you can take care of your brothers, neighbors and close friends and spend time with them.


Scorpio (for 6-12 January )

Brother, cousin, neighbor’s relationship is a week. Due to the emergence of a secret subject, you can argue with your partner and have emotional difficulties. From Thursday, earnings and payments may come to the fore. In general, you can be more energetic and positive.


Sagittarius (for 6-12 January )

A week where you want to be energetic and in the forefront. For those who are in business, there is an opportunity to achieve lasting success and promotion. You can reach your desired destination. An additional charge may annoy you. You can take action to end some problems that you see unresolved at the weekend.


Capricorn (for 6-12 January )

You can focus on yourself. You may experience health problems with bones or teeth. There is a dispute about financial issues with women from the family. Even if you have a conflict of opinion with your partner, you can rejuvenate love. By dedicating yourself, you can get the result you want in the family and home issues you work for.


Pisces (for 6-12 January )

Concerned about what others will think, you can be emotionally challenged. Remember, this life doesn’t matter what you and others will say. With the support of a woman, your fertility may increase. You can be in social environments during the week and you can focus on your position at the weekend.


Aquarius (for 6-12 January )

You can argue with your partner because of your brother or close friend. A period in which you are lucky in terms of material and love. At the beginning of the week more introverted; From mid-week you can be found in crowded environments, you can participate in pleasant activities. Additional charges may apply for travel or training.

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