What Is Immunosenescence And How It Relates To COVID-19?


What Is Immunosenescence And How It Relates To COVID-19?

Immune aging is a term used by medical experts to gradually worsen our immune system, which occurs with age. This question is incredibly important during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic because older people have an increased risk of contracting the disease.

Immunosenence is the term used by medical professionals to gradually disrupt our immune systems that occur with age. We have two adaptive and congenital immune systems, and the first one is generally more affected by immunosenance.

This issue is incredibly important during these times of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, because the elderly have an increased risk of developing the disease. They also fall into the risk group with the highest mortality rate from the new coronavirus. That is why understanding immunosenance is very important now, and everyone should be aware of what the term means.

Immunosenescence Explained

Immunosenance refers to both our capacity to respond to various infections and the development of our long-term immune memory, which is mostly developed through vaccination. This immune deficiency can be found in many species that are not related to how long they can live on average.

It works based on the life expectancy of a species, not the chronological time. This means that no matter how old the members of a species are, immunosenance is something they can begin to experience as they age.

One of the things that occurs under the influence of immunosenance is the increased prevalence of morbidity and mortality among older people. Although it may seem like something randomly occurring, the immunosenance can be considered an evolutionary pattern. It repeats itself in reverse and everything affected by it is under the control of our genes.

An important point to note here is the explanation that immunosenance can be considered as a challenge for our body to be constantly exposed to various bacteria and viruses. This section is important now because of the emergence of the new coronavirus.

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COVID-19 And Immunosenescence

Researchers around the world have made several key explanations about serious people’s risk of serious illness or even death from COVID-19 coronavirus. The percentage of people who died from COVID-19 in patients older than 80 years is extremely high.

For comparison, patients in their 50s die in only 1.25% of new coronavirus cases, while patients in their 80s die in 13.4%. This is a huge difference and something that should not be underestimated. The age of 70 is the place where the biggest change happened because we see a significant increase in the mortality of the new virus in that age group.

Scientists have been trying for some time to accurately determine why older people are more susceptible to the virus, and although the immunosenance is well known, there are still some unanswered questions.

For example, some patients still have a stronger immune response than others, and if we can understand why, we can find ways to save more lives. Of course, the presence of chronic diseases still most affects the number of deaths associated with COVID-19. Nevertheless, if we can discover more immunosenance and biological aging, we can understand that this virus works better than before.

What is immunosenescence?

Immunosenance is a gradual deterioration of our immune system with age.

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