What is Digital Media? What is Digital Media Expertise? Digital Media Marketing Specialist trainings


What is Digital Media? What is Digital Media Expertise? Digital Media Marketing Specialist trainings

Before touching on digital media , it is necessary to understand the concept of media . So what is what we call media? TDK defines the media as communication media. Is it such a simple definition? The answer is both yes and no. Why first, let’s take a look at it. The concept of media is such a broad concept that it would be unfair to describe it in two words. Even for a letter e, I can not pass on TDK, which considers it appropriate to explain four concepts and spend sixty words without expressing that I am a little offended about this.

Everything we see in the world is actually a media element. If you say where did you get that, let me explain. Have you ever thought how the sound came about? In fact, sound consists of waves. And these waves travel at different speeds and shapes in various environments. These waves that come to our ears (hammer, anvil, do not be afraid of talking about stirrups) are transmitted to our brain as sound. Now consider, is there a substance that will not make a sound? I will not enter other sensory organs because my goal was just to make you imagine the breadth of the media.

Let’s come to the point where I agree with the definition of TDK… Yes, the main thing is through communication. People have been trying to communicate and produce tools to communicate since the early ages. This is why the media started to develop and change itself day by day. From the pictures drawn in the cave to the tablets, we have reached to the video and audio conversation with people from all over the world, from trying to deal with the hill against the smoke, and from this issue, without knowing the limit.

We developed, we changed as we developed. And as the last stage of this change, the media has become digital. Now, communication has taken different forms of matter. The transition from digital media to concrete communication tools has become more abstract. Microphones, speakers, and cables were now being replaced by paper and pen. This digitalization, which started with telegraph, was carried to a completely different dimension with the discovery of radio frequencies and the transmission of these frequencies to more than one person at the same time. With digital media, people were able to communicate with more than one person at the same time and convey their thoughts to them. When it comes to phone, television, computer, internet , communication is no longerIt was carried to a completely different dimension. People can instantly access the information they want from their homes without any effort. He was starting to communicate instantly with the people they wanted.# Why is social media on such an effective page? # What is digital media literacy as the main goal? Why is digital media taking up so much in our lives? # Social media and digital marketing education, # digital marketing education, # digital marketing and social media specialty training, #digital marketing and social media training, #digital marketing certificate program, #digital marketing certificate program, #social media marketing training, #digital marketing expertise training, #digital marketing expertise training, #social media management training, #digital marketing online education

Well, was this enough for people? Of course no. People wanted to communicate with their loved ones instantly outside their homes. And yes, as a result, they have probably already produced cell phones that are either in your hand or at a distance of more than a meter. This device, which has entered our pocket from past to present, has been our biggest assistant in communication.

The concept of social media was born in digital media, where we can deliver text, images, videos, and tools to the masses. Almost everyone, young and old, rich and poor, started to show up in these social media and to explain their ideas in this digital media tool and reach the masses. Nine-year-old Ahmet’s house of matches, from big to small, has become possible for almost all companies to deliver their advertisements to us through digital media channels. So, how is it possible to use secure digital media that we really need in all this mess of information ? Let’s examine it in a different title.

What is Social Media and Digital Media?

Digital media are tools that people use on the internet. Social media, one of the digital media tools, is a platform where users can produce content and share it with other users.  There is an interactive communication  for social media . It is a platform where users can be in contact with each other without any space and time constraints, can share, share information, feelings and thoughts can be shared, collaborations, follow form pages and participate in discussions.  In social media, every user is also a content producer.

People share the content it creates with other users or groups it allows. The widespread use of mobile phones and tablets and the ease of access to the Internet increased the time spent in social media. Users every moment and every time, walking down the street, during breaks while working here, between classes, on their free time, going on the bus, with friends cafes from sitting in traffic, entered even in the intermediate social media in online can be.

With the introduction of Web 2.0 into our lives in 2004, users on the internet started to create content in the viewer position. With the introduction of Web 2.0 into our lives, sites are a platform with richer content, broader borders, more originality and creativity. Social media tools are diversified with new applications. Twitter for sharing photos and instant videos, Twetter for sharing emotion thoughts, and YouTube social media sharing sites where video and song content can be created for both video and text and photo sharing.

New Social Media Concepts After Digital Media

With the advent of digital media and social media, new and important concepts have emerged for social media. These concepts are as follows:

  • Openness: It is the sharing of social media shares with the user as much as the user allows, or with all users in line with their trail. It is that the content created by the user is open to sharing, commenting and watching.
  • Mutual communication: It is the mutual communication of the users to comment on the shared or created content, to create a discussion, to give feedback to the user, to share ideas, emotions, thoughts or criticisms.
  • Participation: It is a concept that tells how many people the content you create is watching, likes and comments. The more views, comments or likes about your content, the more successful your sharing means.
  • Community: The same interests, users who enjoy the same taste are gathered under the same post.
  • Connectivity: It is the enrichment and support of the created content with the given links.

What is Digital Media Literacy?

As I mentioned earlier, digital media contains a lot of information. Of course, it is included in the wrong information as well as the correct information. According to a study, wrong information is preferred and used more by people than correct information. The main reason for this is that wrong information is much easier to access and simple information than correct information. The main reason for coming down to this simplicity is that it reaches the end user by decreasing and changing from ear to ear as in the game.

The main purpose of digital media literacy is to use digital media to access correct information and to use this tool safely. This is why we have to educate ourselves first and then our children on this issue. The important thing during this training is to reach reliable sources ( more than one if possible )for correct information andthen to contact reliable people. This also applies to our children, to communicate with their peers under family control and to obtain useful information from age-appropriate resources.

The statement of digital media literacy in a single list, if you do the following, is not possible because of the width of the media. However, if we take into account the basic elements that I have mentioned and start using digital media tools in this direction, we can form our own direction as conscious digital media literate and move forward.

Why is social media such an effective tool?

Social media is a platform where the number of users increases day by day. It is a very frequently used communication tool because it is the users of content creators, the exchange of information is done by real users and instant mutual communication. For these reasons, it is among the most effective communication tools today.

What is the main goal of digital media literacy?

The main goal of digital media literacy is to learn the method of reaching the right one in unlimited information within digital media. It is also to understand how we can ensure our security in digital media. In this way, we can use digital media efficiently.

Why does digital media take so much space in our lives?

It is the last point of our digital media communication needs. It is a simple and fast solution to meet our communication needs. It is a necessity to ensure the communication of the globalizing world.

What is a Digital Media Expert?


1. Who is a Digital Media Specialist?

2. What Does the Job Description of the Digital Media Expert Include?
3. How to Become a Digital Media Expert?
4. What are the Qualifications of the Digital Media Expert?

Who is a Digital Media Specialist?

Digital Media Specialist is responsible for designing and implementing digital media strategies to increase brand awareness of the institution it serves.

What Does the Digital Media Specialist’s Job Description Include?

The main task of the digital media expert is to ensure that the company achieves its digital marketing goals. Other responsibilities of professional professionals can be grouped under the following headings;

  • Web site, blog, press release, podcast, infographic, video etc. coordinating the creation of all digital content,
  • To produce digital media content in order to increase brand loyalty,
  • Lead digital marketing efforts,
  • Designing digital media campaigns according to business goals,
  • Managing campaign budgets,
  • To analyze and report web traffic and interaction,
  • To follow the strategies of competing companies regularly,
  • Working in cooperation with marketing, sales and product development teams,
  • Create and review KPI (Key Performance Indicator).

How to Become a Digital Media Expert?

There is no formal training obligation to become a digital media expert. Digital Marketing certificate trainings are provided within universities.

What are the Qualifications of the Digital Media Expert?

  • To master the latest digital marketing technologies and methods,
  • Using advertising tools such as SEO and Google Adwords,
  • To have the knowledge of direct marketing methods,
  • To produce creative solutions,
  • To provide team management and motivation,
  • Demonstrate excellent oral and written communication skills,
  • To be able to organize work and time,
  • To adapt to the fast-paced working environment,
  • Complying with deadlines.

What is digital media? or what is digital media and what is new media?

Refers to the media available on the web, mobile and virtual reality platforms. It is the media that emerges with the existence of internet and computer, mobile, virtual reality and augmented reality devices. This media; Includes brand, branding, communication, advertisement, art, science, marketing, sale, finance, law and more.# Why is social media on such an effective page? # What is digital media literacy as the main goal? Why is digital media taking up so much in our lives? # Social media and digital marketing education, # digital marketing education, # digital marketing and social media specialty training, #digital marketing and social media training, #digital marketing certificate program, #digital marketing certificate program, #social media marketing training, #digital marketing expertise training, #digital marketing expertise training, #social media management training, #digital marketing online education

Brands and institutions can also exist by creating digital assets in digital media. For example; Having digital assets such as corporate website, mobile website, campaign page, mobile application, virtual reality application or showcase is to exist in digital media.

While existing in digital media, it is necessary to pay attention to the media owned, purchased media and won media. Therefore, attention is paid to the media belonging to us. Like corporate page and blog… Then, it is paid attention to have leased assets. Social media and Medium, WordPress, Tumblr blogs… Then the focus is on the channels purchased. Such as text, video, video, mobile, banner advertising… The more media you own and the media purchased, the more you generate, the more it is shared by users and your brand is mentioned.

Digital media is the media format for brands that enables reaching users in the digital world. You get interactions, you measure data. It is a completely different area from classical media. Since the reaction can now be received, it is very important to adapt, manage, develop and measure strategy, and make the right decision and plan.

When hiring, you can hire experts such as digital media manager, digital media expert, digital strategist, digital marketing strategist, digital media planner . Depending on your size, you will be able to hire all of them.

What is digital media hyturkyilmaz digital marketing and growth hacking blog

What is digital media

What is digital media?

What is digital media? With the existence of the Internet and computer, a world called digital media appeared. Digital media is an incredibly wide field. That’s why I used the world phrase. It contains data that you copy and share from your PC, save to CD-Rom, as well as data in Flash memory and even data in Google Drive, that is, in the cloud.

You are using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. All of these and more than 200 social media or media are also referred to as digital media.

Thanks to digital media, we have made it through social media, applications, websites, virtual reality glasses while reading news on paper in classical channels, buying magazines from the buffet, watching TV series, watching TV shows, and talking rarely. We can comment and respond to the news we see without moving from our place. We can count all the visitors to our site, we can see what they are doing and want to do. We can measure and interact. Digital media provides this to us.

People, for example, 1.6 billion monthly active users on Facebook tell us that there are people on digital media and we should address them there. As in the normal world, in the digital world and in the new media, it is necessary to act almost in accordance with the laws of advertising, marketing and communication.

Briefly; digital media; An area that exists with interaction and measurability, takes place on the Web, mobility, virtual or augmented reality platforms, where people take part in the mass and active.

What should brands, SMEs, enterprises attempt to take part in digital media?

It would be ideal for executives who read Digital media to read it. A mini list for those who want to start a business or have a job:

  1. You must have your name first. In the digital world, like the real world, you must value the right to name. Protect if you have an existing name. Or find a name to get a place. As G4A Studio & Workshops , we are here for you. There is a serious situation like registering your name, even your social media posts.
  2. Otherwise, all digital assets must be created. As G4A Studio & Workshops , we can help. If you do not have a corporate website, blog, mobile website or mobile compatible, that is, responsive page, social media, emails, rss, e-commerce site, mobile application, virtual reality applications, you need to have them to become a good and known brand.
  3. If possible, the name of each of your assets is the same.
  4. While creating your name before creating assets, you should have guides and graphics such as logo, corporate identity guide, and in-house digital behavior standards.
  5. You should have digital marketing plans after assets. Strategies should be prepared in line with your goals.
  6. You should have plans such as SEO, Content, Email and SMS, Mobile-location, CRO, UX, Analytics, Advertising for your corporate, blog, e-commerce pages on the web. Of course it should be applied regularly.
  7. It is necessary to be available in stores for your assets on Mobile, the availability of your business location, to take place in maps and navigation systems, to optimize your phone calls, to manage the comments of your local business and to be advertised.
  8. The virtual and augmented reality space has improved a little, if not enough, in our country. Therefore, if you take part in that media and be innovative, you will increase your reputation and recognition.
  9. Or, best deal with someone like me who has a team, agency, partners. Let us present your 360 degree digital marketing, business development, design and software, advertisement, communication and printed services in a strong and reliable manner without having to be left behind.

What are the terms digital media?

Let’s answer the terms of what is digital media? There are normally many more terms available. The bibliography can also be found and the continuation of it:

  • Banner: Image prepared for advertisement.
  • Screening: People seeing the ads.
  • Behavioral targeting: Targeting users based on their behavior and showing ads to increase the efficiency of the campaign.
  • Blog: A web page that contains the content chronologically.
  • Brand awareness: The state of the brand becoming known to the masses, measured based on the effectiveness of the advertisement.
  • Browser: Applications that enable us to go on the Internet such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, Opera.
  • Channel / Channel / Media: Refers to a similar group of content. Also known as channel distribution.
  • Click-through rate: Percentage that refers to the clicks of the displayed ads or links.
  • Cookie: These are files that allow users to track and collect data through the browser. It allows users to be remembered.
  • CPC: Cost Per Click means cost per click.
  • CPM: Cost per Mile, cost per thousand impressions.
  • Audience: People who will be targeted for their marketing activities.
  • Display advertising: Advertising using text, images and video in publisher networks.
  • Domain name: Domain name. It refers to the name of our web, blog, e-commerce pages.

You can check the research resources for more.

For those who do not follow, Ben Hasan Yasin Türkyılmaz. I offer trainings, workshops and consultancy services in the field of digital media, advertising and growth hacking.

I offer  my support and services with my team and institutions, such as G4A Studio & Workshops digital media trainings and seminars.

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