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What can your eyes tell you about your liver?


What can your eyes tell you about your liver?

1. The legend of Misty Vision

Blood flowing through the brain and eyes and vice versa can cause sudden darkening or blurred vision. This may need alarmingly medical care to prevent major damage.

Vision may return to normal soon, but the risk of recurrence of symptoms may persist.

2. bulging eyes

Swollen neck and raised eyes are signs of hyperthyroidism. In this case, the thyroid gland is hyperactive and therefore leads to hormonal imbalance. This can have various side effects, such as diarrhea, trembling limbs, and weight loss. Medical dosage and surgical treatment may take good care of the gland’s activity, but the actual problem of the swelling of the eyes remains undetermined.

3. Fuzzy Vision

Excessive blood sugar levels can lead to diabetes and therefore vision discomfort. If the problem of discomfort is not handled very carefully, it can be a serious problem, ie the leakage of blood vessels in the eyes.

This can be treated by surgical procedures, but then again as good as a perfect vision, it is just a much needed correction.

4. Effects of Cholesterol on the Eye

Part of the human eye that helps focus is the cornea. It is a convex surface in front of the eye.

Under normal conditions, it is an open surface, but because of the age factor above forty or excessively high cholesterol for the age factor below, fats accumulate along the boundary of the cornea to form a gray-white environment. This condition is medically called corneal arcus.

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5. Pendent eyelids

Drooping eyes may be the result of malfunction of the immune system; it functions throughout the thymus gland. As a result of a rare case of autoimmune disease, the body muscles may weaken; eyes, throat and face with greater fear of pain.

Gland removal can only cure the problem, but drug therapy is an alternative.

6. Yellow Whites of Eyes

Poor eating habits and inappropriate food consumption can cause liver damage. Initial signs of damage to the liver may be inflammation caused by saturated Bilirubin levels. Consistency if inflammation can lead to jaundice, which makes human skin and eyes very pale.

7.Blining eyes

Eyes blink at a frequency greater than what is normally called eye twitching. It is not a very harmful disease and usually ends naturally without any special attention.

However, in some cases, caffeine may be associated with impulses and addictions such as smoking or alcohol consumption.

8. Night Blindness

A deficiency of vitamin A can cause night vision impairment. Glasses or the patient may need to be worn. If vision deterioration persists, there is a danger of cataract and persistent cloudy vision.

In the early stages, it can be easily treated by providing a Vitamin-A-rich diet and even Vitamin-A-rich dietary supplements such as carrots, sweet potatoes and spinach.

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