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Top 9 Reasons for Not Losing Weight


Top 9 Reasons for Not Losing Weight

Weight loss cannot be described, even if it is sometimes very difficult. You know that eating too much, not getting enough nutrients and starving yourself will not give you lasting results, so you try to eat healthy and clean and stay away from all the junk and soda. But you’re still on the same scale, have you never lost weight? It’s annoying, isn’t it?

There are many reasons why you may not reach your target weight. However, you need to deal with this in depth and create a hypothesis and know all the conditions that may affect your target weight.

Simple and healthy life changes can do wonders, and you need to pay attention to some things that can stop you from losing weight. Take a look at:

1. Skipping Food

Some people think that they can lose weight faster if they skip their meals because it reduces calorie intake. This is definitely a false perception. Skipping meals affects your metabolism by slowing down, which means that when you eat again after a long break, your body doesn’t burn as many calories as possible. Therefore, divide your daily meals into 5 small portions over 3 regular meals and 2 meals.

2. Portion Size

If you eat healthy food with a clean diet but get more servings, it will cause you to consume more calories and minimize the fact that you are eating healthy. Look carefully at how much food you eat, otherwise it will damage your weight loss journey.

3. Drink More Calories

Sometimes you get a good amount of healthy calories to lose weight in your meals, but you still can’t lose more than what you need to look at. Fluid meals sometimes don’t mean eating too much, but they should. Since a single soda can can have more than 200 calories, and if you drink it with a healthy 250-calorie meal, it combines 450 calories, which are quite large.

4. Heavy Sauces and Toppings

If you are trying to pour pounds and prefer to eat salads and low-calorie things, but these salads and low-calorie foods are full of mayonnaise, cheese sauce or something heavy can increase your calorie intake and can easily ruin your diet for the day.

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5. Butt Does Not Move

If you have a habit of sleeping right after eating, or if you don’t move yourself after eating, or if you work in an office where all your work is about sitting in a chair, weight loss is more likely to affect your journey. If you are overweight, try a gym or cardio at home, or walk 5-10 minutes after each meal, or run or run for 30 minutes every day.

6. Building Muscles

Our body weight consists of fat, water and muscle weight. Muscle weight is heavier than fat weight, so if you don’t lose the weight or weight scale, but you see more changes in your body than you should assume you can build muscle So put your focus on your inch and don’t gain weight on a weight scale.

7. Same Diet

If you lose weight and lose your journey and follow a diet that suits your exercise plan, your body will first gain weight with increased metabolism, but sometimes your body will get used to routine and this will stop affecting your routine metabolism and lose weight. To overcome this problem, you should continue to change your diet every week or month and try different cardio exercises, so you won’t get bored of your routine, nor your body.

8. Not Getting Enough Sleep

Not sleeping enough or sleeping too much can affect your weight. For a healthy lifestyle, try to sleep 8 hours at night and avoid being awake all night and not sleeping all day.

9. Working Too Much

Sometimes we think that if we spend more time, we will burn more calories. Sometimes it’s true, but doing more exercise encourages hunger and you start eating more, because if you do more and more exercise, it will be more difficult for you to control hunger pains, and if you still try to control them, you confront them. Severe lack of nutrients.

For some days, increase your habit of exercising cardio on time and correcting some days for weight training, and if you attend the gym regularly, try not to walk more than 30 minutes a day. And if you’re not a regular athlete, then walk or run an hour every day with a healthy diet to lose weight.

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