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Top 10 CV personal qualities and skills


Top 10 CV personal qualities and skills


What are personal qualities and skills?

Personal traits are traits, qualities or personality traits of an individual. Examples of personal qualities include being honest, having a good sense of humor, or being reliable.

Personal skills refer to the inner abilities or skills of an individual and are a type of soft skills, meaning they are intangible and difficult to describe.

Hard skills, on the other hand, are those that can be measured and measured (for example, the ability to code or service cars).

Examples of personal skills include the ability to communicate with others, solve problems, or think creatively.

Why do recruiters care about the personal qualities of employees?

Unless you are a soulless robot *, employers will have to do with your personality, values, likes, dislikes, hobbies, etc. They are very concerned with your human side, including. They want employees who are reliable and able to work with others.

Having technical skills and knowledge is essential to doing a technical job, but soft skills are also important.

Personal qualities or qualities are extremely important for teamwork, group dynamics, building relationships, and daily interactions with colleagues, managers or customers.

* We apologize to any AI robots who were bothered by this depiction.

List of skills and qualities to use on your CV

The best way to show your personal skills and qualifications to the employer is through a job interview. Unfortunately, to make a job interview, you have to be shortlisted based on your resume, cover letter and job application.

One way to solve this problem is to mention your personal characteristics and characteristics in your resume. This will reassure the employer that you have soft skills to help you with your job.

Below you will find a list of skills and personal qualities you can use in your resume. These qualities are specially chosen because of the value employers attribute to them.

Hint: You should try to cite real world examples associated with the skill or quality you are talking about.

1. Interpersonal skills

Your interpersonal skills are your ability to communicate and interact with others. Examples of interpersonal skills include communication (verbal, written, and listening), interpretation body language, managing emotions, negotiating and resolving conflicts.

This is probably the most important personal skill to include in your resume, as it is essential for almost all jobs and highly valued by employers!

2. teamwork skills

Your teamwork skills express how well you work with others in a team.

Key activities in teamwork include sharing information, helping to solve a problem, working towards common goals, dividing tasks appropriately among team members, etc. Takes place.

The reason employers value team players is that regardless of their job, everyone will work with others to achieve specific goals or objectives. This is the definition of the team. Therefore, we are all team players and employers prefer candidates who have or have demonstrated excellent teamwork skills.

3. Leadership skills

Leadership is an important quality to have even if you are not in a management or leadership position.

This is because leadership consists of many other components that are desirable in any employee, including taking responsibility for one’s own work and mistakes, having a long-term vision and not looking ahead, always being productive, and leading others to be successful. result.

Having these features means you don’t need someone to spoon-feed you or hold your hand daily to do your job.

An effective way to show leadership skills on your CV is to mention the leadership positions you have in the past;

  • Project Manager
  • Class representative (at college or university)
  • Leader / coach / captain of a sports club or team.
4. Attention to detail


Attention to detail is highly valued by employers, as attention to detail applicants tend to strive for excellence in everything they do. They’ll go the extra mile and won’t be content with “good enough.”

They will not make silly spelling or grammatical mistakes or write poorly formulated sentences and move on. When designing a product, they will design a product that fully meets the user requirements, not just partly.

It seems like a pretty good idea to mention that you pay attention to details in your resume, right?

5. Enthusiasm and personal drive

No employer wants to hire a candidate who takes forever to do the most trivial tasks or who sighs deeply when asked to do something. Such candidates lack enthusiasm and personal drive. Employers are more interested in people who are enthusiastic about their job; completing tasks perfectly and always looking forward to the next one.

How can you show this on your resume? You can use CV keywords such as “passionate”, “driven” and “motivated” when talking about your previous jobs, achievements or career goals.Cv personal qualities,#Personal qualities,#Personal traits for cv,#Personal skills for CV,#Positive qualities,#Best skills,#Positive personality traits,#Personal skills and qualities ne demek,# What are some examples of personal skills?,#What are your top 3 skills?,#What should I put on my resume for skills?,#What are your top 5 skills?,#What are the 7 soft skills?,#How do I identify my skills?,#What is your strongest skill?,#What are the 10 life skills?,#How do I describe my personal skills on a resume?,#What are professional skills?,#How can I develop my personal skills?,#What is life skills and examples?,#What are basic life skills?,#What are the 5 life skills?,#What are 10 soft skills?,#What are hard skills?,#What is your soft skills?

6. Initiative

Your initiative is your ability to start or start things independently.

This means that you don’t sit around and wait for things to happen that are common to you, that you do something and make things come to you. You always take the first step when necessary and never stand still in the face of obstacles or difficulties.

How do you state that you have the initiative on your CV:

  • Mention any project, task or activity you started independently
  • Mention any suggestions, improvements or ideas you’ve put forward that have helped people in your previous job (s). For example, you suggested implementing a new IT system.
7. Management and organisational skills

Management and organizational skills are essential personal qualities that are required in most, if not all jobs.

Research has shown that most projects and tasks fail due to mismanagement. The right management of time, resources, and focus can truly do wonders in the workplace and make most projects, events and organizations successful.

It’s no surprise that most applicants mention “excellent management skills” on their CV!

Tip: Give real-life examples of events where you have demonstrated excellent management or organizational skills (for example, complete a project on time and within budget, lead others in a team, and work on multiple projects at the same time).

8. Willingness to learn


Nobody knows everything.

Some people think they do, but they don’t.

Employers are looking for people willing to learn and develop more of their skills and qualifications.

The best way to express your willingness to learn is to state on your CV that you have taken this position to develop professionally, personally or technically (whichever applies).

9. Ability to handle pressure and meet deadlines

Stress levels and pressure vary from one job to the next, for example when comparing the job of a surgeon with the job of a cleaner.

However, in most jobs applicants will experience extreme stress or pressure at one time to get something to be completed on time or to get a problem / issue resolved in a timely manner.

Employers are wondering if these candidates will be pressured or calm and able to perform tasks efficiently.

One way to assure prospective employers of your ability to cope with this pressure is to mention it on your CV by giving real-world examples where you have proven you have this skill.

Examples may include:

  • Resolve disputes
  • Handling customer complaints from aggressive customers
  • Previously working in fast paced or high pressure work environments
  • Meeting tight deadlines on time and within budget
10. Flexibility

Flexibility is important because all industries, let alone jobs, are constantly changing. This may be due to competition, changing customer expectations, or technology. While companies that adapt to new realities survive, companies that cannot or will not adapt will go bankrupt. That’s why flexibility is a highly desirable personal quality in any job candidate.

Can you handle new situations?
Can you adapt to the conditions you encounter?
Can you complete a task in multiple ways?

If you can

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, you are officially a flexible individual!

How to write your personal qualities and attributes on your CV

Location on a CV + examples

There are three places on your CV where you can mention your personal characteristics, depending on what features you are talking about:

1) In personal profile notification

For example:

I am a committed, hardworking and reliable Manufacturing Engineer with a strong manufacturing / engineering background and a positive attitude to challenges and opportunities. I have previously worked in busy, fast-paced and harsh environments with a history of implementing improved production methods, which reduced costs and increased operational efficiency. I take ownership of my duties and am willing to make the extra effort to fulfill and exceed expectations whenever possible. My current job role includes supporting production in various fields; Therefore, prioritizing my business activities is an important force I have developed. [Production Engineer CV Template]

2) In the skills section

For example:


3) In the employment section

For example:

  • He supervised a group of six contractors (to demonstrate management skills).
  • Meeting deadlines on time and within budget (to demonstrate organizational skills).
  • Communicates with a wide variety of stakeholders (to demonstrate communication skills), including colleagues, managers, customers, suppliers and the general public.
  • He provided emotional support (to demonstrate emotional intelligence) to patients suffering from depression and anxiety.
Tip: Write some of your personal qualities and qualities in your cover letter! Your resume and cover letter go hand in hand, so don’t try to squeeze many of these personal traits into just your resume.



Personal qualities, traits, qualities and skills make you who you are. Employers are very interested in the personal qualities of their employees because they enable them to operate successfully in their jobs.

Writing important personal qualities, such as having excellent interpersonal skills or being able to work under pressure, can really strengthen your resume.

Remember: You’re as good as your CV – make sure it’s perfect!

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