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Tips for Value and Value in Relationships


Tips for Value and Value in Relationships

Law of Attraction in Love Laws

There are two important components in the law of attraction.

Not only the values or behaviors we give to others, but also the values and behaviors we give to ourselves determine our attraction.

As long as we do not value ourselves, we can neither value nor value others. Those who know me well know how much respect has a place in my life. I always take care to respect the other person. This is primarily due to my respect for myself.

Our biggest misconception is that we will see the same good as long as we treat others well. However, I regret to say that there are many people who are treated badly despite being treated well. I often hear this sentence especially from my female clients: “I gave her years, I shuddered on her.” In return, they received nothing but a sense of worthlessness and ill-treatment.

ilişki sevgi ile ilgili görsel sonucu

When a client who is a victim of violence comes to me for the first time, I first look at the reasons why he stays in a relationship where he has been subjected to violence or deceived (I mean violence not only physical but also spiritual violence).

The important thing is not how the party behaves, but rather how the person behaves. Because the partner acts as a mirror here.

Unfortunately, this is a very common paradox. As people desperately try to be nice to others, they begin to treat themselves worse. As a result, they are mistreated from their environment and from their partners.

Of course, we do not say that you treat the people around you or your partner badly. However, while we take care of the people around us or our partner, the energy we emit will not return to us unless we respect ourselves in a healthy way.

Unless you love yourself, the good deeds you do to others will be no more than manipulative behaviors that are based on fear, guilt, or need for acceptance.

According to the law of attraction, it is inevitable that such behaviors arising from unhappiness create unhappiness and lovelessness. So no matter how polite and loving your behavior is, if your motivation is negative, the results will be similarly negative.

Ä°lgili resim

When we went down to a client’s subconscious, we came across a bitter truth. When the counselor didn’t do what her mother said when she was little, her mother told her that she would no longer love her and made threats that she would no longer be her mother. The consultant spread this belief to all people and made it a general pattern of behavior. Although he was extremely respectful and loving towards his partner, he had not seen the value and respect he deserved.

Because there was negative energy in the source of motivation. There was a fear of being disliked, unacceptable and unappreciated. Besides, she was a really well-intentioned, respectful and kind woman and unfortunately she was not against her.

After realizing this, we made the false beliefs in the subconscious positive and see the positive aspects of him, and realized that he was worthy of love. Counselor, he’s got a lot of people out of his life. The survivors changed miraculously and began to be more respectful and loving to my client.

And from that day on, my dear counselor has never been involved in any self-worthy relationship.

Why can’t we act like ourselves in our relationships?

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