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The Top 10 Most Dangerous Jobs


The Top 10 Most Dangerous Jobs

Every business has different advantages, advantages or risks. There are more dangerous jobs than others, but some dangerous jobs pay well or provide other benefits for workers. No matter what job you apply for, there will always be pros and cons. Check out our list of dangerous jobs to learn more about hazardous jobs in the workplace and which jobs are worse than others.

How Are the Most Dangerous Jobs Calculated?

There are different ways to analyze the most risky jobs, but the most common is to compare the death rate. Mortality rates are calculated annually by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Deaths per 100,000 workers who should be full-time are taken into account.

top 10 most dangerous jobs

List of Dangerous Jobs

Find out if it is 2019’s most risky job and whether the job you plan to take on will be dangerous The following professions are listed as the most dangerous jobs of 2019.

Logging Workers

Statistically, the most dangerous job is the woodcutter. Lumbering workers are at risk every day as the work involves heavy-duty chainsaws, falling trees and is physically demanding. Statistically, this profession has the highest death rate this year, accounting for about 91 deaths per year.

Fishing Trade

Commercial fishing and other professions in the fishing trade are often ranked as one of the most dangerous jobs. This job often tops the list of the most dangerous jobs, and no. In some statistics depending on the year 1. The cause of death in this profession is more than transportation accidents, as machinery is also used in commercial fishing and adverse weather conditions also contribute to the mortality rate.

Flight Engineers and Aircraft Pilots

While it’s not wrong to say that driving is more dangerous than flying, when it comes to working on the job, the death rate of flying is higher than driving. Most, if not all, fatal injuries are due to plane crashes.What are the top 10 deadliest jobs?,#What are the top 20 most dangerous jobs?,#What profession has the most deaths?,#What is the most dangerous industry to work in?,#What’s the hardest job to get?,#What is the number 1 most dangerous job in the world?,#What job has the highest divorce rate?,#What job has the highest salary?,#Do dangerous jobs pay more?,#How dangerous is pizza delivery?,#What is the deadliest job in America?,#What’s the most dangerous job in the Army?,#How many loggers die a year?,#What is most dangerous animal in the world?,#What happens when you don’t tip the pizza guy?,#Do cops pull over pizza drivers?,#Do pizza delivery drivers get robbed?,#Is it rude to not tip the pizza guy?,#How much do pizza drivers make?,#Why is pizza delivery so expensive?


The fourth most dangerous job is everything that comes as no surprise, given that the job requires being off the ground for hours each day. The annual death toll is more than 100 each year, and most are due to falls.

The most dangerous jobs in the U.S. by race, gender, and state | Tacoma Daily Index

Recyclable Material and Refuse Collectors

Working in this trade includes not only material collection, waste collection and recycling, but also working with vehicles. As such, it is one of the most dangerous jobs, with most accidents resulting in vehicle accidents. This is a general figure for trade, so it may not apply to all workers in the trade.

Iron and Steel Workers

Surprisingly, the fatal injuries that occur in this work are actually caused by falling or slipping, not by the materials or machinery used. Despite most materials that iron and steel workers have to work with on a daily basis, the causes of death in this job are very similar to that of a roofer, as they often involve working at a certain height above the ground.

top 10 most dangerous jobs

Truck Drivers and Other Drivers

As mentioned above, pilots and flight engineers have higher fatality rates. However, this does not throw other drivers away or remove them from the list, as truck drivers and other drivers are at risk on a daily basis with an alarming 918 deaths each year.

Agricultural Workers, Farmers, and Ranchers

Technological advances have accelerated in recent years, but there are still a lot of farming-related machinery and heavy equipment. The main culprits for injuries in this sector are large motor vehicles such as tractors.

Construction Worker Supervisors

Construction workers don’t do the top 10 of the hazardous work themselves, but the tops do. Working on the spot is a risky job for everyone, but statistics show that the mortality rate is higher for people with a supervisory role in the field.

Groundskeepers and Gardeners

This industry is wide and involves many different types of work, but almost all require the use of tools (including sharp ones), machinery or other heavy tools. Continuous exposure to these tools and machines is what increases the mortality rate. Do not worry; As long as you are careful when using sharp garden tools and other objects, it is still safe to keep your garden looking beautiful!

If you are concerned about the security issues of a job or want to prove that you have a security license, education or certification, read how to list your certificates on your resume.

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