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The Problem of Attachment in Relationships: Why doesn’t it come?


The Problem of Attachment in Relationships: Why doesn’t it come?


This is a question that I have been hearing all the time.

Look, ladies and gentlemen! Recently, such problems are experienced in order not to take responsibility or because the other party is afraid of being connected.

And especially because women try to put too much responsibility on men, our prince of white horse is flying away. What if he doesn’t keep the relationship * because he’s really afraid to connect, or does he hang himself to open the doors to another relationship? Which means he’s afraid to take responsibility. But loyalty is not the only responsibility in a relationship … It may take some time to tell the other party.

Let’s take a look at what it is like to connect in the first place:

As the expert psychologist Melda Yakupoğlu states, attachment is a need for close intimate relationships, and it is a desire to trust the person you are with. It means to establish a secure and stable communication in the mother and child relationship at an early age and to base this communication on love. That is, the basis of attachment is shaped by the bonds established in infancy.

yalnızlık ile ilgili görsel sonucu

It is precisely for this reason that I descend to childhood immediately in the face of such a story, and I want to find out where the foundation is shaken. For this reason, attachment is actually one of the first emotions experienced by mankind.

Of course, the attachment problem is not in the family at all, so individuals with secure attachment in the family may experience attachment problems in their emotional relationships during adulthood. In adulthood, a person may experience attachment problems after traumatic times such as cheating, emotional loss, death, or abandonment.

Therefore, if he loves and can not come now, there is a great deal of trump in front of us. And we can tell him how nice it is to be attached to him. Remember that love is a great feeling. We can do everything by loving it.

NOTE: If you have been blinded by love, then you must first teach yourself to connect securely. We must love the other one without sublimation. It’s nice to love enough to do everything, but it’s not right to do everything. I want you to keep this in mind.

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