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The 5 Most Popular Jobs for Americans in Europe


The 5 Most Popular Jobs for Americans in Europe

Are you looking for a change of scenery in your next job? Are you trying to add some international experience to your resume? So why not try to find one of the many jobs for Americans in Europe? Europe is a historical, cultural and beautiful place to live. It is not surprising that more than 3 million US citizens call this diverse continent their home.

There are many reasons other than many different landscapes and people to jump into the chance to live and work in Europe. Europe is also a place with excellent career opportunities.


To get you started diving into the European job market, we did a little research and compiled the 5 most popular positions, because we keep in mind that it is very important to get the format of your CV from scratch before starting a European job search. . And yes, the first difference is that the resume is called CV in Europe. Apart from vocabulary, there are many differences in resume formats between the US and Europe. From adding photos to your resume, to tone of voice or expected length. However, getting your resume right can be made much easier with a professional resume builder to properly format your CV for the European job market.

When you create an optimized resume for the country you want to work in, these are the sectors you should set as your main goals: Americans in the European continent so you will learn by the end of this article. exactly what jobs you can target.


5. IT Technician

IT services are crucial all over the world and Europe is no exception. In fact, some of the largest IT services and software manufacturers in the world have headquarters and are even European.

Most computer coding languages are based on English-based commands and come from the US market. Moreover, Europe faces a great shortage of skilled, qualified IT technicians despite the growing need for its services. This, of course, gives Americans abroad a huge advantage in current jobs. What jobs are in high demand in Europe?,#Can US citizens work in Europe?,#Is it hard for an American to get a job in Europe?,#Which country in Europe is easiest to get a job?,#Which country pays highest salary?,#Which country is best for unskilled workers?,#Is it cheaper to live in Europe than the US?,#Is it hard to get a job in Europe?,#What country can an American move to easily?,#Which country gives free citizenship?,#How long US citizen can stay out of USA?,#How can I move to Europe as an American?,#What is the most wanted job in the world?,#What is the highest paying job in Europe?,#Which country has the most job opportunities for foreigners?,#Which is best European country to work?,#What jobs are in high demand in Germany?,#How can I settle abroad with no money?,#What is the weirdest job ever?,#What jobs are in demand in 2020?,#What job makes the most money?

4. Au Pair

Many parents in Europe are eager to raise their children bilingually. English is much more important in international companies these days, and many parents sit down and get attention. This, of course, means there are more au pair positions for English speakers than ever before.

This is a great opportunity for young college graduates. Being an au pair doesn’t just give you a great experience of everyday culture. At the same time, childcare is a big step towards a career in many language professions and provides many soft skills such as leadership, responsibility and time management.Most Popular Cities and Jobs for Americans Working Abroad | Official LinkedIn Blog

3. Customer Service Assistant

Although European countries speak many different languages, there is still a great demand for customer service staff with fluent English. This, of course, makes customer service roles one of the best European jobs for English speakers.

When applying for customer service roles in European countries, it is important to emphasize your understanding of cultural habits in the USA. Small elements like these will be particularly important because many call centers in Europe will be interested in the US market and willing to take advantage of your familiarity with the culture.

2. Healthcare professionals

Medical skills are needed all over the world and Europe is no exception. With the aging population in many countries on the continent, there is a lot of demand for medical professionals.

Whether you are a fully qualified doctor or a trained nurse, your CV should highlight your language skills and cross-cultural experiences you already have in your career. Working internationally in medicine will set you apart from the rest of your profession by showing that you can truly do your life-saving job anywhere in the world.

1. English Teacher

Europe is the continent of many languages, but English is always very valuable. One of the most common jobs for Americans who want to work in Europe is naturally to become an English teacher. The demand for English language skills is currently only growing, and Europeans of all ages want to improve their skills in the world’s business language.

There are many different types of positions available. This could be volunteering at a school, a TEFL Academy, or even just one of the many areas affected by the Syrian refugee crisis. If you have teaching qualifications or a TEFL certificate, this will definitely attract attention from European academies when they see your teaching resume starting.

Why is Europe a Great Place to Work?

If you’ve ever visited Europe as a tourist, you’ve probably only seen one side of the countries you’ve visited. Living amongst its people, deep diving into its culture, and experiencing daily life can give you a new appreciation for its historical landscape and personality.

Moreover, the business world has never been more international. Showing initiative and working abroad is a real boost to your career prospects in your country. After all, companies are hungry to recruit people who have real-life experiences with other cultures and languages.

With this newly acquired knowledge, you already have a jump start in your European career. Now all you have to do is make sure that your CV is properly prepared for the European market and that you are almost ready. And this will not take a lot of time and research. You can quickly and easily use a resume maker to create a resume suitable for any country in the European continent and embark on this new adventure!

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