September Horoscope Comments:


September Horoscope Comments: 2019

Balances Will Change at Speed ​​of Light!
Summer is almost over. But now a new chapter in your life begins. This month the tension is a little high, some horoscopes may have difficulty staying calm. What awaits your sign in September? Will it be a positive and creative month? Find out what is waiting for you in your love and business life.

On September 2, you cannot keep your tongue because of the conjunction of Mars and Sun in Virgo. The Full Moon, which will take place in Pisces on the 14th of the month, forces you to take action against the temporary discouragement you have experienced. On September 18th, you feel that your recent work has become tangible thanks to Saturn, who has taken a direct position in Capricorn. On the 21st, your trust can be abused by the influence of Jupiter in Sagittarius and the Neptune Square in Pisces! On September 28, the New Moon in Libra will reveal your coquettish direction.

? Zodiac Sign of the Month: Virgo ?

Dear Virgo signs, September is your month! You are a perfectionist, sometimes you make life difficult for yourself because you are too demanding. You are loyal, honest and trustworthy. You can’t stop criticizing yourself. When it comes to love, you don’t know how to let things go, you pass the instinctive and spontaneous side of love.

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