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September Horoscope Comments: What Is This Month Waiting For You? 2019


September Horoscope Comments: What Is This Month Waiting For You?

What’s going on in the sky this month?

On September 2, you cannot keep your tongue because of the conjunction of Mars and Sun in Virgo. The Full Moon, which will take place in Pisces on the 14th of the month, forces you to take action against the temporary discouragement you have experienced. On September 18th, you feel that your recent work has become tangible thanks to Saturn, who has taken a direct position in Capricorn. On the 21st, your trust can be abused by the influence of Jupiter in Sagittarius and the Neptune Square in Pisces! On September 28, the New Moon in Libra will reveal your coquettish direction.

Koç Burcu


Personal Life: Love is manifested in your everyday life: a small note in the kitchen, a bunch of flowers at the entrance, a gentle phone conversation. If you’re single, love can come to you all of a sudden.

Social Life: You have the courage to return on holiday, and even if your work is not complicated, you are hugging it with four hands.

Word of the Month: You love to fight!

Boğa Burcu


Personal Life: Your relationship is balanced until the 15th. You have vowed not to succumb to the clutches of passion. After that, things get a little messy. Suspect types are getting a propeller around you. Be careful of heart thieves.

Social Life: The Sun and Mars feed your will and skills at the beginning of the month. No matter what your profession after September 18, you are very good at keeping things under control.

Word of the Month: You have great potential.

Ä°kizler Burcu


Personal Life: The return of the holiday literally influences you and you focus more on your family, your home and your living space than your love life.

Social Life: Okay, it’s a fact that you deserve praise, but leave it to be told and people will realize this aspect. Look for more of your beautiful energy and your exploratory side.

Word of the Month: Doing your job alone or remotely is for you.

Yengeç Burcu


Personal Life: Your relationship is peaceful until the 15th. Hang on your head, there are no uncertainties, no artificiality, everything is in balance. Then you find yourself in the midst of more superficial human relationships.

Social Life: You bring together the necessary speed, desire and attention in your business. In addition, thanks to your organizational ability, you can easily overcome the return of the holiday syndrome.

Word of the Month: Your capacity to synthesize what you have learned is highly developed.

Aslan Burcu


Personal Life: Your emotional life is dominated by a wonderful balance between passion and compassion. For Single Lions, the watches show the first good encounters.

Social Life: There is no lack of determination and courage. You make more moderate spending and your accounts are pretty good compared to previous years. A situation that you think has obstacles in front of the 18th of the month will be solved in a short time.

Word of the Month: Four corners of pleasure!

Başak Burcu

Horoscope of the month: Virgo

Personal Life: This month you hit the jackpot! Enjoy this peaceful atmosphere and respond to it in the same way thanks to the interest the partner has shown you. If you are alone, carefree days and a chance to meet new people will be waiting until the 13th of the month

Social Life: You are experiencing tidal moods nowadays, and after a productive day you are overly enthusiastic and “what’s the point” you can get upset about the demoralizing thoughts.

Word of the Month: You can ask your lucky year to give you more courage and a fighting spirit!

Terazi Burcu


Personal Life: You are not quite at the beginning of the month, disappointments are hurting you, you are crying blood. After the 15th of the month, you will be able to handle most of the issues easily thanks to your charming and diplomatic attitudes.

Social Life: You never, ever want to end the holiday. It is almost as if your feet are going backwards and somehow your enthusiasm is broken. Fortunately, after the 18th of the month you concentrate more on your work.

Word of the Month: You shine light around you.

Akrep Burcu


Personal Life: Your mind is full of ideas about your relationship, family or friends. If you’re single, you don’t hesitate to choke your eyes and break the established rules.

Social Life: After a summer vacation, you make a quick turnaround and move in a very dynamic and efficient way. When it comes to your financial situation, be careful not to make unnecessary expenses from the 20th.

Word of the Month: The positive effects of the stars allow you to walk confidently on your path.

Yay Burcu


Personal Life: Until September 23, you have difficulty in being with your partner and showing him your love. Your mind is busy with other things, and you feel uncomfortable when more attention is expected from you.

Social Life: Jupiter, Mars and Neptune seem to have made a deal to complicate your life. You don’t have the slightest desire to work or check your accounts!

Word of the Month: A new activity in your free time will fulfill your enjoyment.

Oğlak Burcu


Personal Life: During the first two weeks of the month you can strengthen ties in your relationship, if your heart is empty, you can meet someone just for you.

Social Life: You shine from the 1st of the month. After 18 September, Saturn is not progressing, so it allows you to take action again for a project you have interrupted.

Word of the Month: You are a master at hitting two birds with one stone!

Kova Burcu


Personal Life: Despite your daily worries, you do not neglect to show compassionate attention to your partner. Towards the middle of September, your rich social environment can lead to a new partnership

Social Life: Saturn nurtures your capacities and confidence in yourself. Beware, however, who is the friend and the enemy. Some people without character may try to take advantage of you on the 21st.

Word of the Month: You manage to impress people without any effort!

Balık Burcu

The fish

Personal Life: You go hand in hand with your partner to do many things. But you don’t always have to be together. Let your relationship breathe a little. If you’re single, a promising offer will be waiting for you.

Social Life: The holiday ends so suddenly that you don’t even have time to take an “of“! You quickly enter September with your job and your various responsibilities.

Word of the Month: You act meticulously when it comes to compelling demands

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