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Restaurant Manager Resume Example – Update Yours for 2021


Restaurant Manager Resume Example – Update Yours for 2021

If you are an experienced restaurant manager looking for a new job or a bar manager looking for a job, here are some facts about the position.

Whatever the location (from bars to upscale restaurants) the basic duties of the bar manager or restaurant manager position are standard.

From managing staff and adjusting their schedules, you will need to manage, plan and manage all operations, from ensuring quality standards are met, customers are happy, and maximizing efficiency for maximum profits and minimum waste.

Good Examples of Achievements for a Restaurant Manager Resume

  • Increased by 20% with the advertisement of featured cocktails offered with limited resources using word of mouth marketing strategies.
  • It reduced overall costs by analyzing team members’ strengths, recruiting skilled bartenders, and tailoring the program to their needs.
  • By implementing a “prepayment” system, it increased the payment process, thus ensuring that no payments are pending.
  • By offering innovative solutions with the management team, he proved to be a good team player, presented new concepts, actively negotiated and resolved differences, and applied a constructive approach to criticism.

Bad Examples of Achievements for a Restaurant Manager Resume

  • I increased my bar income due to my financial knowledge.
  • Since I am good at reading people, I managed to recruit only the most talented people.
  • The payment system was out of date, so I upgraded it to a new system that worked better.
  • My teamwork skills made the bar successful while delegating tasks intelligently, and the bartenders liked the way I work.

Good Examples of Achievements for a Restaurant Manager Resume

  • He introduced a new drink called Diamondback, which brought 300 profits in one night.
  • Reorganized bar stations, resulting in a 30% increase in overall productivity.
  • It added a unique new cocktail blend to the menu, which gained enormous popularity in the first 3 months and increased sales by 35%.
  • Improved customer base by friendly chat with customers who provide a repeat base
  • We served 145 customers at a busy hour with absolute accuracy and attention to the details offered bonus.

Bad Examples of Achievements for a Restaurant Manager Resume

  • My new cocktail, Diamondback, became the # 1 best-selling cocktail.
  • Due to my attention to detail, I rearranged the bottles and bar equipment that made me work faster.
  • I suggested adding my favorite and some classic cocktails to the menu so that the bar sold more drinks.
  • I was good at talking to customers and persuading them to come back regularly.
  • It was a busy night when a colleague couldn’t come to work, I was alone in the bar but I managed to do all the work perfectly.

The Bar Manager resume sample below can be used as inspiration when creating your professional resume. On our resume templates page, you can use the same template called modern resume template and adapt it to your personality and the bar you are applying for!

restaurant manager resume

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