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Professional Resume Samples for an Accountant


Professional Resume Samples for an Accountant

Accountant Resume Tips and Ideas

There are hundreds of jobs that require professionals with different qualifications and skills in accountants and accounting, from finance managers to payroll employees.

When you are a qualified accountant, you have a world of opportunities open to you because every industry and business needs accountants, from the smallest independent store to global conglomerates.

Certified Public Accountants (CPA), also known as Certified Public Accountants (PAs) in some states, are simultaneously mathematicians and managers and must find a way to showcase their skills and experience on an organized accounting resume so that potential employers can easily access relevant information. application process.

Each accounting certificate depends on what career you want to pursue and what level of accounting you wish to master. As in many other industries, the higher the qualification, the more likely you are to find better jobs with the possibility of developing your career, earning more and receiving more bonuses.

Top Tips

Chronological resume format = Most accepted
The combination resume format is also possible, but avoid using the functional resume format.
Using an online resume builder allows candidates to create a quick and effective resume with ready-made templates.
Design factors to consider:
Tables / Lines



Is necessary:

Contact details
Continue the goal / summary statement or attributes summary
Work experience
Qualifications / Certificates


Internships / Placements
Seminars / Conferences Attended
Personal interests
Honors and awards

1 x Letter Sheet – 8.5 “x 11”



Formatting an accounting resume is crucial to improving the readability factor and therefore ensuring the right information reaches the right people. This means using available tools that allow candidates to highlight relevant information in a structured way, which helps hiring managers see if they are eligible for the proposed vacancy.

The use of the standard professional resume format, the chronological resume format, is typical for accounting resumes and is more widely accepted because it gives the reader information about the candidate’s job progress in an organized reverse chronological order.

There will be several examples of accounting resumes using the functional resume layout, and it is less recommended for accounting candidates to use this type of resume format because it does not allow the prospective employer to view their employment history or show measurable results in relation to previous positions. He grasped.

Also, the combination resume is less popular than the chronological resume format for accounting resume examples, although it may be possible for accounting applicants to use this resume structure if they feel it is suitable for their profile.

For ready-made resumes that can be easily adapted to every accounting space you apply for, try using ResumeCoach’s online resume maker to avoid any structural mistakes.


It is imperative to have a well presented and professional banking background for your position selection in the financial world. Bankers and finance professionals will always be needed, but it is essential to keep up with trends and maintain your knowledge of updated programs and techniques and show this clearly on your accounting resume. How do you write a resume for an accountant?,#What skills should I put on my resume for accounting?,#What is Profile Summary for accountant?,#How do I make my accounting resume stand out?,#What are your top five skills?,#What are the 5 basic principles of accounting?,#How do you write a good profile summary?,#What are the skills of an accountant?,#How do you write a professional profile summary?,#What computer skills do accountants need?,#What are the strengths of an accountant?,#What makes a good accountant?,#What is a good objective for an accounting resume?,#How do I write a professional accountant resume?,#What should an accounting resume look like?,#What are the weaknesses of an accountant?,#What are the disadvantages of being an accountant?,#What are 5 important qualities necessary for accounting careers?,#What Every Accountant Needs?,#Is accounting a good career?

There are a few design factors to consider for candidates who want to present their resumes in an eye-catching way for recruiters:

  • The use of color
  • Graphics / Infographics
  • Tables / separation lines
  • Materials

The finance world is often a serious place, so it may not be advantageous to add graphics on a candidate’s application or submit a creative resume if it does not seem appropriate given the company culture or industry. It is always best for each candidate to judge this based on organization research and industry knowledge.

Using a banking resume example, candidates can gain new ideas on how to structure and what to include in their banking resume to ensure they maintain an up-to-date and effective resume.


There is no reason to include a photo in an accounting resume for a job application in the US In other parts of the world, it is more common to see a passport used on resumes of different professions, but it is definitely not recommended for resumes. United States

If you are planning to apply for an accounting job outside of the US, it is helpful to find out if photos are acceptable additions to a resume in that country before blindly adding a resume, as sometimes photos can be used for discriminatory purposes in recruitment. .

Sections of a Resume

It is essential to include all relevant information a prospective employer needs to know in the professional profile of the accounting candidate, including their education and, in particular, their licenses and certificates, core competencies and experience.

Accounting applicants will rely heavily on soft and hard skills, as well as a large skill set, including qualifications, diplomas, and experience, but there are other considerations that can be advantageous for an accounting candidate.

The basic sections to include in an accounting resume are:

  • Contact details
  • Resume objective/summary statement or qualifications summary
  • Work experience
  • Skills
  • Education/Training
  • Qualifications/Certifications

Additionally, there are different sections which could be advantageous to a candidate’s profile, such as:

  • Internships/Placements
  • Publications
  • Seminars/Conferences attended
  • Languages
  • Personal Interests
  • Honors and Awards

Using their accounting resume examples, candidates can decide which are the best parts to include when it comes to tailoring their resume with personalized knowledge and achievements.

Resume Length

In the case of candidates with longer career backgrounds, an accounting resume should measure a letter-size page and certainly not exceed 2 pages.

For entry-level and most experienced accountants, there is no need to create a multi-page resume because the hiring manager will not have the time or patience to read it. Professional accountants are sometimes allowed to use up to 2 pages if all the details they contain are related to their professional profile and the vacancies offered.

It is best to stick to the facts by highlighting the most relevant achievements and qualities without including too much information.

Accountant Resume Section Headings

An accountant resume should demonstrate the skills, achievements, education and experience that the applicant has and may be relevant to the role offered. Below is a guide on what to include in each accountant resume section to make it stand out for potential employers.

To get started on your winning accounting resume, you will need to include a resume goal, qualification summary or a summary statement. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages and is better suited to a specific profile.

Work experience

The candidate’s job history should consist of job title, company, location, and corresponding employment dates for all previous relevant roles.

Each accounting candidate should also include measurable achievements. These achievements should be detailed as much as possible in numerical value and may consist of budgets, investments and profits managed, net worth, the number of contracts negotiated, or the amount of money saved by trained staff or candidate expertise. experience and efforts.


It is also advantageous to place emphasis on the education section on an accounting resume where job seekers can list higher relevant degrees in accounting and certain finance degrees.

Depending on each candidate and the level they have studied in the financial industry, some applicants may need to dedicate an entire section to certifications or honors and awards, but in other cases it is possible to include these achievements. in the education or training department.


Every job seeker will have a professional skill set that he has developed throughout his education, training and career, which should be detailed in his accounting resume for the hiring manager to see clearly and quickly. Information should not be hidden between paragraphs, but should be stated in the recognizable skills section.

These capabilities can include soft and hard skills, as well as any accounting software name that the candidate can use in addition to other IT skills to demonstrate computer knowledge to the potential employer.

To help you create an outstanding accountant resume, you can also use our online resume builder, which gives you tips on completing each chapter and provides practical examples in your field.

Accountant Resume Vocabulary & Writing Tips

It is very important that all accounting resumes are well written with emphasis on keywords because for these positions companies can choose to use the Applicant Tracking Software to filter out the resumes they take. Be sure to check out the vacancy posting, job description and company website for different key elements to be included in the accounting resume skills section or other sections of your resume.

Also, it’s important to remember to adapt your resume and especially accounting resume skills to each position you apply for.

Learn to add specific information based on the industry or company you’re applying to, using an online resume builder or public accounting resume samples. These include many skills, knowledge areas, IT programs you can use, etc. It will give you an idea of ​​how to structure and cover it in one neat, efficient accounting resume.

Words to Use

  • Budgets
  • Corporate tax
  • Revenue
  • Excel
  • QuickBooks
  • Bookkeeping
  • Accuracy
  • Profit and loss
  • Ledger
  • Oracle
  • SAP/ERP software
  • Payroll
  • Invoice
  • Mathematics
  • Sales receipts
  • Attention-to-detail

Action Verbs

  • Communicate
  • Calculate
  • Analyze
  • Manage
  • Audit
  • Comply
  • Liaise
  • Coordinate
  • Report
  • Generate
  • Increase
  • Monitor
  • Prepare
  • Reduce
  • Streamline
  • Forecast

Resume Samples

1. Candidate seeking a financial advisor role

Summary continuation statement:

5-year Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in the finance industry, expert in SAP software. Knowledgeable in business and sales tax issues with exceptional analytical skills and results-oriented attitude.

  • Presented financial business forecast to management in each tax year
  • Developed profit strategies to achieve annual targets
  • Applied new software for data reporting and analysis
  • Fewer errors in accounting management saving more than $ 2 million a year
  • 5 years
  • BS
  • PA
  • SAP

2. Candidate looking for the role of Corporate Accountant

Summary continuation statement:

As a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in Corporate Accounting for over 10 years, he has been responsible for preparing a total budget of $ 90 million for various major account holders. Expert in report management and analysis in accordance with the relevant legislation.

  • Managed local and state-wide tax audits for large account holders.
  • Monitored budget deviations for all accounts, providing reports for various departments.
  • Simplified account reports by implementing the new ERP system.
  • Invoices and balance sheets were prepared, monitored purchasing activity and confirmed all reconciliations.
  • MBA
    Business Administration
  • 12 years
  • BS
  • PA
Last modified on December 10th, 2020

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