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Police Officer CV Template

Lauren Lee 14 Tottenham Court Road London, UK W1T 1JY Mobile: 07956 654 32 E-Mail: example-email@example.com Summary Trusted Police Officer committed to saving lives, improving community safety and lowering crime rates. More than 10 years in law enforcement, including helping citizens, investigating accidents and conducting routine patrols. Exceptional report writing ability. Comprehensive conflict and crisis prevention experience Highlights Familiarity with search and seizure laws Community relations Knowledge of criminal laws enforcement of drug laws Calmness under pressure Crime prevention training Arrest techniques Fingerprint Patrol procedures Surveillance specialist Experience From July 2009 Available City of London Police Department London, UK Police The officer was seen and testified in court as a witness. Conduct secret, covert investigations to uncover crimes and crimes in progress. Mediate household ailments and protect victims from harm. Take part in high speed vehicle chases in serious and emergency situations. Help conduct traffic studies to identify problem areas. He developed and implemented a new adolescent outreach program with the Sergeant to address the growing drug use in the area. By proposing the patrol route policy changes implemented by the Ministry, the rates of extortion were increased in the city center and tourist areas. February 2006 – June 2009 Manchester City Police Department Manchester, UK Police Officer collected preliminary investigation information as first responders to crime scenes. He was quickly deployed at crime and disaster scenes and took appropriate measures. Traffic was directed in emergency and congested situations. He instructed the suspects on field weediness tests and used portable equipment to run the tests. He contacted school counselors and administrators regarding juvenile delinquents. July 2002 – March 2006 London Emergency Communication London, UK 911 Operator Optimum uptime is maintained to ensure that all emergency calls stand out. Followed provides meticulous care, documents complete notes and provides quick assistance. When the department was lacking staff, he volunteered for extra shifts. It received several accolades for its outstanding performance. Education 2002 Jay Johnson Criminal Justice College London, UK Science Partnership Criminal Justice Marsha Whit Honorary Scholarship Law Enforcement and Justice Administration course

Police Officer Resume Example

A proven job-specific resume sample to start your next job in 2020. You can edit this Police Officer resume sample to get a quick start and create a perfect resume in just a few minutes. Just fill in your details, download your new resume and start your job application today!
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Police Officer Resume Example

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How to Write a Police Officer Resume

A Police Officer Resume should demonstrate a variety of qualities that prove the person’s ability to protect people effectively. Police officers must be adept at patrolling areas, investigating crimes and dealing with situations, and managing traffic. They must have an outstanding knowledge of the law and community knowledge. Police officers should be able to develop good relations with the public and always act as a reliable and helpful service member. The ideal candidate works well both individually and in a team and has excellent emotional control and sound judgment.

A winning Police officer resume should highlight the person’s passion for public service as well as their ability to enforce the law. By using one of Resume.io’s field-tested resumes and following these helpful tips for creating your resume, you’ll be on your way to finding the job you are looking for.

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Profile Summary Example

Highlight your greatest achievements and features here. Remember to use as many strong action verbs and job-specific information as possible. Police officers have an enormous responsibility to keep the public safe, so it’s important that your resume portrays you in the best possible way. For this job, it is very important to highlight your key attributes that effectively showcase your qualifications and achievements.


Experienced and dedicated Police Officer, determined to increase safety, save lives and reduce crime rates. Over seven years of experience in serving citizens, responding to crime scenes and accidents, and performing routine monitoring. Expert in crisis intervention techniques and high-risk situation protocols. Due to my strong and ruthless work ethic, I am putting forward a proven track record of success in keeping citizens safe with several Monthly Employee nominations. He has excellent communication, questioning and interpersonal skills.

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Employment History Example

List all positions relevant to the job of a Police Officer or positions that have the transferable duties and / or skills required for a Police Officer position. Remember to use strong action verbs and mention job-specific achievements that prove you are the perfect candidate.

  • He investigated criminal activities and collaborated with other designated workers to gather information, interpret the situation and respond appropriately.
  • I did pedestrian and vehicle patrols in the areas I assigned to ensure the safety and rights of the citizens.
  • He acted quickly in emergencies and used expert opinion to move forward accordingly.
  • He worked with culturally diverse populations and served as the guardian of all.
  • The perpetrators of the criminal acts were identified and arrested.
  • He supervised five employees and trained them on key issues.

Education Section Example

List all degrees and certificates here. Any honor or privilege should be noted here as well. You can exclude your High School if you hold a higher than Bachelor’s Degree.


1992-1996 Valhalla High School, High School Diploma Valhalla, NY 1996-2000 Police Academy of New York, basic Course NY, NY


Skills Section Example

A distinguished Police Officer resume like this example will include a number of key skills your employer is looking for in a candidate. To be seen as a strong candidate, you must present yourself as a hardworking and physically capable person with excellent judgment and a commitment to service. Be sure to include skills specific to the job.

  • Crime Prevention
  • First Aid
  • Drug Laws Enforcement
  • Search and Seizure Laws

What Does a Police Officer Do?

Police officers are law enforcement who try to keep peace in the communities they serve. Police officers often act as first responders in emergencies that need to secure crime scenes and conduct preliminary investigations. They need to patrol designated areas and follow procedures to ensure community safety. A Police Officer should possess excellent analytical thinking skills and high standards of integrity. An ideal candidate has a Bachelor’s Degree and appropriate Police Academy education.

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