Oprah Winfrey’s life? Who is Oprah Winfrey? How Old is Oprah Winfrey?


Oprah Winfrey’s life? Who is Oprah Winfrey? How Old is Oprah Winfrey?

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Name: Oprah Winfrey (Oprah Winfrey)
Birthday: January 29, 1954
Place of birth: Kosciuszko, USA
Height: 169 cm Weight: 65 kg
Zodiac sign: Aquarius ( characteristic )
East horoscope: Horse
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Oprah Gail Winfrey was born in the small town of Kosciuszko, Mississippi. Her real name is Orpah, given in honor of a bible character. According to Winfrey herself, her friends and relatives could pronounce the name of Orp, and therefore they decided to change him. According to other sources, the midwife mixed up the letters in the name, filling out the girl’s birth certificate.

Oprah’s mother Vernita Lee worked as a maid. Father – Vernon Winfrey first worked as a miner, then as a hairdresser, and later became a member of the municipal council. At the time of the birth of his daughter, he served in the army. Oprah’s parents were not officially married. After the birth of a daughter, she and her mother moved to the north of the country, and for the first six years of her life, the girl lived in the rural wilderness with her grandmother – Hattie May. When Oprah was two and a half years old, her grandmother taught her to read and write.Oprah Winfrey’s life? Who is Oprah Winfrey? How Old is Oprah Winfrey?

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According to Winfrey, this was one of the most valuable gifts in her life. My grandmother was a parishioner of the Baptist church and from the age of three began to take her granddaughter with her to the service. There, the girl retold the chapters from the Bible, for which she was nicknamed the “Preacher.” Grandmother raised her granddaughter quite strictly, for disobedience she often beat her with a rod. Having brought her granddaughter to kindergarten, grandmother asked the teacher of the preparatory class to transfer her immediately to first grade, which he did. After studying for one year, Oprah immediately went to third grade. Affected grandmother’s upbringing.

When Oprah was 6 years old, her mother took her from her grandmother and moved with her stepsister and brother to the ghetto area of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Hard times have come for the girl. In the ghetto, completely different morals reigned than in the rural outback. She lived in Milwaukee for two years, here she began to perform publicly and participate in poetry contests at church meetings and in public clubs. Visitors called the girl “our little speaker.” At eight years old, she received an invitation from her father, who had recently married, to move him south of the country to the city of Nashville. The girl stole money from her mother and fled to her father, with whom she lived for one year. Then her mother made her return to Milwaukee.Oprah Winfrey’s life? Who is Oprah Winfrey? How Old is Oprah Winfrey?

At nine, Oprah was raped by a nineteen-year-old cousin and for her silence bought her ice cream. Numerous relatives and friends of the mother constantly harassed her. Despite the difficult life, poverty and humiliation, she found strength in herself and at the age of 12 she began to attend school. But, in the end, her nerves lost, and tired of being bullied at age 13, she again stole money from her mother and ran away from home. When the money ran out, Oprah came to ask for help to her priest. He took her home to her mother. The mother was very angry with the act of her daughter and abandoned her, so the girl was in a shelter for difficult teenagers. At 14, Oprah became pregnant. Her father took her from the shelter, and she again moved to him in Nashville. Baby Oprah died shortly after birth.

Father was a strict man; he forced his daughter to continue his education. Oprah began to study oratory, in which she achieved success. At sixteen, she won the Elks Club oratory and was able to enter the University of Tennessee, where she studied communication and public relations.Oprah Winfrey’s life? Who is Oprah Winfrey? How Old is Oprah Winfrey?

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In 1971, while studying at the Oprah Institute, she took part in the Miss Black America contest and entered the carnival procession. Soon, CBS offered her a job. Oprah became the first black woman to be an assistant commentator on the evening news. However, she did not work long, because of her excessive sentimentality, she often could not hold back her tears, reporting on another hurricane or typhoon in a trembling voice. As a result, after nine months she was fired. This event did not break Oprah, she decided to move on. In 1976, Winfrey, she settled on the WJZ-TV channel in Baltimore, announcer of six-hour news, and later became the co-host of the morning talk show “Baltimore Says.” The ratings of the channel crawled up.Oprah Winfrey’s life? Who is Oprah Winfrey? How Old is Oprah Winfrey?

In 1983, Dennis Swanson from WLS-TV invited Oprah to become the host of the Chicago Afternoon News program, while the program was on the last lines of the rating. Winfrey accepted the offer and entered into a four-year contract with the channel for $ 200 thousand per year, after which she moved to Chicago. Already after a month of Oprah’s work as a new leader, the ratings of the program were among the highest.

In 1985, Oprah Winfrey first appeared in a movie. It was the film The Color Purple. For this work, Oprah Winfrey won the Academy Award and Golden Globe Award in the nomination for Best Actress in a Supporting Role. In June 1986, the National Women’s Association awarded Oprah the prize “Achieving a Woman for Her Sensual Role”. In the same year, Winfrey starred in the film “Native Son” the role of the mother of the hero. Subsequently, Oprah starred in several more series and films, and also voiced many roles.Oprah Winfrey’s life? Who is Oprah Winfrey? How Old is Oprah Winfrey?

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In 1986, the Oprah Winfrey Show, which later became famous, appeared. This show made Oprah the world famous and richest woman in the world. The television syndicate King World Productions included the show in its broadcast branch, which at that time covered 138 cities. Over the next 2 years, the show brought about $ 125 million in profit. Winfrey has become the highest paid broadcaster. She signed a five-year contract with King World Productions.Oprah Winfrey’s life? Who is Oprah Winfrey? How Old is Oprah Winfrey?

By 1993, the show was the most popular in the United States and was shown in 64 more countries. Profit from the show was about $ 100 million, of which Oprah earned about half. The show was attended by many famous people: politicians (Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama), musicians ( Michael Jackson , Ricky Martin ), businessmen (Bill Gates , Mark Zuckerberg , Sergey Brin, Richard Branson, Larry Ellison), actors ( Al Pacino , Arnold Schwarzenegger , Tom Cruise , John Travolta ) and many others.

Throughout the existence of the show, it was shown in 146 countries, 4561 episodes were filmed. In 2002, the American weekly TV Guide included the Oprah Show on the list of 50 greatest shows in American history. In 2011, Winfrey decided to close the show at the peak of popularity, after which she launched her own television channel OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network).

In addition to the show business, Oprah Winfrey is engaged in entrepreneurial activity, she founded the media company Harpo Entertainment Group, which produces television programs and documentaries.

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In 2000, Winfrey created O, The Oprah Magazine, which became one of the most popular. She also opened the Eccentric restaurant in Chicago and is the owner of a cable television channel.Oprah Winfrey’s life? Who is Oprah Winfrey? How Old is Oprah Winfrey?


Oprah Winfrey is actively involved in charity work: she donates money to various children’s funds, finances schools in African countries, and helps victims of natural disasters. Thanks to the efforts of Oprah, a law was passed in the United States, according to which a system for recording all crimes against children was created in the country. In December 2011, along with actor Sean Penn, Oprah Winfrey arrived with a charity mission in Haiti, where more than 200 thousand people died as a result of the 2010 earthquake.


For more than 20 years, Oprah has been living with her common-law husband, Stadman Graham. On November 6, 1992, their engagement took place. After giving birth to a child at the age of 14, Oprah can no longer have children. Winfrey herself says she considers the girls from her school in South Africa to be her daughters.Oprah Winfrey’s life? Who is Oprah Winfrey? How Old is Oprah Winfrey?

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