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Once Common Baby Names That Are Becoming Extinct


Once Common Baby Names That Are Becoming Extinct

Here are ten names that were once common to babies, but now there is a risk of extinction.

Choosing a name for your child may be easy for you. You may already have all the names you have planned and needed to be a mother or father for years. The names of ancestors, living family members, and people you seek in the community can be great sources of inspiration.

However, for others, it may seem difficult to choose the right name to accompany this small package (hopefully) for its long life. Want to keep traditions alive while opening the way to the future?

Here are ten names that were once common to babies, but now the risk of extinction.

10. Scott

Photo by Filip Mroz on UnsplashYes, it seems almost impossible to imagine that this name has completely disappeared from the planet. If you are approaching middle ages or perhaps younger, you may have encountered more “Scotts” than you can imagine in your life journey so far.

Perhaps this name has been experiencing extreme popularity in the recent past (as in other names on this list), putting it in a good place on the road to being passé.

According to Cosmopolitan.com, only 79 people were named “Scott” in England and Wales in 2017 compared to 1,632 babies born in 1996.

9. Andrew

In England and Wales, the name “Andrew” also dropped dramatically because the 250 babies born in 2017 were named, while 2676 was named “Andrew” in 1996.

8. Cecil

Photo by Nyana Stoica on UnsplashIf you have a Cecil name, no crime is intended, but at least if we move away from it now, it doesn’t seem like a terrible loss. According to AARP.org, Cecil is debuting.

7. Malcolm

As we know “Malcolm”, Aarp.org states that it is on the edge of disappearing from the world of names. However, it may depend on the country you are looking at. Malcolm may be exiting in the British Isles, but the popularity of historical figures like Malcolm X may place it in a different order elsewhere.#What names will be extinct?,#What baby names are dying out?,#Are Gary’s going extinct?,#What are the least popular names?,#What is a badass name for a girl?,#What is the most unique name?,#Can you make up your own last name?,#Is Gary a nickname?,#What is the most popular name in the world?,#What boys names are dying out?,#What are old fashioned names?,#What is the least popular name for a girl?,#What names will be popular in 2020?,#How popular is the name Dennis?,#How common is your name?,#2020 most beautiful baby girl name, #2020 most beautiful baby girl name, #2020 most trendy baby names

6. Wayne

It’s hard to think of a cute and comfortable package called Wayne. It must certainly exist somewhere, but Brit + Co. According to the statistics collected by, its existence is decreasing.

5. Wendy

It is hard to witness this disappearance. The name “Wendy” was first popularized in J

Photo by Michal Bar Haim on Unsplash

M Barrie’s Peter Pan novel. Does the fantastic nature of the story it comes from and the eternal youth fashion it represents embodies?

4. Doris

Who doesn’t have a big ex-aunt named Doris? According to statistics, there will be fewer people soon. This Greek name is said to mean “gift,” and in Greek mythology, it means Oceanus’ daughter and the mother of the sea fairy Nereids.

3. Horace

Others think that this name comes from the Latin word “hora”, a clock or a time zone. Unfortunately, it also goes out of fashion when the sand passes through the hour glass.

2. Sally

Photo by Marvin Lewis on UnsplashThere’s always something green called “Sally”. It was originally said to be a pseudonym for “Sarah”, but it was strong enough to take the stage alone. Will we see you again soon?

1. Tracey

“Tracey”, which is used both as the girl’s name and the name of the child, is said to come from the Irish word “treasure”, which means warlike, superior or warrior. He has also seen his most popular days in the past, at least for now.

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