New disease of the age: Thumb tendon pinching


New disease of the age: Thumb tendon pinching

Mobile phones, which are indispensable of the era, cause many orthopedic diseases. Trying to touch the remote points, especially on large-screen phones, causes the thumb tendon to jam. Orthopedics and Traumatology Specialist Op. Dr. Yigit Erdag said that if the precaution is not taken, this may go up to surgical intervention.

Competition in the technology sector is increasing day by day. Widescreen phones have also taken their place in the phone market, where a new model is emerging every day. The phones, which are not dropped by the users in daily life, can cause many orthopedic problems when used with one hand. With the widespread use of smart phones, the most common disease in humans is ‘De Quervain Tenosinoviti’, that is, the tendon of the thumb tendon. Experts, especially to try to touch the remote points of large-screen phones, stressed that the major factor in tendon injury.

Orthopedics and Traumatology Specialist Op. Dr. Yigit. Erdag, “A discomfort of the thumb goes through a ring like the ring of the tendons going to the thumb and proceeds to the thumb. When the tendons are stuck in that ring, the use of the thumb becomes more difficult. If the pain is not taken and proceeds for a long time. surgery can go up, “he said.

Kiss. Dr. Erdağ continued as follows:

“We can’t give up on things about our business, but on top of that, something overflows the cup. This can often be due to the phones we use. You work at the keyboard for 8 hours a day, and then when you play the phone for 8 hours, these tendons are damaged sooner or later. Somehow the fingers tell us to stop. ”

On the other hand, Op. Dr. Erdag, the newly born mothers breast-feeding and holding the baby’s wrist in a more flat position and emphasized the importance of the thumb to tighten. Kiss. Dr. Erdag, the syndrome that occurs as a result of edema during pregnancy may pass after birth, but the use of the wrong phone and work-related discomfort as a result of the condition may progress until surgery, he said.

“I was having trouble holding a bottle.”

Hilal Özbağ works as a Marketing Specialist in a company. Özdağ, who went to the hospital with the complaint of pain going to his wrist from the top of his finger, said, “I was having difficulty holding a bottle.

When I told the doctor about my complaints, he asked me if I could see your phone. When I saw that I was using a big phone, he said that we had to push the tendon too much because of trying to use the big phones with our thumbs and that he was blocking the channels there. We let my finger rest for six weeks. The doctor said that if you do not pass, you can go up to the operation, “he said.


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