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Naturally Whitening Your Teeth With Charcoal


Naturally Whitening Your Teeth With Charcoal

I’ve always been confused by cheerful people with a brighter smile. They always look very charming and happy. Maybe they’re not, but their bright smile makes them look like that. If you laugh cheerfully but if your teeth appear yellowish, all the happiness in your smile disappears because it’s embarrassing to have yellowish teeth.

People who experience this problem even after brushing their teeth twice a day are due to unknown reasons or sometimes because of some internal problems such as poor tooth hygiene, smoking, chewing tobacco, excessive use of drugs, and varieties of teeth and toothpaste such as poor quality mouthwash. Another cause of yellowish teeth and stinking breath is stomach ailments. Yeah, that’s right. Poor stomach health can cause mouth problems, especially in yellow teeth. If the problem arises, one should visit the dentist, but before that there is a magical, but natural, component medicine that can whiten teeth naturally in a short time and help you get rid of stinking breath.

The necessary things are:

1 tablespoon. black sesame seed oil or coconut oil
One activated charcoal or ¼ tsp capsule
Black seed oil or coconut oil: These oils are filled with natural ingredients with tensile strength and brighten your smile.

 Other component:

Activated Charcoal: Activated charcoal is famous for its brightening properties and superpowers to remove plaque and yellow teeth.

These two components are even more powerful when combined. I’ve always been so obsessed with white shiny teeth, so I’ve read and tried this solution somewhere and it has absolutely great benefits. You can also use some essential oils such as almond oil, but black sesame oil is highly recommended.


1. If the activated charcoal capsule you are using is in the capsules that drain in a small bowl, add oil and mix with a small spoon or spatula. The charcoal washes a little scattered but don’t worry easily.

2. Now shake this mixture in your mouth for 15-20 minutes. Then pour the oil into the sink or trash and brush your teeth with warm water.

3. Repeat this process 3-4 times a week and see amazing results as soon as possible.

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