Monthly Horoscope Comments – November 2019


Monthly Horoscope Comments – November 2019

Koç Burcu

Aries (March 21 – April 20)

Tranquility and serenity!

Thanks to your determination this month, you will be able to see the attitude of the people around you more clearly and in this context you can set up a set against them. You can communicate your limits more clearly by being distant to people who are inconsistent about value. You will test your intuition with your observation power. You’re going to see how right you are in some respects.

There is a sky that offers beautiful opportunities to complete and evaluate unfinished subjects and relationships. Before you decide, you should sit down and think about it and make your moves. For those who are tired of rights and justice and have been wronged since 2013, good news can finally develop. You can distribute peace of mind as your tolerance to your spouse, lover and new people is increasing these days. You are in a month where you will be constructive and moderate in your speeches.

You’re gonna need a fallow. You will want to listen to the wisest person this month. Who? Itself. You’il be the best. As an Aries generally known for its talented aspects, you will survive this period of monotony. You can go into different quests and find yourself different activities. In this way, you can add new ones to your skills. Bored of ups and downs, if you want to give importance to your own self and personal development, you can avoid unnecessary networks of relationships. You can keep yourself away from environments that may have potential relationships in order to avoid mental exhaustion.

You will also take care of your self care in your personal development. You’il take your health more seriously. Unexpected disturbances and relapsing pains may hurt you. Between November 13-26 in November, if you have the controls you should do absolutely neglect the sky emphasizes. You may need to manage your concerns. The struggle to keep yourself strong may increase. Whether your social environment or your family can provide you with more support. As of November 27, the sky will support you. Directing these temporary, disruptive issues can mean you can cope with anxiety.

How about you get out of the monotonous process in your life and realize that it’s your turn and start the change with a little bit of your vision? In particular, hair color to hair style may begin to differ. Whether physical or clothing and accessories, you can recreate yourself. The sky clearly says that these changes will do you good and put you in a different cycle. You may not hesitate to spend money on these issues. Both life and vision are re-designed with the backward movement of Mercury.

Agenda of November: Changes are good for your soul.

Love charm: Watch out for jealousies!

Sex: You will protect your limits.

Boğa Burcu

Taurus horoscope (April 21 – May 20)

Experience will add strength!

You are in a period when you want to renew yourself completely and you will work for this desire. You will both aim to improve yourself and add something to your social environment. This month, you can overcome situations that you find it difficult to confront and overcome. Getting to know yourself internally is the most important element of this month for you. A moving process awaits you both in your career and in your love life. While being more moderate in his speeches; You will not be a good listener. You will see your past experiences make you stronger. No matter how intense this month is for you, you’re not going to let messy situations ruin their relationship.

And you’il see that this month you come forward with your relationship. Actually, you might feel like you’re on a journey these days. You will become a wandering soul, wanting to perceive the people around you with a different eye. You won’t want to bring up the past. In fact, by listening more to the other side, you will get into the process calmly.

If you are a Taurus who works in the service sector, you can observe that those who seek their right and those who are in the struggle for law fill the agenda. You might realize they want to make you a party. In this period, you can be objective and focus on problem solving. Yeniay, who took his place in the sky on November 13th, is reporting the change. You will want to solve the problems connected with the system by getting the idea that the standard orders want to put people in a pattern.

If you’re a Taurus with problems with your relationship, you notice that your attitude towards the person you’re with has changed. His sky will also underline that his reactions to you will develop in a positive sense. You can strengthen your relationship on solid foundations, in which you can become more intimate with each other. If you’ve just started a new relationship, you might want to dig deeper into the person you’re with. Grab your social media accounts and get your close friends through a deep chain of queries. You won’t want to sail to this relationship until you’ve completely ended the question marks in your mind.

Although this month brings problems for you, you can overcome the problems in a lossless way thanks to your struggle and honesty. As long as you focus on the details and problems that won’t fill the fig seed, don’t miss the flow of life. You will not act insensitive to anything while the sky is looping the earth. If you don’t compromise yourself, make sharp turns and focus on your goals, you will be the winner in the long run.

Agenda of November: New dreams will bring new decisions.

Love charm: You end the question marks.

Sex: Romance will trigger feelings.

Ä°kizler Burcu

Gemini horoscope (21 May – 20 June)

Interesting news sets the agenda.

The decline of Mercury in November will spread to everyone’s life one way or another. Being planned and scheduled will be very important for you this month. This month, you may encounter striking facts and change your perspective on the social environment. It would be unusual to meet this month with the Mercury decline. This process will mean the completion of the unfinished work, the subjects that are not flowing from your heart. Who can get revenge from whom, hard to believe, you can encounter a lot of dirty information, ranging from secret relationships. November will not be a month for you as usual. I’m sure you’ve understood that this month is intrigue. Mercury Retro explanations that occur in the air sign can list many reasons.

Changes in your love life can begin with this month. You’re in a month of provocative relationship and communication. With the backward movement of the ruling planet, you can show from whom you are bored, that the person you are with will contemplate the individuals around you, cannot tolerate bulky people and react to empty conversations. Make it dominant in the relationship, an indication that you won’t be indifferent to matters that don’t suit you. You may think that there are certain changes around you and the person you love. On the last days of the month you’re going to help her apply the warnings you gave your wife. As you change your habitat, you will treat these factors without attacking them. You want your house or your union to remain ancient. On November 26, you will say “hello” to passionate days in your relationship with Yeniay, who will take her place in the sky. For the second time this year, there is Yeniay in the relationship house. The lonely Gemini can turn the unfinished emotions back into a smile while making their horoscope happy.

If you’re a Gemini with children, you can make secret collaborations with their families to get to know their friends. You may want to guide your first-suffering child into a tacky state. Magnifying some issues in your eyes should not overshadow positive developments. Accompany this first warm wind of your child or brother, don’t worry.

If you are a Gemini who has been thinking about living abroad for a long time, Venus points out that your applications will be positive. You may be about to leave your habits and the city where you were born. With all this, you will want to create a new environment for yourself. On the contrary, you will start to get away from the people you think have led you to negativity. Get ready to bring innovation to your life! Keep yourself from reaching whatever goals!

Agenda of November: Sudden trips are good.

Love charm: Nothing will unfinish.

Sex: You will listen to the sound of your heart.

Yengeç Burcu

CRAB Horoscope (21 June – 22 July)

You don’t compromise your principles.

A month starts when you want to be cautious. There’s a sky that warns you, but it doesn’t want you to worry. The fact that you start November with the decline of Mercury doesn’t mean that what you’re afraid of will happen. It just emphasizes that you shouldn’t be in illusion. Until the 22nd of this month, you will be cautious, keep your secrets, keep your fantastic thoughts away from your loved ones, and don’t say the first thing that comes to mind; Mercury regression will tangent you.

You will pay more attention to what you say this semester, think a thousand times before you speak and then express what you think. You know, you like to be involved in many environments. Making different friendships and entering different environments periodically is a sign of your own sign. This month, you might think that you’re surrounded by smug people.

You will direct your brothers who live abroad or in the countryside. If you’ve been a Cancer for a long time with regular payments like home loans, your payments will no longer be streamlined this month. Unexpected opportunities may arise during this period. Your hand will be strengthened financially. If you have plans to buy a house or invest in a different city, you will have a good opportunity in the last week of November. Your financial plans will be realized and you will gain a level of profit. He emphasizes that the money you have long hoped will be in your hands and that it will be evaluated with the purchase of land. As someone who knows you need to gain financial strength, you will decide to save. Calming your soul, trying to be with the right people will also be important for you this month.

You know that 2019 has been economically fluctuating, lending to many places you have forgotten in the past, not being able to earn your rights on a periodic basis, and not liking to talk about money issues. Even if you don’t raise them, you have financial difficulties. You will want to express your reactions in the purest form and recover yourself financially. This sudden burst of emotion does not happen spontaneously. Of course it’s retro.

Retro, psychic features, or even messenger dreams this month. You may receive unexpected news from unresolved situations. Don’t upset yourself as someone who has setbacks in your life, you won’t be the only one who lives it. Most of the people around you won’t get the job done. First of all, you can host your dreams in the future. Your health will be one of the most important details to support your struggle in this complicated period. In this sense, you should take care of your health. Not only that, you should be careful not to get into a sudden polemic in your feelings.

Agenda of November: Living standards are rising.

Your love charm: Your heart opens to love.

Sex: You’ll be flashy and brave.

Aslan Burcu

LION horoscope (23 July – 23 August)

You’re entering new environments.

Your leadership and compassion will strengthen your life in the face of difficulties. You will distribute positive energy to yourself and your surroundings. The trust and respect that people have in you will intensify in this period. These feedbacks will have a positive effect on you. Your plans will proceed according to your wishes. The stress-free days are soon to come unless you’ve got to slow down. The days that shed light on his indecision were approaching. You’re gonna raise the question marks in your mind. You can feel very strong both career and socially when the issues that you push the summit are on the agenda. Having mastery of communication skills will give confidence to people around you.

Mercury regression can hold the courtesy of the water sign, the attitude that instills confidence, the management of loves. Occasionally, there are situations where you cannot bear it. In this period, you can have various discussions with your lover, your friends and your social environment and you can stop seeing many of them. You’re gonna think you can’t stand some people these days. Take the advice of TwitBurc not to fall into the wrath of Mercury, which makes the probe say what you need to say first!

You may have difficulty managing your daily life until November 22nd. The decision mechanism may not work correctly. Therefore, you should pay attention to energy discharges caused by excessive movements. For example; If you are a Leo who does heavy sport, you should be cautious. You can hurt yourself, put stones in front of your busy rhythm. The last week of the month has lighter days for you. There may be people who come to apologize these days. In the same way, you can apologize to the ones you inevitably break. You won’t want to give heart breaks.

If your wife or partner is in court, you can stand by her to support her. This month you will struggle with your inner voice and face your ego. In this context, the support of your loved ones in making the right decision for yourself will not be delayed. Your emotions will rise as you listen to the sound of your heart. As your emotions rise, you will be more prone to make brave decisions. The sky gives you the message, “Don’t rush for anything.” Yes, step by step, if you sift and weave by moving often, you will be caught slowly in the peaceful days.

Together with all this, the common acquaintances who have come out of places this month may wax their words and reflect differently. You may need to keep secrets in a black box. Yeniay, which will take its place in the sky on November 26, can raise her interest in luxury. In any case, you will not want to compromise on quality, you will be a strict follower of innovations. The changes you will make in style in November will attract attention. You can dye or cut your hair to a courageous color.

Agenda of November: You make brave decisions.

Your love charm: Your emotional ties are strengthening.

Sex: Get away from the routine and add color.

Başak Burcu

Virgo horoscope (August 24 – September 23)

Your struggle will make you profitable.

The preconceived verdicts you thought in October prepared you for November. This month you’re acting more planned, you choose your words more carefully. He also pointed to you this year when the winner was clear. You didn’t leave your struggle in your difficulties, whether business or social relations. The tranquility of autumn will therefore guide you to your hard work and potential. In the last few months, you’ve questioned yourself deeply, and you’ve actually had the opportunity to make important decisions on certain issues. You’ve seen what you want in life, what you can give up. You were surprised to see that even yourself could give up so much. Remember, every decision carries new beginnings. You will never give up your determination and your goals. You’re going to have to work out your mind to do what you’ve been planning to do for a long time.

If you are a Virgo who is preparing to go abroad, you should make sure that the documents you prepare these days are complete and complete. At these important milestones, an incomplete and incorrect entry may prevent you from obtaining a visa. You have to run your checks twice. While the retro is about to be a shackle on some issues, you can expect a whole range of surprises.

If you are Virgo born in Mercury Retro, this period will also be good for you. Your orderly and organized character will never want to leave the struggle. You won’t let the overdose of ambitions bring you down, but always let you raise you. Thanks to these ambitions, you will be disciplined, brave and courageous as an athlete who does not interrupt your workout. Your earnings may increase these days. Money that you don’t expect, or even expect, can relieve your budget. You will also earn extra benefits outside your own profession, and you will spend money that meets both your family and your needs.

Yeniay, which occurred on November 26, can bring resentments and extended resentments to his memory. The details that make you tired of the daily rush will be able to do with pleasure. Your ability to understand and listen to the other side empathy develops. Unexpected loves can knock on your door. Jupiter, the planet of luck and abundance, will be of use to you as you travel through earth. You will realize how open you are, while being financially and morally good for you. You know very well how to get people out of your life with a pen that you think will interfere with your progress. Though this feature is odd by your family, the idea that this is the right thing has brought you to these days. As you go through the days when you want to rest your soul and your mind the most, you will add every moment you live to your experience. Even the quietest, quietest corners of life will grow you. Keep your heart fresh and never stop fighting.

Agenda of November: The unobstructed side will become dominant.

The charm of love: Your view of love will change.

Sex: Your expectations are rising.

Terazi Burcu

Libra horoscope (24 September – 23 October)

You’re making radical decisions.

By November you will want peace in your heart and calm in your mind. You know, my time zone has been pretty tired of you. You didn’t find yourself in the issues you came to, you came to face the details that you had to face the struggle. When you look back, you will realize that some of the problems come from good intentions. Colorful, entertaining, as you enter the environment is less than a horoscope. You know that, too. You will find your own environment to share your ideas. There will be business platforms where you will share your concerns. Similarly, financial support and assistance for your family may increase. You can put barriers to people taking advantage of you when you use your prejudice in your relationships. You’il never show that you’re no ordinary person.

If you are a Libra who has recently terminated your relationship, a cycle in which to weigh your emotions awaits you. “Did your relationship deserve another chance? Could some problems be compensated?” questions. The days when pride will prevail, but you will want to listen to the sound of your heart! If you’re a Libra who has had problems in your marriage for a long time, you’re going to break up! You will question the future of your marriage, try to find the source of the problems. It will provide great advantage for the observer and solution-oriented perspective. If you’re a Libra with a long relationship, you can start looking at the idea of ​​marriage. The idea of ​​ordering your life with the person you love will be at the forefront.

The Mercury Retro, which disrupts and disrupts communication issues, will be effective until November 22nd. In this process, there may be developments about the issues that you suspect, wonder, so to speak. Your thoughts about the people you suspect are sincerity around you become clearer. In this cycle, old loves can flare up again. You can hear plenty of longing words from your ex-wife.

Yeniay, who will find souls in the sky on November 26, can also point to unexpected defenses from your Libra, such as haircuts, marginal use of colors. If you’re a Libra who says “I don’t get aesthetics”, I’d say big talk.

As the year 2019 ends step by step, you will begin to center yourself. In the last few months you will realize that you have not been able to focus on your own troubles from dealing with others’ troubles. This will lead to radical decisions. Never too late for anything. Notice is the lock of change. If you’ve noticed, there’s only ‘start’. To get comfortable. Yes, you will continue to be discreet and helpful, but without clinging to yourself, you will cling to your dreams, the values ​​that make you. The door of the difficult days opens to beauties. Just don’t give up!

Agenda of November: You will say “hello” to the change.

Love charm: You can give it another chance.

Sex: You will seek strength and sincerity.

Akrep Burcu

SCORPION Horoscope (24 October – 22 November)

You can make quick decisions.

Get ready for a fast and busy November! This rapid process will not only result from you, but also from the people around you. Emotional ups and downs of those who have problems in their relationships, those who make quick decisions in their careers, those who experience economic problems, gossip and rotating circles will fill the days. Don’t let your mode go down. November doesn’t write a bad scenario. Beautiful developments, and suddenly the gospel will calm your soul. Spiritual emotions will be at the forefront for you as usual.

You’re going to put your fighting side in love. Your attitude that doesn’t want to lose can make you tired. If there’s someone who’s been beaten by your heart, but you haven’t been able to express your feelings to him yet, this month, “I wonder if I’m after an impossible love?” You might get suspicious. The Full Moon, which took its place in the sky on November 13, settles in opposite sign. He’s reporting for change for you. In this process, it may suggest old love. Especially on November 13-19, you can search your ex-girlfriend on social media and see what he does. There is no one who knows how to master his friends. You’re going to be able to get information about him without ever failing. If you have an existing relationship in those days, demonstrations of power and efforts to establish superiority can limit romance in love.

If you are a Scorpio married in 2014; “My feelings have been messed up’ “They say, you are in such a situation. Take the relevant confidence test. Just your life? You can hear interesting stories of deception around you, and you have to deal with the problems of your close friends. In fact, there will be a time when you question life and people more.

Yeniay, which took place on November 26th, points to travels in the last days of this month. Yes, there may be developments you need to take on more than one trip. Family visit, first steps for marriage, short programs for education, business meetings take you out of town. It also points to visitors from different countries. According to the geographical location of the guest can come from a country with climate difference. You can open the doors of your house to your visitors.

You enter into a process of cultural and intellectual development. As you add innovation, your borders will expand. I should also point out that radical decisions about the social environment have entered a period. You’re going to have to look at who’s not on your hard day. You’re going to want people in your life to motivate you and give you good things. Your efforts to raise living standards will be not only material but also spiritual. You will not hesitate to express the importance of love, respect, being together, sharing good feelings. A month of loyalty is waiting for you. You’re gonna call and ask people you say I can’t pay for, make small gestures. Ahde loyalty will make the heart of the party know more and will make you peaceful.

Agenda of November: Spiritual feelings will bring peace.

Love charm: Old loves can come up!

Sex: You will act confident.

Yay Burcu

Sagittarius (November 23 – December 21)

You will draw attention with your ideas.

You will have a quick start to November. You’il want to get rid of the intensity of the last few months. You will try to create time to rest, to relieve your tiredness. You will deeply question the unnecessary troubles that motivate you and which you miss. You are entering a very active period socially. You’il realize you’re empowering yourself to communicate. Your determined and informed conversations will be quite remarkable.

In November, you will not be able to promise your heart. If you are a Sagittarius who has repented of love, you can meet someone who will impress you with his knowledge, his speeches and his savings. You might want to step back because of your heart that was hurt in the past. The sky says, “Give love a chance!” If you’re a Sagittarius with an affair, your little surprises this month will spoil you. If you haven’t been on vacation this summer, you can travel to a place where you can enjoy the autumn weather.

If you are a Sagittarius with problems in your marriage, you will realize that the problems are caused by third parties. Your attitude towards those who try to interfere with your private life will be harsh. If you are a Sagittarius in the process of divorce, it can be a bit difficult for you to manage. You’re gonna want your rights. If you are a Sagittarius with children, you may need to run about their children’s education. You may need to direct your children to areas such as tutoring, reinforcement courses.

Yeniay, which took place under the sign of November 26, ends the confusion of the whole month. Venus reminders will take a long break from his inconsistency. He’il invite you to a reconciliation and recovery cycle. You’il see how much your loved ones care about you. You will be happy to be cared and to be the name of the environment. In this phase, whatever happens, you will observe that there are those who do not want to break with you.

Every day of November will be opened to different doors. You don’t want to stay behind, you want to take the strings. Your effort to reach your dreams step by step without leaving control to anyone else will also allow the power within. In the face of situations that force you to create a shield and protect yourself. You will set an example with the way you stand behind your ideas. Dear Sagittarius. Anything you’ve put on hold, abandoned, abandoned all this time, what do you say we put it back on the table? Time is passing off! If you don’t want anything in the uk, let’s go ahead. The sky supports you!

Agenda of November: You will shine your popular side and your star.

The charm of love: Surprises will spoil you.

Sex: You will not be afraid to take risks.

Oğlak Burcu

Capricorn horoscope (22 December – 20 January)

You focus on the healing sides of life.

Welcome to the month of November when you’re gonna stitch your life around. There is no one who knows how powerful he is in the face of difficulties, never gives up fighting, and makes life easier with practical solutions. This month, you will stand out with your calm, meticulous and serene attitude. Your knowledgeable, experienced, intuitive and sensitive behavior will fill your eyes. Even if you’re someone who doesn’t give up on analytical thinking, your emotions can sometimes outweigh you. Emotional ups and downs will trigger you to live in a delicate mood. There are situations where you can better understand that you can’t hide what you feel.

Love will warm your heart! If you’re a Capricorn with an empty heart, you’ll notice the interest of one of your close circle. Sometimes they say that love is at your side. And you’il find that this month is very close. If you’re a married Capricorn, you’re going to want to get away from the issues that make your relationship routine. In the last few months, when you said work and responsibilities, your wife and you were very tired. You will want to take the burden of the periods when you misunderstand each other and question your relationship. You can start new beginnings with a holiday where you will be free from all worries. If you’re a Capricorn who recently terminated his relationship, your curious side will dominate. You can take your girlfriend to a close label. You can try to keep track of what you are doing on your social media account. This will exhaust you spiritually. The idea of ​​being reunited may fester your mind and your heart.

You’re going through days where you have to pay particular attention to your career. If you are new to the institution you work for, you may experience difficulties in correspondence. It’s only a matter of time before you have conflicts with your colleagues about the workflow! Calm and constructive will help you manage the crisis. If you are a Capricorn who is thinking of starting your own business, you may be indecisive about how and where to begin.

The sky approaching you has special and miraculous plans. It shows that you can meet people you never expected, enter the environments you dream of, and most importantly, you can gain reputation. You will really want to change your judgment of life once more when you find yourself questioning and explaining to them in this Retro.

You know best what you’ve been through in the last few months, what challenges you’ve overcome. You can’t help but say, “How strong I was.” You would have gone over the roughness of your career and your private life. Now you focus on the healing aspects of life. November will open the door to good experiences. In the coming months, you will be relieved of your emotional exhaustion. You can also experience developments that prove you were right in the past injustices. You will smile at life with glory, without compromising your principles and truth. “Keep your heart fresh, the rest will come,” says Dome of the Sky!

Agenda of November: Your right will emerge.

The charm of love: New beginnings will be good for your heart.

Sex: You want to move freely.

Kova Burcu

Aquarius horoscope (21 January – 18 February)

You’re overcoming challenges.

Are you ready for a month where you will change, defeat yourself, set new goals? The sky is loaded with strong emotions, promising a booming November. For this moon, you’re going to make a fidgetful entrance. Thanks to your self-confidence, you will be able to handle many tasks that need to be raised. But this month, you may come across situations where you will be persistent and sharp in your thoughts. Entering different environments and meeting different people will be valuable opportunities to stretch your perspective.

The days that add color to your love life are waiting for you. If you have a new relationship, you can have romantic moments with your lover. Your surprises will make your relationship even more lively. If you are an Aquarius with problems in your marriage, you may realize that all problems arise from financial problems, personal concerns and fear of the future. You will understand the importance of being together as well as in the bad. Your support to your wife will strengthen your bond. If you are an empty Aquarius, you may be subjected to marital pressures from the immediate community. They’il even want to introduce you to someone. You won’t want to hurt anyone, even if you don’t look hot at this kind of mediation.

Aş Where love cannot come from, you give yourself a chance, or he says of the course of the planets. If you’ve had a relationship since 2012, you’ll realize that some things go very routinely, that you always manage and that the other side isn’t open to change, and you’ll roll up to organize them. As the course of this flowing time in the sky approaches you; you will realize that you can draw different paths in your destiny, and you will realize that the struggle and change in recent years has prepared you for something.

What to do in November, take your time in your personal living space! You can return to your hobbies and abilities. You can start by eliminating the details that keep you entertained as both motivation and time. You don’t want any obstacles in your way. In some moments you might get delusions. “Can I? What if I can’t or can’t make it?” questions. If you can overcome your worries, you can attain inner peace.

With all this, you will also pay attention to the appearance this month. If you are an Aquarius who is not satisfied with your weight, you can start a strict diet under the supervision of a doctor this month. Regular sports, swimming, pilates, such as turning to areas such as physically and spiritually will allow you to relax. You’re going to have a serious preparation for the winter. You can make room for your winters in your closet, take your needs list and shop. As you enter the last month of the year, you will think deeply about what you expect from next year and your dreams. Because now you’re determined to take stronger steps.

Agenda of November: You get incredible opportunities.

The charm of love: Your emotions will be refreshed.

Sex: You will not be afraid to take the first step.

Balık Burcu

FISH Horoscope (19 February – 20 March)

Get ready to get rid of unnecessary loads!

The sky says, “Whatever you witness, live, is all about life, as long as it is difficult to lose even its power.” Issues that you think is late in November will be on the agenda again. These issues will not be limited to your goals in life. You will also want to close your account with the people you want to talk to or confront.

Love will be very active like other areas of your life. If you are a Pisces who is engaged, orally or in preparation for marriage, you can embark on an extensive investigation into the details of the wedding. After you get married, you can escape to luxury in the selection of goods for the house you will live in. This may cause short-term tensions with the other party. Even if you try to find a common way with your fiancé on this issue, you may be worried about the conversations you hear from families. You can take a more calm approach before you make sharp exits. If you are a Pisces married and working, you will devote more time to your wife by stripping off workaholic days. Spending more time with your house and loved ones will help you find peace. At the end of the year, there is almost no single Pisces sign. If you’re a Pisces who hasn’t been in a relationship for a long time, the person you’re going to meet spontaneously this month can open the doors of your heart.

If you are a Pisces living abroad, the sky will change the country, if you live in a different country for the last 4 years, you can return to the country emphasizes. However, you may hear some problems with the marriage of your close friends. Together with Retro, you’ll learn that your friends you often meet keep secrets from you.

In November you will never stop being rational; but you will not forget to look back at the places your feelings indicate. This month, you often find yourself using “I felt like that, I felt like that”. You’re going to want to stay away from your compelling responsibilities. You will deny the responsibilities your colleagues or brothers, if any, have tried to impose on you. This month you will come to the fore with your benevolent side.

You’il want to meet positive people. You will slowly remove people who are tired of you, who discourage you when you say what you want to do, and who constantly produce excuses. People looking at life through different windows, open to self-improvement, knowledgeable and experienced will add a lot to you. If you’re experiencing irregularities in nutrition recently, this month you will make healthy and organic nutrition a principle. You will not only be able to change your style from style to style. It’s time to get rid of outdated items that are too classic! You will not hesitate to reflect innovation in every part of your life. Don’t hesitate to show your strength, Pisces.

Agenda of November: Your intuition will not mislead you.

The charm of love: Coincidences will bring love.

Sex: You will not postpone your feelings and desires.

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