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Military resume sample


Military resume sample

View this sample resume for a military worker, or download the military resume template in Word.

Military resume sample

Resume expert Kim Isaacs says the right resume can really help your military credentials stand out. For resume writing tips, view this sample resume for a military expert Isaacs created below or download the military resume template in Word. And if you need more help, get a free resume assessment from the experts at Monster’s Resume Writing Service today. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), below are some examples of occupational types for registered staff:

  • Administrative
  • Construction
  • Electronic repair
  • Environmental health and safety specialists
  • IT specialists
  • Intelligence specialists
  • Health care personnel
  • Human resources
  • Machine operator
  • Mechanics
  • Public affairs
  • Firefighters
  • Law enforcement
  • Transportation (aircrew, drivers)

The BLS shows that around 155,000 jobs are needed each year to fill the positions of those completing their services or retiring. Additionally, you can search for military jobs on Monster.

Military resume template

Jordan Reid
Sometown, MO 5555 l (555) 555-5555 l jr@somedomain.com l LinkedIn URL

Seeking Position as a…

A member of the Army National Guard who is highly motivated to join the ARNG Military Police force after training. Physically fit, mentally strong, and a balanced team member under pressure. Willing to pursue a long-term career in law enforcement, with relevant experience including current work as a security guard for XYZ Company.

Military Service

U.S. ARMY NATIONAL GUARD — Sometown, MO l Enlisted Private (PVT): MP Trainee, 2017 to Present

After completing 10 weeks of Basic Training, he switched to Advanced Individual Training (AIT) for Military Police officers. Class and field training covers topics including:

  • Basic Warrior Skills
  • Firearms Handling & Safety
  • Law Enforcement Patrols
  • Lawful Search & Seizure
  • Military Laws & Jurisdiction
  • Criminal & Accident Investigations
  • Evidence Collection
  • Witness/Victim/Suspect Interviewing
  • Traffic & Crowd Control
  • Suspect Arrest & Restraint
  • Crime Scene Security
  • Crime Scene Processing

“PVT Reid demonstrated all the attributes of a model soldier during his Basic Training … he is seen as a leader by his colleagues and supervisory officers … demonstrates moral character and quick learning abilities … will be an excellent deputy officer …” (2017 Review )

Work Experience

XYZ COMPANY — Sometown, MO l Security Guard, 2016 to Present
(Currently on temporary leave to complete U.S. Army National Guard Basic/MP Training)

He was hired by the high-rise apartment building as an unarmed security guard. Perform security patrols on the building and parking lot to protect against theft, vandalism, vagrancy and other illegal activities. He conducted regular pedestrian patrols, escorted residents to and from their vehicles, and used surveillance equipment to monitor suspicious activity. It provided information assistance and directional guidance to vendors / guests and served as a reassuring asset in protecting residents and their property. He responded quickly and calmly to the reported incidents and ailments, from noise disturbances and public intoxication to domestic violence, vehicle theft and suspected drug activity. While he awaited the arrival of the police officers, he quickly took control and dispersed the escalating situation. “Jordan is an impressive young man with excellent interpersonal skills and proven strengths in ensuring the safety and security of our facilities, tenants and guests … Reliable and highly professional …” (2016 Review)


ABC HIGH SCHOOL — Sometown, MO l High School Diploma

  • Honors: Honor Roll; National Honor Society (GPA: 3.6)
  • Activities: Student Government (VP); Football Team; Volunteer (ASPCA, Special Olympics, Miracle League)
  • Certifications: First Aid and CPR, American Red Cross

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About  Ex-Army and Army CV Examples, Templates and Formats.

Army CV

Army CV 2

Download Military CV Templates <

As a Military Person, he or she will need the latest updated CV. The latest CV templates are now available here and they bring civic job searches to a new level as they will easily keep you up to date with self-marketing techniques. You don’t have to worry about presenting your military career in another CV format. Simply download and use the fully articulated and targeted CV templates provided.

This format is now considered one of the best widely used. Therefore, if you are considering writing your own Civil CV, you will be able to easily develop your skills and / or other career skills you have. All of your career information will be well presented and targeted, with a career goal statement, a key skill analysis, and an index targeting these civic jobs, all on two required pages. So you don’t have to worry, I did this for you. You can easily present your career information in these fully targeted CV templates.

CV Street – Military personnel – Tips for writing your CV: Everyone is talking about “keywords and basic skills”. I index them under the category of “Specialties”. Making a job search is like marketing and selling a product for YOU as a product. The best way to market yourself is to go through this sales queue. In sales, you have the “Features and Benefits” of the service or product provided. As you sell yourself, these can be expressed as “Your Skills and Achievements”.

Former military personnel can offer a great deal of experience and dedication to potential commercial employers. Yet his abilities are often overlooked because they may not be able to understand the skill gained during your career, because recruiters feel that the language used or the “buzz words” do not match. If the recruiter has to decipher too much information or jargon, they may not see the experience they’re looking for. With analysis and innovation, people can easily transition from the military to a civilian career and effectively position themselves as worthy candidates. The first step in the transition is to understand the applicant’s skills and abilities and how these capabilities relate to the intended business goal / job or industry. These can be indexed on the front page of IMPACT’s resume, from Leadership, Human Resources, Policy Making and Strategic Planning, Financial Planning, Operations Management, Procurement, System Management and Support.

Survival of the strongest. To create a “civil” CV (as in any other specialty) military job applicants need not only to prepare their CV and cover letter “under normal conditions”, but also to create strategies on how to “adapt” by marketing themselves during recruitment. The process by focusing on the professional abilities of the applicant’s benefits to the company or organization.

Resume Presentation: The visual presentation of your resume is as critical as the content. Readers should be immediately impressed by appearance, content, and targeting. The applicant should use language and industry terms specific to the chosen industry and profession.

This is a sales issue! they are the benefits of the service or product, not the features purchased on sale. The same is true when looking for a job on Civvy Street. You may be the best Soldier around, but that’s not why you were hired. This is because your skills (traits) contribute (benefits), that is, achieving something for your employer. The “benefits” you provide are the reason you are hired. Think about your success while writing your CV, ask yourself “who benefited from my job and how?” You have to ask the question. Your CV may become “utility laden”. This will also help you in negotiations.

I highly recommend downloading the provided editable MS Word, Military Resume Templates: these are up-to-date, modern resumes, include: Management, Infantry, CP, Stores, Logistics, Administration, Project Management, Technical, Finance and Education career functionality and many more career functions. With your new CV format, you will create the best possible impression on your potential employers, and convey your skills, responsibilities and achievements in a targeted way.

For a Professionally Written Resume, you can fill out my CV questionnaire or email me your current CV for free advice. I can assure you of the best quality CV writing service. Mike Kelley.

Please see another Military CV example below. Keep in mind that your resume templates will significantly help you write your own resume and cover letter.

CV (here’s another Army CV example)
Name,�Address, Contact Details:

He has 22 years of military (Army) service, leadership and management experience. It can recognize and neutralize dangerous situations involving control, risk assessment and split-second decision making by remaining calm under extreme pressure in hazardous environments. Skilled in staff development and being responsible for quality training programs. It can also work within budgets and tight timelines. After completing the Ronin Close Protection Course in South Africa recently, I look forward to continuing to make an important contribution to the Close Protection Industry in the UK or abroad.

Areas of Expertise
  • Close Protection

  • Operational Management

  • Close Observation

  • Budgeting / Reducing Costs

  • Counter Terrorism

  • Light and Armoured Reconnaissance

  • First Aid / Field Medic

  • Staff Training / Development

  • Security

  • Signaller

  • Leadership

  • Quality Assurance

Education and Professional Development

  Vetting Clearance            SC ref: 0012345672 expires 2017

  SIA Close Protection           Ronin, South Africa

  NVQ Assessor                   D32 D33.

Professional Experience (H.M. Forces, Army)


Reconnaissance Platoon 2i/c. Cyprus, Iraq, Afghanistan Command.

  • Led, trained administered 34 men, comprising of SNCOs, JNCOs and Privates in Close Target Surveillance and reconnaissance for target acquisition and target / threat evaluation.

  • Assisted the Military Operational Reconnaissance and Liaison Teams (Op Highbrow).


Northern Ireland:

  • Commanded, led, trained and administered 24 NCOs and Privates in complex Counter Terrorism and Public Order Operations urban and rural.

  • Supported Special branch, PSNI and other Agencies.

  • As a Permanent Staff Instructor (PSI), trained and set standards to a multi-cap badged regiment in order to fulfil their role as reserve forces for Op Telic and their planned mobilization.   .

Police Officer CV Template

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