Jennifer Lopez arrives in Antalya for a concert


Jennifer Lopez arrives in Antalya for a concert

World famous US singer Jennifer Lopez arrived in Antalya in the morning by private plane for her concert in Antalya tomorrow.

World famous pop star Jennifer Lopez, tomorrow in the morning for a concert in Antalya came to the city by private plane. Concert tickets sold out yesterday, Lopez’i who want to listen to standing 7 thousand TL, those who want to watch the lodge 50 thousand euros (approximately 300 thousand TL) paid.


Famous singer Jennifer Lopez, who will perform at the Regnum Carya Hotel in Belek, the tourism district of Antalya’s Serik district, within the scope of ‘It’s My Party’ tour, landed at Antalya Airport in the morning for her concert at 21.00 tomorrow. After the concert in Moscow, the Russian capital, Lopez came to Antalya, CIP has left the hall. Police teams, the singer at the exit of the door took intense security measures and did not allow anyone to approach. Lopez, who came with 2 planes with his 90-person crew, then went to Regnum Carya Hotel with police escort and special guards.

jennifer lopez ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Lopez will spend 3 nights in Antalya, 5 bedrooms with private pool and helipad, 3-storey villa covered with bulletproof glass settled. A total of 150 persons technical team with the participation of 60 member team from Turkey, will serve on Lopez’s concert. While 70-80 lights were used at regular concerts, 800 lights were requested from the hotel management for the Lopez concert.


Lopez is expected to remain on the stage for 2 hours, 7 thousand pounds for those who want to listen to the price of the lodge allocated for the concert was 50 thousand euros. The concert tickets were sold out yesterday.



For those who would like to watch Jennifer Lopez from the lodge, 28 lodges were reserved. Before the concert, Lopez reserved a lodge for his private guest. A few days before Lopez’s concert, it was learned that Kim Kardashian was the special guest. Turkish artists also show great interest in the concert with his wife Okan Kurt and daughter Hira Kurt Demet Akalin, Pelin-Anil Akil pair, Enis Arikan, Asli Kizmaz is expected to come.

kim kardashian jennifer lopez ile ilgili görsel sonucu

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