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Is There Anything That Is A Coincidence?


Is There Anything That Is A Coincidence?

There is no coincidence in life!

Although our experiences seem like coincidences, we later realize that some events are not coincidences and that events carry an order within themselves. Things don’t happen to us by chance. The whole purpose of life is to raise our awareness, to try to improve ourselves and to enlighten them as a result. Our deep reflection on this issue leads us to realize the causal relationship between events over time. Life is a butterfly effect.

When similar events happen to us all the time, we begin to realize that events are not coincidences, and why we always think that the same type of events and the same type of people cause “Chaos” in our lives. In the end, we call our evil destiny. However, the event here is to take the necessary lessons.

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However, after the events are over, we can see the order hidden in chaos. At this point, when we force ourselves to enlightenment, we begin to reveal the secrets of these events. The faster we process, the more we realize that there is a talking science behind the darkness and the events that we see as “chaos”. Solving the secrets behind the events and reaching this awareness depends on one’s own spiritual development process. The progression of the spiritual level is directly proportional to the level of awareness of the person.

The life of human beings corresponds to a momentary period only when the universe works. Since human beings know that they are mortal, they always pursue pleasure and happiness and prefer to be the victim of their ego, they never want to take responsibility for the negative events that happen to them and live by blaming the people around them.

In order to reach the point of awareness, first of all, we must not surrender to chaos, think and review our actions. This point is perhaps the most challenging point. We often succumb to the “Ego” banana and do not pay much attention to the sound of our soul. Therefore, it takes time to realize this awareness. The less we begin to listen to the sound of our ego, the sooner we begin to unravel the network of relationships between events. As a result, when we become aware of the events, we solve the real causes and situations that come to us as “coincidences”.

Although this process is very challenging, solving the big “Yap-Boz” game of life will make our lives more meaningful and happy.

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