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How to Use Achievements on Your Resume


How to Use Achievements on Your Resume

To go through the interview phase, your resume needs to convince a potential employer that you have all the necessary skills and experience. Incorporating achievements into your resume is an effective way to achieve this and make your resume stand out in a competitive job market.

Simply stating that you have the necessary skills in your CV is not persuasive. Listing achievements on your resume is a much better way to show off your skill set.

This allows you to show potential employers that you have the necessary skills rather than just telling them you have it. Knowing how to use professional achievements in a resume can grab the attention of employers and significantly increase your chances of reaching the next stage in the recruitment process.

It’s worth remembering that it’s helpful to tailor your resume achievements (and other parts of your resume) to suit the job, as the requirements for each position are different. The most effective way to do this is by using a resume builder.

How to put achievements on your resume?

Using action verbs with numerical evidence is the most persuasive way to add personal success examples to a resume. It briefly shows the action you took and its positive result.

It can be difficult to remember your professional achievements from the beginning. Most people don’t like to brag about their work achievements and consider them a daily part of their job.

A good way to start is to write a list of your best professional achievements. You can then determine which ones are best suited for a job and create them using a resume template.

Where should you put the achievements on your resume? You don’t need to limit your achievements to a part of your resume. You can add them to your work experience section, skills section, or even add an achievements section.

How to Include Your Accomplishments on a Resume

Examples of accomplishments to put on your resume

Use the following examples of success to help you structure your resume and remind yourself of your achievements. Most of these are industry specific but can be easily adapted.

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The idea is to combine action verbs with numbers to show how your actions benefit the company you work for. Think and think as much as you can to work on your professional resume.

Promoted to Team Leader just six months after this role

Consistently met deadlines

More than 30 phone calls are answered every day

12 new team members trained

Consistently met deadlines

Managed a department of 25 employees

He led a project in eight countries

For six years in a row it’s under budget

Increased the company’s customer base by 15%

Reduce costs by 10% in 12 months

Launches more than 15 websites over a 2-year period

Run more than 12 successful ad campaigns

Established and trained a new customer service team

More than 50 people were hired

2-3 articles published daily

Won the “Best Teacher Award” for 3 consecutive years

Sales increased by 25%

A new methodology introduced for the training course

Internal conflicts resolved

Received the highest average customer service score in the department

Best designer selected in 2017

Managed a large company project

Every year I reached my sales targets

Made regular presentations to clients

He gave training workshops to new employees

Lots of IT issues fixed every day

Wrote an article that was read by more than 1,000 people

Exceeded my annual sales target by 10%

Obtained a professional level-5 certification

Increased the company’s market share by 7%

Spoke with over 500 people at a conference

He gave an interview to the local newspaper about a company project

More than 20 emails answered daily

Resolved customer complaints

Achieve my quarterly goals for three years in a row

For more tips on writing a successful resume, read this guide on how to write a resume.

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