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How to get a hearing aid?


How to get a hearing aid?

Hearing aids are used when a person’s hearing is impaired, he / she has difficulty understanding and is difficult to distinguish. A person can find out if they have hearing loss by having a hearing test. First of all, if the person is disturbed at the hearing point, he / she should see a ENT physician. Based on the results of their evaluation, ENT physicians decide whether to use hearing aids or treatment options. If there is a conclusion about the use of a hearing aid, the person can buy the device from any hearing center according to the report prepared by the physician.

Things to consider when buying a hearing aid;

ÖnceBefore buying a hearing aid, you should visit different hearing centers and try out different hearing aids.

-In order to determine the most suitable device for your hearing loss, the recommendations of the experts should be taken into consideration.

– In the choice of behind-the-ear or in-ear hearing aids, care should be given to expert guidance and a decision should be made accordingly.

– When purchasing the device, it should be decided not only by price, but by considering your hearing loss and work / social conditions.

-The warranty and technical service conditions of the device you decide to purchase must be learned.

SSI contribution when buying a hearing aid

SSI provides certain amounts of contribution for the members. These prices for hearing aids; age varies depending on whether the person is employed or retired. According to the amendment, an increase of approximately 33% is seen in these amounts.

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