Horoscope comments for August 2019


Horoscope comments for August 2019

What’s going on in the sky this month?

The New Moon, which occurs in Leo on one of the moon, gives you all your courage. Mercury is also returning to direct action in Cancer: things that are not going well are a thing of the past! Your financial agreements give more confidence. Will the Sun take place on the 14th, or will love knock on your door? On August 15, the Full Moon in Aquarius beautifies your love life! On the 24th you feel that passion has taken over you: Venus – Mars Conjunction moves you. You’re in perfect shape thanks to the New Moon in Virgo at 30!


Personal Life: Your emotional life is moving. Or are you thinking of getting married or a second honeymoon? If you’re single, you don’t know which way to turn your head, the power of your attraction is indisputable.

Social Life: Mercury, which has returned to the flat movement since the 1st of the month, streamlines your financial relations. You can even count on your negotiating ability to get some discounts after August 12th.
Word of the Month: Show yourself!


Personal Life: Up to 20, you need to pay attention to the tensions that can be experienced with your close circle. In particular, do not turn this into a topic of discussion. Towards the end of the month you are visibly getting closer with your partner.

Social Life: After August 1, things are getting easier, but you are lacking in motivation. From 18 onwards, you slowly regain your courage.
Word of the Month: If you’re single, an acquaintance that seems more serious than the others catches your attention.


Personal Life: You are soaked in love and radiating. You take care of your relationship and observe that you have sprinkled under the sunlight. If you’re single, life offers you the craziest aspects.

Social Life: Make efforts, meet new people, because your business becomes very productive. Thanks to your intuition, you know how to position yourself decisively in the business world.
Word of the Month: Mercury brings financial opportunities.


Personal Life: Your generous aspect encourages you to share what you have with other people. In your opinion, everything is an excuse to make them happy: a present, a little interest in it… Luckily, you get paid for it.

Social Life: Artistic or aesthetic, beauty and fashion related activities can contribute to your development. In financial terms, opportunities await you.
Word of the Month: Your creativity works wonders.

Moon of the Month: Leo

Personal Life: Everything is positive. People want to be there for you. You can either make peace with your partner and come to a common agreement or set sail for a new, incredible love story!

Social Life: You feel that you are in good harmony with the business you are working in, everything is easy and everything is smooth, your talks are fluent and your work puts you in less stress. You get all your motivation back. If you’re on holiday, you’il be comfortable.
Promise of the Month: After the 20th of the month, good financial agreements await you.


Personal Life: Be careful with your demands until the 21st. If you are in a relationship, do not re-ignite the ashes of your attachments and make concessions from yourself. If you know how to be patient, everything will be fine.

Social Life: Mars and Uranus nurture your skills in matters of precision and mastery, such as mechanical and technical work or carpentry. Your great ideas and magic fingers are fascinating.
Word of the Month: You see the benefit of inner peace and calm.


Personal Life: You sweeten your relationships with the imagination, the smell of love sniffs at everything around you. Single Is a lightning love awaiting Libra or will an old love flare up again? Get ready for surprises!

Social Life: You’re fighting all your goodwill up to 18. If you are involved in a group or supporting a collective project, you are taking action immediately. As of 19, you lose enthusiasm.
Word of the Month: You have the capacity to do 48 hours in 24 hours.


Personal Life: You’re demanding and this prevents you from enjoying friendship or love relationships. Remember that you are in summer and resting; Above all, stop looking for excellence in everything!

Social Life: Your mind is not as lethargic as before, but you move more easily in your activities. From August 18th onwards, you have a great start in your business, peaking on the 28th of the month.
Word of the Month: As the days go by, the energies that put you in shape gain strength.



Personal Life: Your relationship is dominated by love. If you are single and going abroad, you can have an intense relationship with a person from different cultures.

Social Life: You bring a new breath to your life and you still have the capacity to change your situation, even if you need to regulate me. You put forward your need for improvement.
Word of the Month: You seem to have fallen on all fours this month compared to next month.


Personal Life: In the first half of the month the environment is tense and your love life is still quite active. Then it calms down a bit, but it still keeps its warmth. Starting on the 21st, things change color and Venus makes you feel comfortable.

Social Life: Your relationship with your colleagues is gaining value. After the 20th, you can foresee a glorious business period thanks to your fighting side and strong character.
Word of the Month: Make long-term plans.


Personal Life: Your wonderful communication skills return to your relationship, your love life flares up. Passion is accompanied by your hugs. New desires sprout in the heart of the Single Buckets.

Social Life: You feel comfortable “Oh!” As of one month your initiatives return to normal operation, your financial situation regains balance and your practical life is in order.
Word of the Month: It is almost the hard days when you carry the stars on your back.

The fish

Personal Life: The relationship you initially had had a more friendly atmosphere to support each other, but after 21, it returns to its former place in your love life.

Social Life: According to the job you are working this summer is either very calm or very active. In both cases, you work efficiently, quickly and energetically. You respond to a wide range of demands with calm and strong will.
Word of the Month: Towards 13 August, you will have a small personal success.

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